Live on the offense

May 30, 2017 | 17 comments


What wins football games? Offense or defense?

Defense is important. A team must be able to resist their opponent and keep them from scoring. But offense is what gets the ball to the end zone and scores touchdowns.

The same rule applies to scoring victories in the game of life. Defense is important. It keeps our enemies at bay and from pushing us into places we don’t want to go. But offense is what moves us down the field of progress to greater freedom, health and happiness.

Be sure to live your life on the offense!

To live on the offense means to be gaining new understanding and inspiration from God every day and putting it into practice to good effect.

The thinker living on the offense does not become complacent or apathetic about the need to be expanding his demonstration of spiritual truth. He does not rest on yesterday’s successes, become mentally sleepy, or lethargic. He remains alert, awake, attentive to God’s presence and eagerly looks for opportunity to prove God’s presence and power at work.

When one lives on the offense, he stays ahead of error. He doesn’t wait for something bad to happen, and then pray. He is already praying and preventing bad things from happening in the first place. Or he is praying and prepared to more quickly handle trouble when it appears.

To not understand the need for spiritual progress, but still expect everything to be okay, is taking God’s good for granted. It is a defensive strategy that may work for a while, but when evil comes bearing down unexpectedly, it can catch one off guard and feeling unprepared to deal with the pressure. God is always at hand to help, but it’s a lot easier to stay on top of life’s challenges when one is prepared ahead of time. Being prepared is part of an offensive strategy.

So, live on the offense with Truth! Be proactive with God. Stay ahead of error with an ever-growing understanding of God in control. It’s the best defense.

17 thoughts on “Live on the offense”

  1. Absolutely beautiful Evan, love the thought..this is going to stick with me all my life..very greatful and thankful to you.

  2. i never much liked the idea of taking the offensive. Then I read an article by Jill Gooding – “love always takes the initiative”. That really helped my tennis! These ideas will be great assistants in confronting a physical challenge today. Thank you.

  3. Touchdown!!!! Great blog today Evan. Lots of gratitude for these inspiriting words.
    Cheers! Barbara

  4. As a sports enthusiast, I agree. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watch games where the strategy was to hold off time and the game was lost because the offense stopped playing to their fullest potential and the other team gained the momentum. You simply have to keep playing the game with the talents you are given. All our talents are a gift from God as our reflection of Him in spirit and in life. We should make that reflect to our fullest potential given and expressed without fear or trepidation. Thank you Evan for this enlightening expression of good that each of us can behold.

  5. No doubt, a strong, creative offense is essential, but it’s well known in the football world and oft repeated that “defense wins championships.” In college football, high scoring PAC Ten teams have their offenses shut down every time when playing teams with strong defenses, particularly SEC teams, famous for their strong defensive play. Offense is certainly important-can’t win without it-–but without a strong defense to protect it, opposing teams score right back and all you have is a game of trading touchdowns–not the way to victory, ask any football coach.

    Similarly, in Christian Science, a strong defense against error’s constant onslaught is requisite to maintain a spiritual altitude of thought, like a formidable defensive line, that pushes back error or animal magnetism and heals.

    It’s an unyielding “No” (defense) to error and vigorous “Yes” (offense) to Truth.

    It’s standing Porter at the door of thought, “Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results…” S&H 392

    It’s “Evil thoughts and aims reach no father and do no more harm than one’sbelieve permits. Evil thoughts, lusts, and malicious purposes cannot go forth like wandering pollen, from one human mind to another, finding unsuspected lodgment, if virtue and truth build a strong defense.” S&H 392

    It’s “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

    “We cannot feel vessels already full. They must first be emptied. Let us disrobe error.” S&H 201: 15-16

    And to Evans point further down on the same, “The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in Truth through floodtides of love.” S&H 201:17-18

    So have a strong, creative offense of the affirmation of Truth, but protect it with an equally strong and formidable defense of alertness to error’s intrusions, and push it out with the truth.

    1. ” the way to extract error from mortal mind
      in to pour in Truth through flood tides
      of Love”
      This is so beautiful, so powerful…

      Love is the only offense
      Love is the True defense

      We now know the smallness of humans
      self generated love,
      We now know the titanic power
      of Gods Love reflected

      For this is who and what we are
      Gods Love made manifest

      This is our purpose, to experience
      The dominion of Christ, here on earth,
      Thru the reflection of our True natures
      Gods Love is
      Our Love,
      The one and only Love, eternal…

      1. Thank you Maximo for another lovely and true poem 🙂

        Evan, thank you so much for the reminder for progress (offense)
        for a constantly better understanding of God and his loved creation man 🙂

        I love the last paragraph in your SV very much, thanks a lot!

  6. The best offense is the defense by praying that lets us castout evils by practice good to our day

  7. Thanks so much, Evan, for this inspiring and thoughtful message. No matter how much has been achieved in the past (and for which I am deeply grateful) there is always much progress still needed. I will always have more to learn and am deeply appreciate these blogs and comments for inspiration. Thanks to all!

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