Get out of unhealthy ruts

May 31, 2017 | 13 comments

“The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions.”

~ Ellen Glasgow

13 thoughts on “Get out of unhealthy ruts”

  1. My Teacher used to remind me that “a rut was but a shallow grave”. She always reminded us to keep thought fresh. She also said rituals weren’t healthy. She’d sometimes ask me if I’d taken a new route when I visited her. Prayer had to be a new and immediate communication with God, with fresh expectancy of good. Reading Science and Health with constant freshness and openness, with a pure desire to understand and know God better was the way to full revelation.
    Thanks Evan for this reminder.

  2. A rut can be climbed out of if the form it takes is recognized. Farida’s teacher offered wisdom to learn from. Thank you!

  3. Fascinating….habits even good can be a rut…vs always arriving via a new direction…forever sponta eous….do they contradict?

  4. When troubled
    we turn to God
    To have our
    thoughts redeemed
    and sanctified
    These thoughts
    then reflect
    Goodness into
    our experience
    of life…

    Life experienced as good

  5. I once heard a university professor describe humans as “highly efficient, self delusional, robots.” The way out of habitual thought patterns (ruts) and the Adam dream, is dealt with by Mrs. Eddy in The New Birth. As Jesus sad, “ye must be born again.”

  6. This is something I need to contemplate more deeply. I find great comfort in the familiar – spiritual truths I’ve memorized, family and friends, even my surroundings (treasured belongings in my new home) all bring me comfort. I’m still always searching for new inspirations which I find in the periodicals and blogs such as this, and of course testimonies of healings.

  7. The trouble with ruts — and habits — is that they replace fresh thinking and don’t require thinking. Two simple examples: what is the order of activities we do in the morning — or even the way we do them? What is the route we use for our morning commute. Or even, are we in a rut as to how we see a friend, parent, or son or daughter?

    Our simple prayer could be one of my fav bible verses: “Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” And we know Mrs. Eddy has told us “the time for thinkers has come.”

  8. Thanks Evan, for the important reminder.

    Yes, I have to work on me to replace ruts with fresh inspired ideas from God.

    And thanks to all so inspiring comments of today – am grateful for this lovely blog 🙂

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