The sun comes out tomorrow

June 30, 2021 | 24 comments

A neighbor was telling me of several troubles she was facing and how dreary and dark life looked to her. At the end of her saga, she stopped talking, thought for a moment, then smiled and said, “But I know the sun will come out tomorrow!” She had hope and faith that everything would work out and resolve for the better. And it did.

The sun always comes out tomorrow! In fact, the sun is always shining away in the sky, illuminating the space around it. We never fear the sun being absent.

Clouds may get in the way of seeing the sun. Our location on earth may be temporarily rotated away from the rays of the sun. We may be standing in a dark closet and not able to see the sun. But these conditions are temporary. The sun is always there. The sun is always shining.

In Science, God is our “sun.” God is the source of all healing light, inspiration, health, love, wisdom, strength, and everything else that makes us whole, complete beings.

Material sense may act like a cloud on some days that appears to block the sun. Our thought may get distracted by error and feel like its standing in a dark closet. But these states can all change and improve. We can part with material sense, engage with spiritual sense, and find the light again. We can walk out of those confining closets of sense and stand in the sunlight of Soul where thought abounds with inspiration. Through prayer and sincere effort, we can always find our Sun and benefit from its light.

Yes, the sun will be out tomorrow. It never leaves. It never fails to do its job. But even better, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to find it. The Sun of God is here now, and readily seen through spiritual sense.

“Corporeal sense, or error, may seem to hide Truth, health, harmony, and Science, as the mist obscures the sun or the mountain; but Science, the sunshine of Truth, will melt away the shadow and reveal the celestial peaks”
(Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 299).

24 thoughts on “The sun comes out tomorrow”

      1. Ken I love this. Printed it out for my fridge. Thanks Evan for reminding us that “the Sun comes out tomorrow.” Humming that tune. as it’s out now, today.

  1. Yes, Just like the sun no nothing about the wet cloth we hang out, the sun dries it, like God heals when we turn to him:)

  2. I got up this morning raring to go, but after a few little jobs had to sit down with a glass of water. This was a tad disappointing as I have been dealing with a seemingly long standing belief in general pain and tiredness. What a menace material sense can be. As I sat thinking the story of the 10 lepers ( this weeks bible lesson ) came to my thought. Plus it was the Samaritan that showed the gratitude for his healing! Am I realising all the gratitude( sunlight ) in my life? Then I thought , what would I say if Jesus walked through my back door….relief? Hope? Expectancy of restored health? Then the ‘aha’ moment.
    Of course the Christ, Divine Love is here NOW. My drink became that’ cup of cold water’ . I felt uplifted and free…the sun shines …
    Most days Spirit View just hits the spot revealing what is needed most. I am so grateful to you Dear Evan for your constant sharing. You are indeed going about ‘our Fathers business’
    Blessings to everyone.❣️

    1. I, too, am learning that each day, “I am going about my Father’s business”.. What a blessing to know our strength is not of the flesh, but of the Spirit.

  3. Like the sun, we are all reflections of One God ~ Soul, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Mind and Principle. Such Beautiful expressions of this light here today. Thank you All for letting your light shine!

  4. And now, of course, I’ll be singing that song from “Annie” all day! But grateful to know that the sun never goes out. It’s always there. God, the Christ, is always lighting our path, blessing and healing.

  5. The sun as symbolizing the eternal presence of God, and us as His eternal rays is a beautiful idea to take with us today. Thank you Evan and to all for your sharing and being!

  6. Whenever I feel “under the weather”, or it is a dull cloudy day
    that would make me feel gloomy, I like to think of the sunshine
    of Truth and Love pouring into my heart and mind, and this
    helps to lift my spirits.

    It is said that when a bird is being hunted and someone
    wants to shoot it, if it flies into the bright sunlight, it cannot
    be seen, and it is safe. Likewise, if we soar up mentally, and
    let that sunshine of Truth and Love fill our consciousness, we feel
    safe and we are safe from all the threats of false material
    suggestions of fear, sickness or evil of any kind. It cannot
    reach us. It is being in that “secret place of the most high”.

    Thank you as ever, Evan, for all your wonderful inspiration, and to
    everyone for sharing. I loved your poem, Ken, as always –
    they are always very healing.

  7. Thank you one and all! I am working on the concept of strength. The definition of forbearance came to me.
    Patient self-control. This is controlling self via spiritual sense, the expectancy of good; “Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters and form the perfect concept.”

  8. A sunbeam doesn’t struggle. It effortlessly emanates from the sun. Thank you Evan, Angie, Ken, and all commenters. So grateful.

  9. Thank-you for this beautiful, inspirational message, Evan! It reminded me of a lesson I learned once as a teenager when a very wise adult advised me metaphorically to “never take a rosebud and try to force open the petals! The results will not be at all satisfying. Let your life’s purpose unfold naturally, just as the petals of a rose does (in sunlight, of course!)” With all the stunning commentaries here following your article, I thought that would be a good message to add. I still learn from my friend’s wisdom!

    1. Anne, Thanks for that message from a wise consular. i will forward it to my granddaughter. I’m sure that it will help her.

  10. Another thought on this: Evan said, “We never fear the sun being absent….it never leaves, it never fails to do its job.” We’re all pretty confident of that. How much more so should we never fear God being absent — God who created and maintains the sun and everything else and everyone in His universe.

  11. I’ve returned to this post a day later to read how exquisitely all the contributions have developed the original concept proposed by Evan. Angie’s added periodical article, Ken’s truly lovely poem & image of the rose, the thoughts of sunbeams and birds in flight— every addition makes this post richer. I am
    So grateful to you all!

  12. i wallk with Love along the way
    And oh it is a holy day!
    No more I feel no fear
    God’s presence is with me here!
    Hymn 139

  13. KEN, thanks for the poem- It will be posted in my rose garden. Evan, you have such a command of our language that your comments are rich indeed. Thank you so much – and to all commenters.

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