Courage that never fails

June 29, 2021 | 18 comments

“True courage is like a kite. A contrary wind lifts it higher.”

~ Unknown

Like David fearlessly faced Goliath—with unwavering courage—we can face evil with fearless courage too.

Don’t fear the contrary winds. Let them lift your kite of faith to higher heights where God’s supremacy comes into clear view and the contrary wind is no longer a threat, but a booster to something higher and better.

18 thoughts on “Courage that never fails”

  1. Love is indeed lifting us higher and higher for Love is Principle that knows no bound. To the summit we go as we “walk with God along the road, your strength He will renew.” Hymn 248.

  2. If we didn’t sometimes have the seemingly fearful, would we – or could we – ever rise higher? I am learning to truly appreciate the contrast as a reminder that if I didn’t get extremely thirsty I would never desire, much less allow, the receiving of a wonderful long cold drink of water.

  3. Elevated, atmosphere cools. We elevate our consciousness as the winds of God blow, there’s a coolness. Refuge from extremity, or extreme heat.
    Many need the comfort of cooling right now.
    Reflecting on the nomadic tribes of the far east, those who go on their way dealing with Saharan Dessert heat, not wanting to forsake their life for the convenience of air conditioned rooms. We see a conditioning of thought, adaptation to deal with heat. And they are well and happy.
    Mrs. Eddy tells us on page #201:12 – 16 “Footsteps Of Truth”
    “We cannot fill vessels already full. They first must be emptied. Let us disrobe error. Then when the winds of God blow, we shall not hug our tatters close about us.”
    Stay cool today. Hang glide, high, on your spiritual kite pulled by faith over the cooling waters of comfort and joy. Thank you for this elevating visit.

    1. David I appreciate your wise and thoughtful words. I enjoyed the quote from Mrs. Eddy, “….when the winds of God blow we shall not hug our tatters close about us.” We may have a tendency to cling to our tatters (material views). I do this too, but I’m grateful that I see through lies quicker and look to God sooner, thus getting free of “suffering” sooner.

      Evan I love the image of the kite, flying free. This past year — in the face of many seeming “contrary winds” I had to plunge much higher and deeper than I ever have to understand and see that clearer view of Truth that is always there, beyond the surface appearance of things. Very grateful that God is leading me into greater trust and humility — and as you said, less fear of the “contrary winds.”

      Courage is ours, not humanly or from a mortal definition, but courage that comes from knowing we have all the power of God behind us to rely on and lean on for guidance every moment. “I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30).

      Sending Love to all Spiritviewers around the globe!

      1. Thank you Rose, I do also love that wonderful utterance by Mrs. Eddy, you mention in the beginning of your comment.
        And thank you for your inspiring insights and lovely demonstrations, very helpful.
        Lots of Love!

        1. Thank you Uta for your kind words. I always enjoy reading your comments, you are so loving and sincere and your love of Christian Science is very evident.

  4. Listening, and learning, reaching an altitude where the air is turbulent, go up, raise to a higher altitude, where you reach the calm strong currents, to find peace..

  5. A contrary wind came to me today. I was buy ing some flowers at my garden ing Marketing and the friendly cashier said to me, are you alright, you havn’t been here for so long? This did not lift me up rather in the contrary. This afternoon the assumption said that I do not feel good at all. But meanwhile I rested in my garden and am better. And Evan’s today’s SpiritView is wonderfully uplifting and encouraging to let the contrary wind lift my kite of faith ro higher, spiritual hight where God’s supremacy comes into clear view of something higher and better.
    This can be done through study of the weekly lesson sermon and prayer.

    Thank you very very much Evan for your wonderful daily help and uplifts!! ♡
    Thanks all for your inspired and interesting comments!!♡

  6. Thank you for this uplifting and refreshing picture, as an expression of God’s thoughts far above earthly tumult – wonderful! ♡

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