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June 28, 2021 | 18 comments


Your life patterns your understanding of God, so be sure to keep growing in your understanding of God so that your life experience is expansive, progressive, and ever more enjoyable.

The more you understand that God is infinite Love and loves everyone, the easier it is to love others without qualification.

The more you understand that God has a solution to every problem, the quicker you will discern solutions to problems that you face.

The more you understand that God instantly forgives, the easier it is to forgive others quickly.

The more you understand that God is an active Life constantly engaged with worthwhile, meaningful, and productive activity, the more fruitful, engaged, and productive your activity will be.

God is unlimited abundance, unending love, abounding wisdom, and joyous Life. Thought imbued with this reality reflects the same.

Fully benefit from God’s blessings by embracing them, identifying with them, and understanding them.

There are no limits on God, and there are no limits on the understanding that reflects God’s reality.

“With God all things are possible” Jesus Christ, Mark 10:27.

18 thoughts on “Your understanding of God”

  1. Thank you! What a wonderful way to bring in the day. This IS the day the Lord hath made. We are glad, give thanks and rejoice!

  2. I like this because it is based in the “understanding” of God, not the “petitioning” of God.

  3. What is true about Creator is true about Creation and creating. Infinite Good, all-powerful, ever-present, eternal Love is always perfect and complete, therefore each of us, is man and creation, completely good, perfect, empowered by Spirit, in our right place harmoniously, at one with all creation (which is all integrated perfection.) All is loved and lovely and lovable and loving. So we are all adequate and good enough, having all we need and enjoying what we have, and glad others have what they need. So we naturally are grateful and generously gracious and intelligently and courageously work for healing justice for all.

  4. I like the thought that there are “no limits on the understanding that reflects God’s reality.” For me it means that my ability to understand reality is unlimited because God, divine Mind, is my source. Thank you, Evan.

  5. Thank you Evan for this wonderful, clear and inspired summary of our relationship to God. A great way to start the day. Puts all our activity into right perspective.

    1. Grateful for this article Angie. More spiritual food for thought around Evan’s guidance today❣️

  6. November 9 last year Evan had a blog on many ways to understand God. I kept it, it is a great complement to today’s message.
    We are so blessed with all we receive from Evan and the whole SV family.
    Thank you God!!

  7. Dear Evan, thank you for this reminder: “Your life patterns your understanding of God….”
    I must, however, remember not to berate myself for my many mistakes and failures to …understand…to apply…to pray properly…to follow the scientific rules, for whatever (human) reasons. This is a problem I am working on….to better understand that AS God’s beloved child, Her very expression and reflection, I simply cannot NOT understand and reflect God…cannot BE anything but Her likeness. It is impossible for an idea of divine Mind to…go off in an orbit of its own…making patterns~of~life that are less than ideal, etc. I find if I don’t cling to the absolute truth and fact of my being, I get bogged down in human beliefs and human-mind efforts to try to BE what…I already am!!
    Thank you for understanding my need to express this. I rather think there may be others who can relate to this.

    1. Grateful that lie was n e v e r Really the real You.
      “Love is the answer”(hymn) says it all, doesn’t it.
      When we’re so busy “about our Father’s business” of Loving Adorable God, Loving Lovable Me, Loving Perfect Everyone & Everything, then there’s no time left for day-dreaming oneself as duped by lies about God’s, & Our, Awesome Allness as I AM that I AM
      -All Good !
      So Grateful this Healing of yours is already Complete.

      1. “Thought is related to the Mind that thinks it. There is One Mind and so One Thinker. “God’s thoughts are perfect and eternal, are substance and Life” (S&H 286:21-22) and they are expressed
        as allness—nothing to increase or diminish. Man, as the consciousness of God, is correlated with God, and this means that you can only be conscious of the things of God—of the loveliness of Love, the affluence of Truth, the infinite resources of Soul, the pure omnipresence of Principle.

        “The “…full compensation in the law of Love” (S&H 574:17-18) stems from the fact that Love is the ‘underived’, and so dependent on nothing outside of Itself for its fullness, unchanging abundance, and glorious certainty of your total well-being.

        Remember that verse from Hymn 66 which reads
        O Life divine, in Thy completeness held
        None can beyond Thy omnipresence stray

        And this applies to all the ideas that reside in the divine Mind, for a thought or idea can never leave the Mind that thinks and knows it. This is why you have insant access, without pressure, to all right ideas that are contained in the divine Mind, your Mind. This is God’s law of Love.

  8. Evan, Even though I am not of the Christian Science faith my girlfriend regularly sends me The Daily Lift and the Spirit View. While reading today’s message a sentence jumped out at me and caught my eye ” The more you understand God’s infinite love and loves everyone, the easier it is to love others without qualifications ” . I had just written an article in the news regarding welfare similar” It is so easy to judge someone and I try not to however sometimes I am opinionated and let it be known, I leave the judgement to the man upstairs.”. Today’s article meant something special to me.Thank you Tom & Chewee

  9. Thank you very very much for today’s most valuable spiritual views, dear Evan!
    Today I celebrated a victory of Love over judgement and anger about my neighbor who is often outside on her terrace chatting and tlephoning loud . I cleared my thought several days, that God loves her and I can love her too and see her as God’s child. All other neighbors where disturbed too, as they are doing home office. And we live all in a row of semi detached houses, where you can hear everything what your neighbor talks on their terrace when they speak loud. At one time today when she again talked on the phone outside, I went out in order to speak to her but I paused as I felt I couldn’t find the right words. I went back into my house and i prayed to love her and i knew that God is with me to give me the right loving and friendly words. Then I went back into the garden where she finished her phoning. I greeted her and said very friendly whether she please could go inside to make her calls, as most neighbors are working home office because of Covid. Then she friendly replied that she will do it next time. I was very happy and thanked God having given me the right tone and words to clear that situation harmoniously.
    It is wonderful what spiritual food you give us so lovingly everyday, Evan, just what i needed to demonstrate God’s unlimited abundance, unending Love, abounding wisdom and joyous Life.
    Am very grateful for Evan’s healing and comforting SpiritView! Our greatest aim is to understand God more and more. And there is the weekly lesson sermon a very good teacher for spiritual progress, besides CS classteaching!♡

  10. Replying late in the day today but did not want to miss the opportunity to say thanks Evan for the inspiring reminder that there are no limits on my understanding of God, and that understanding can continue to grow infinitely — because the Mind of God is Infinite and infinitely good.

  11. This reply is a day late but I couldn’t not send a bucketful of gratitude for the inspiration shared today. Thank you, Evan, for all that you share! It means so much! And, thanks also to others as well.

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