Reap the benefit of prayer for all times

June 25, 2021 | 34 comments


If prayer helps to get us out of trouble, it certainly helps to keep us out of trouble!

Be sure to keep yourself on a healthy vigorous prayer schedule when things are going smoothly.
It keeps them running smoothly!

34 thoughts on “Reap the benefit of prayer for all times”

  1. A good reminder Evan! Yes it’s tempting to ease up sometimes when things are going well, but it’s important to keep the wheels turning all the time, in good times and bad. Grateful for this nudge today.

  2. A wonderful Christian Scientist I’ve had the privilege of knowing, and who, as of today, has celebrated a century of present/day life, would say it is so important to stay “all prayed up!” We do need to stay IN prayer- in rejoicing and acknowledging the Allness and Only-ness of God, good!
    Thank you, Evan, and SpiritViewers, felllow travelers on this glorious path.

  3. And to remember that the purpose of prayer is not to “fix things” but rather to keep us in constant relation to the Divine.

    1. Thanks Evan, and All comments today, as always, so helpful. I never miss joining my spiritview community family daily! YES> STAYING in PRAYER is natural and healthy and it is not a desperate last-moment thing to fix things up.
      So many good thoughts shared here today, as always!

  4. Thank you for the reminder. I am grateful for this community. I have a friend and teacher that once told me when I asked her when I was knew to Christian Science: how do you pray? Her response was…. my dear-Your life becomes a prayer. I think this is a beautiful idea-and one that relates to desire, demonstration of CS and in line with the constant capacity to understand/know Christ.

  5. “One cannot see error objectively any more
    than he can see Truth, for there is no error, no
    mortal mind to produce such phenomena. Truth
    is not the truth about something. It is all there is to
    anything, and is everywhere. It is all there is to
    man, to you. It is not the truth about man, it is
    the true man as God sees him.”
    Helen Spangler

    1. M, thank you, loved that quote from Helen Spangler. I looked up her name online, apparently she was an active practitioner and teacher in Los Angeles from the 1930’s-60’s, I found two of her articles from the Journal and the Sentinel.

      “He Called Her to Him”

      “What Hast Thou in the House”

    2. Hi M, thank you very much, I loved the quote from Helen Spangler. I was not familiar with her, so I looked her up and found that she was a well known CS teacher and practitioner in Los Angeles in the 1930’s – 60’s.
      Found more of her articles:
      “He Called Her to Him”
      and another named “What Hast Thou in the House?” which says it’s from Christian Science Journal, Vol.66, page 337 but the link I have doesn’t seem to work.

      1. Article February 17, 1945
        The Haven of Soul
        Thomas Lovatt Williams

        “Among the terms which Mary Baker Eddy uses for God, the term “Soul” is replete with comfort and beauty. It brings peace to the distressed and healing to the sick. Shackles have dropped away from those bound with superstition and belief, and the harmony and rhythm of Life have been restored as swiftly as when, after a bad dream, there is the awakening to the sunlight streaming through the windows.

        “There is no mystery about Christian Science. In it mysticism, superstition, and misguided emotion have no place. Instead, there is God, Truth, eternally revealing Himself in His creation, dispelling the unreal shadows of mortality with their fictions of discord and death. Soul is God, the One and only conscious Ego; perfect, changeless, free, infinite good, the All-in-All of existence. Perceiving this, sometimes suddenly, sometimes gradually, one awakens to the realization that evil has no presence or power at any point in the infinitude of God’s creation. Man is identified as the conscious reflection of Soul, possessing all its qualities, and this omnipresent identity remains throughout eternity. Thus through the endowment of Soul, God, man expresses and experiences beauty and joy which can never fade or fail; he is conscious here and now of the infinite resources which perpetually belong to him, but above all he is clearly aware of his intactness in God. There has never been a lesser finite identity.

        “Man lives here and now as the exalted consciousness of infinite Soul within a haven that knows no storm and is remote from stress of every type. This is the truth about God’s own ideas, and in talking of God’s ideas we are always referring to ourselves as we actually are, and not to some idealistic persons we should like to be. In this haven of tangible omniscient Soul there is no going and coming, no fluctuation, no incompleteness, no frustration or depression. All these fall into the wholly fictitious category of ‘apparent discord.’ They have no place in man’s true self-awareness as the one Ego of infinite Soul here and now.

        “Man has infinite freedom in Soul, and in that spiritual freedom are a poise and a balance that are the attributes of Him who holds the universe in His loving grasp. Man, being the expression of God, is cognizant of the joy of Soul. This joy results from the consciousness of eternal well-being. Jesus once reminded his disciples that no man could take this joy from them. In other words, it is perpetually intact. The mutations of fictitious mortal sense are destroyed and dissipated by the changelessness of Soul and the identity and ability of man to rest in this fact. Man finds perpetual satisfaction in God’s eternal completeness. The development we experience in Science unfolds broader and nobler views of the blessed fact that “Deity was satisfied with His work.” (ibid. p. 519)

        1. Barbara, thank you for sharing this beautiful article, The Haven of Soul. Love the purity of these golden oldies, I enjoy thinking about the people back in 1945 who were reading about these truths, long before I was born — feeling the eternality of it all. Appreciate the time you took to post it here in it’s entirety. Have a blessed weekend!

          1. How lovely, Rose, thank you! There’s an interesting account in Revelation relating to God’s message to man of His full bestowal on us of the ‘I’ of His own Divinity as Soul’s Oneness and Allness as our only conscious identity:

            Rev. 3:17: “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he who receiveth it.” The new name written in the white stone is “I” which is that same name of God’s own statement of His Oneness and Allness “I AM THAT I AM.”

            And the Prophet Jeremiah discerns and rejoices in this full bestowal of divine awareness:
            “Thy words were found, and I did eat them ; and Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by Thy name, O Lord God of hosts .”

            This is our full divinity moment-by-moment, just as Mr. Williams records so beautifully in “The Haven of Soul.” We never have to ‘earn’ it…Divine Love holds us there! Where would God be if He wasn’t the only “I AM THAT I AM” ?

  6. Thanks Evan for these simple, brief words………but with a message to ponder throughout the day!

  7. As a dear teacher/practitioner friend said to me when I was 21, “my dear, begin today to handle age!” Evan, thank you! So important to keep ourselves and the world in our prayer circle…

  8. Powerful message today, and the comments have equally moved and awakened me.

    My first thought was, yes, we don’t view prayer as a band-aid to fix things when they seem to be going wrong, However, it is when things seem to be going wrong that we tend to turn our thought back to God and dig deeper to see truth. I guess that is more of a human tendency to believe harmony is something we can actually drift in and out of. We can mature spiritually to the point where we see clearly that there is no drifting away and turning back but a constant harmony which is all there is. I love that thought and will cherish it.

    “Rejoice evermore, Pray without ceasing, In everything give thanks” (1 Thess 5: 16-18)

  9. There are times when I’m not sure how to begin a prayer. This morning I came across a little pamphlet, “Daily Defense” by Madora Holt. 9/15/51
    It contains so many gems to hold to. “Each day we should be specific in knowing that no evil, even as veiled innuedoes stimulating small and apparently trifling resentments and vanity, can sully thought or invade man’s Godlikeness.” Sully, what an interesting word….”damage the purity or integrity of; defile”
    I am grateful to you Evan and each of you for this uplifting post!! Evan, you are amazing!!!!

  10. The blessing of the Lord,it maketh rich , and he addeth no
    sorrow with it”.

    These blessings are with us everyday and cannot be taken from us
    as they are spiritually acquired and given from an inexhaustible source.

  11. Thankfull for all your comments.
    Thank you M for sharing the poem from Helen Spangler, I am putting that one in my journal.
    Thanks Rose I googled “Pray without ceasing”, and a bunch of articles came up.
    Looking these articles up is my goal.

  12. “Pray without ceasing” is what came to me, too, as it did to several individuals here on SpiritView. I try to do this as I go throughout my day. It sure helps to keep one’s thoughts pure and perfect! Thanks everyone for your sharing on a daily basis. Have a God-filled weekend to all.

  13. Thank you,Evan,for that wonderful reminder…and thanks to the Spiritview family for the inspiring thoughts and articles!

  14. Yes I do also remember the necessity Mrs. Eddy tells us, to pray without ceasing. And I am also grateful that God gave me the grace and ability to pray more effectively , yes more scientific. Such progress is coming through CS class , of course studying the lesson sermon and through help of very dear practitioners during my life. Anyhow I am very grateful to Mrs. Eddy who organized the Christian Science Church and movement so wisely under God’s intelligent guidance with all the multiple blessing offices.
    Thank you so very much Evan for today’s and all your blessing and healing and comforting SpiritViews! And yes, dear God I thank you very much for this inspiring and loving SpiritView family!♡

  15. Thanks to Pat W. and Angie for the links to articles that I found extremely helpful. They were both available in audio, so I was able to just close my eyes, listen and be inspired. I have copied both links and emailed them to myself so I can listen again. I am deeply grateful for this much needed inspiration!

  16. I am rather late to the blog, it’s Saturday pm 26th June in the U.K. However , it’s so refreshing to read everyone’s comments and read the articles. Not so many words Evan but such a dep concept to absorb and adhere too. Thank you.
    I have also just listened live to Christian Science Practitioner Lindsey Taylor giving a talk entitled ‘Love, the healing answer to prayer ‘ This was courtesy of The Online Christian Science Reading Room, via u-tube. This gave me even more insight into the benefit gained by knowing the ‘why and how ‘ of prayer. Prayer demonstrates our Love of God and Love of our fellow man.❣️

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