A cure for griping

June 24, 2021 | 17 comments


Are you ever tempted to gripe? If so, there’s a cure. Instead of looking for faults in others, look for the goodness of God.

The temptation to gripe grows out of an impoverished mental state that is mired in negativity, darkness, complaint, and self-righteous viewpoints. It’s an unhappy and unpleasant place to be.

The happier way is to put on the Mind of Christ that is focused on what is true with God and God’s creation.

God is good. God’s offspring is good. The child of God is not seen in a mortal rife with faults. God’s creation is found in the goodness of Spirit and seen with our spiritual eyes and through a spiritual lens.

Instead of analyzing an imperfect mortal and finding reasons to gripe, seek to see God’s creation in Spirit and hold that as your standard for reality. Don’t react to error, but respond with an understanding of what God created to be true.

When you focus on God’s creation, you start to see more of God’s goodness in others and all around. You find reasons to rejoice and celebrate. You become a positive healing influence on everyone around you. The temptation to gripe vanishes because you’re too busy seeing all the good and participating in it

17 thoughts on “A cure for griping”

  1. Thank you, Evan – a very good reminder how important and healing it is to keep our thoughts in accord with the law of Truth andLove and seeing only Love’s perfect creation – to focus on Christ’s teachings. Christ and the Christly consciousness cannot be tempted away from the spiritual realm of God’s goodness.

    “Teach Me to Love”

    Teach me to love,
    Forget illusive wrongs;
    Teach me to praise
    With grateful, joyous songs;
    Teach me to think
    A gracious, kindly way,
    Teach me, dear God,
    In Love alone to stay.

    Teach me to love,
    So little children’s eyes
    May lighten up
    With confidential joys;
    Teach me to be
    Compassionate and just,
    Teach me, dear God,
    In Love alone to trust.

    Teach me to love,
    And like the Master see;
    Teach me to give
    Of all Thou givest me;
    Teach me to know
    The truth Thy Word revealed,
    For by this truth
    All error’s claims are healed.

  2. WOW, a wonderful reminder and wake-up. I griped about a problem to a workman making repairs in my home yesterday. I loved this wake-up call and needed it. Thank you to Maggie for the poem as well.

  3. Thank you ever so much, Evan. What a beautiful Christian Science Treatment to take with us all through the day and bless our community and the world. What a wonderful way to begin the day.

  4. Thank you Evan for this reminder that mortal mind only pulls us down so lift up with the buoyancy of Love and Truth each day. I like the poem you shared Maggie.

  5. A Sentinel article helped connect the dots regarding thinking divine Love’s thoughts and healing. It is divine Love which heals the article said. So, we need to have that consciousness of Love which sees spiritual identities not mortals. Then we have more healings. Using praise and thanksgiving is one easy entry into the healing consciousness of Love the author stated: “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” So, we can enter Love’s consciousness through praise and thank God for His perfect creation and likeness instead of griping. Yeah, I griped last night, so thanks for the reminder to praise God for His perfect governing. That slipped by me.

  6. The other day, my husband told me that I was complaining too much lately. The spiritual thought “complaint is poverty” entered my consciousness after he had said that. We have a very good, solid life together; however, having been seemingly under a great deal of stress due to some momentary huge responsibilities, I did find myself griping about a lot of things from the state of our house, to finances, to people I was working with. Knowing full well that “gratitude is riches” I made an abrupt change in thought, conversation and outward attitude, and harmony and abundance in our affairs followed. And there have been very positive ripple effects from that, blessing others! Thank-you, Evan, for this very affirmative message!

    The devil, mortal mind is the Griper, trying to get us to see, hear, feel, accept the blatant lie, the ILLUSION of God’s absence, God’s fallibility and Love’s uncaring, How could that possibly be? Send it packing!!!
    The Mind of Love–our ONLY Mind — can only see Her beautiful image — The Mind of Love is here and now the Truth-Knower, the perfection-Seer, Be-er, feeler, Blesser

  8. This message correlates well with the Spiritview from a few days ago on doubt vs faith.

    The cure for griping as well as the cure for doubt in God’s good and constant provision — really the cure for anything that seems to hold back or block our joy, is the same –as Evan said: put on the One Mind, divine Mind which contains “what is true with God and God’s creation.” I got an image of putting on a magic helmet that immediately enables us to see Life as it really is, all good. The magic helmet is always available as we turn back to God and stand up and claim the good He has for us. We can never really be turning away, but error says we can and tries to show us erroneous false counterfeits of God’s beautiful world, which we can reject with divine authority and dominion.

    Maggie thank you for the poem, “Teach Me to Love.” Sending love to each of you today.

  9. Hot ! Hot ! Hot !! First read felt soooo awesome in feeling the Truth beneath my/our wings. Spiritview’n Action !
    Premium Fuel Evan Thank you ♡

  10. Thank you, Evan–and for the poem, Maggie–as well as all the wonderful comments! Griping is “error’s way”–but Divine Love’s way is calm, positive, loving buoyancy, applicable to any and every situation.’
    Love and thanks,
    Karen W.

  11. Thank you Evan for this wake up call. Yesterday I experienced a conflict with a dear friend whom I so value and had never had a dispute with in the past. It just seemed to come out of the blue. In the article “Joyous Inseparability” (thank you Angie) there is reference to this ” maze of baffling human experiences.” I have spent hours in thought going over past mistakes, self condemnation, criticizing. and questioning the motives of myself and this dear one, instead of reversing this erroneous mode of thought and striving to see the God view of our spiritual perfection. Your message Evan, and the comments here have alerted me to turn my thought to our inseparability from God, to trust Divine Love’s unfoldment, and to know that only goodness and harmony are real. Gratitude and love to all for the unceasing support I receive from this blog. I so cherish this spiritual community.

  12. “The anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but even as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye abide in Him.” (1 John 2:27)

    …and he saith unto them, your joy no man taketh from you.” (John 16:22)

  13. Thank You Evan and all Spiritview participants, it is so inspiring and comforting to know we are inseparable from Love’s Conscious Goodness expressing each of us in the stability and equipoise of Truth’s Reality. Yes keeping us out of all those baffling human experiences and mesmerising in error of the world’s common thinking of good and evil existence. It is so good to know Divine Love only has satisfaction to meet our human needs for existing in the joy of harmonious living.

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