The tyrant falls – always

April 11, 2013 | 8 comments

“When I despair, I remember that all through history
the way of truth and love has always won.


There have been tyrants and murderers,



and for a time, they can seem invincible,


 but in the end, they always fall.


Think of it—always.”



~ Mahatma Gandhi





8 thoughts on “The tyrant falls – always”

  1. Tyrants are always people, either, are they? They are tyrannical beliefs that would imprison man, coming in many forms today: moral collapse, government intervention in my ability to choose spiritual healing,addiction to food, drugs, promiscuity,etc. I love this article: Seemingly invincible tyrants fall! I love the word seemingly! I often think of the “tyrant” in Wizard of Oz…when the curtains were pulled back and exposed him for what he was, he was hardly invincible! Thank you, Evan!

  2. all wrong opinions of man[sickness,lack,sin,etc.]can be classified as tyrants.eventually they also will fall,either on this plain of existance or the next……or next.but they will be exposed in our thought……..this is the truth that we can all be gratful for no matter what,even if the challenge seems not to yeild.we must keep the faith.”work-work-watch and pray” m.b.e.

  3. True — a tyrant is not necessarily a person. But tyrants are always aggressors, aren’t they — like aggressive mental suggestions of fear, doubt, defeat, unworthiness, sickness, poverty, war, etc. Nice to know they ALWAYS fall and fail.

  4. Several weeks ago a friend was taken to court on trumped up charges and sentenced to a hefty fine. She appealed, and the judge doubled the sum. She was devastated. Her opponent was dancing the scalp dance.
    In search of support, I thought of this blog post. I translated it for her (we are in France) printed it ans sent it. Yesterday I met her and she told me she carries it in her purse and had just then re-read it.Thank you so much for these inspiring posts; the help ripples farther than you may think.

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