The way to the top

September 27, 2010 | 4 comments

One of my readers, Jeff Johnstone, sent this picture in with the below thoughts to share. I liked the analogy and thought you might too.

“Every time I see this picture it reminds me of a valuable spiritual lesson. While all students of Christian Science are growing higher in their understanding, we all have different challenges to work out. And what route might work for some, might not be the best path for others, as we all have our own demonstrations to make. But as long as we keep focused, striving for a more expansive view regardless of the sometimes rugged terrain ahead, with persistence and patience we will summit the mountain.

“Also, each stair landing could represent a resting place on our ascent, and become a spring-board that gives us the necessary inspiration to climb higher, to keep gaining additional understanding, give us clearer views, and get us all the way to the top!”

4 thoughts on “The way to the top”

  1. This picture and short article remind me of something i learned recently. The higher go grows spiritually through the constant exercise of spiritual sense, the less of the material one sees.

    For example, A very good analogy is as one rises higher into space, material creations are reduced until one can not see them any more, as in outer space. Same is true of elevated spiritual sense of things. G

  2. Christian Science presents the absolute facts of
    Spirit and its spiritual creation of ideas alone. So, we must see that no matter how “high” we may think we have to “climb” (out of a false sense of life…mortality)
    at some point we must understand that the absolute and the relative never mingle. So mortality is to be seen as illusive. And the real, the summit, is and has been before our feet all the time!

    I love analogies, and find it very interesting that Jesus taught truth ONLY with parables to clearly illustrate the spiritual ideas that divine Mind was unfolding to him. And he taught them to to very “simple” and uneducated” folks. But these parables and analogies were so crystal clear, they were understood, at least by those ready for the lesson.

    May we all, on our climbs however steep they seem,
    realize we are already there, in truth! This will speed our “journey” a lot, huh!


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