The world needs more kindness

November 14, 2019 | 28 comments

UCLA launched a new institute in September to study the benefits of kindness. In a world with news reports often dominated by acts of selfishness, violence, intransigence and blind ambition, the results of their studies should bring welcome news! As the researchers expect to discover, kindness leads to a healthier and happier society.

While reading the announcement, I loved their definition of kindness, and wanted to share it with you. The article stated,

“Researchers agreed on an academic definition of kindness: an act that enhances the welfare of others as an end in itself. When it comes to kindness, the intention, rather than the outcome, is key. In other words, it’s the thought that counts, as the adage goes.

“Kindness is complimenting someone to make them feel good, not to get what you want. It’s sending a donation to a charity even if the check gets lost in the mail. It’s contemplating a legitimate reason why a driver who cuts you off might be in a hurry” Los Angeles Times, 9/25/19.

To repeat, “Kindness is complimenting someone to make them feel good, not to get what you want.” There is no selfish desire involved. Kindness is seeing the good in others and validating it with your support, and not expecting to receive anything in return.

The world could use a lot more kindness, and it all begins with you and me.

“New UCLA Institute”

28 thoughts on “The world needs more kindness”

  1. Wonderful! I was mentally dancing reading today’s SpiritView as my heart validated every word. It’s something so powerful and I thank you Evan for bringing this to a wider and most receptive audience. I know that this is the next most powerful “trend” that will rock our world. I see it in my children and there friends, Kindness, it’s exciting and energising like nothing else, because it embraces our innate natures! So THANK YOU for today’s happy dance

  2. Thank you Evan, for letting us know about this! Yes! Wonderful news! Really wonderful news! It always feels the best when you act out who you truly are!

  3. Thank you Evan. I recently looked up the definition of kindness and the thing that I have held onto is that love always accompanies kindness.

  4. It’s a quality of true womanhood: “Her mouth she has opened in wisdom, and the law of loving-kindness is upon her tongue.”​—PROV. 31:26.

  5. Kindness can be shared in many ways. Two friends from church and I are widows and often when we make a recipe of stew, soup or cookies, we will share with one another. So nice to be able to taste one another s recipe and have a meal prepared for you! Love reflected in love.

  6. It seems to tie in beautifully with charity. That is, in putting the best interpretation in the acts and thoughts of others. And then acting yourself accordingly, especially when driving in traffic or even in the grocery store or at home. 🙂

  7. Great description!

    Hardest part (to me) is how to maintain kindness in the face of the opposite, especially from those close to me.

      1. Linda,
        What a perfect complement to Evan’s article.
        I just loved the Journal article and am so grateful you kindly shared it with us.

  8. I would say in keeping with Jesus definition of charity to not let your left hand know what your right hand gives; kindness is the desire to benefit someone else (or the world) without any expectation or wish for personal recognition. Afterall, what is the source of Love.

  9. Thank you all. Evan, a lovely start for a Love- filled day. Good thoughts are an “ impervious armor.”
    Kindness is so often expressed toward me…I’m most grateful. I shall spend today being kind toward each idea of God I encounter. You are all such a help!

  10. This really hit home when I was on a call this morning. I was speaking to a young man and during the conversation, his father was yelling at him from time to time. He handled it very diplomatically but my heart went out to him. What I observed for a mere 10 minutes, it sounded like he had to endure during his whole day (and quite possibly for most of his life). It is hard to know what people go through in life and a little kindness can go a long way. Although it feels good to be kind, it is hard to know just how much it means to the person having a hard day or a hard life. Your post today made me remember how important it is to be kind. Thank you! 🙂

  11. WoW! Such a HUGE “small” thing: Kindness!

    I’m reminded of Tim McGraw’s huge Country Hit song:
    “Always Be Humble And Kind.”

    (We’re on ta you, mortal-mind!”) (“Get thee hence!”)

    Love to y’all, SpiritViewers!

  12. What a delightful picture at the top of this page. Thanks, Evan, and for the much needed message. Thanks also to Linda for that link to a very helpful message which I have shared with a couple of friends. It really touched my heart!

  13. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 Light and kindness are both effortless, and self is lost in the pure expression of Love, the recognition of “Our Father”and love for our fellow man.
    “In this life we have three great lasting qualities—faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them is love.” J.B. Phillips New Testament
    And how often we hear the expression after an act of kindness / love “Oh, you are an angel”. God’s communication of Himself.

  14. In The Mother Church Manual, Article VIII counsels us not to “influence or be influenced erroneously”. Motive is SO important. in thoughts, speech and action.

  15. This year I have had so much kindness shown toward me that
    I feel God,s presence is an active force …….dissolving selfish
    Motivation. It means so much..

  16. Indeed, it does, yes the world needs more kindness and that is good for the most important thing, for our all p e a c e!
    And yes, have to start with me, to be more kind specially in a situation where I have to forgive me and my neighbor for something you have supposedly done not so well. It happened to me, and I have to pray to be loving and kind to a friend.
    Thank you Evan, you always hit the nail just right, giving us the right ideas to ponder that heal and bless, am so greatful for it.

  17. This was a great reminder to obey the “Golden Rule”;
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    This is a daily need and even hourly. Thank you for delivering the beautiful reminder.

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