There is always something you can do that helps

May 26, 2022 | 24 comments

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

~ Francis of Assisi

24 thoughts on “There is always something you can do that helps”

  1. How wonderful dear Evan!
    These Truthwords are from the birds- and animal lover, Francis of Assisi. He did the seeming impossible and spoke with the birds understandingly! I Love that and also talk to them listening to understand them, too. I Love birds singing and chatting with each others.
    Wow, yes Evan, thank you, that is progress in action, I would say through prayer that leads us the godly way , blessing us all!

    1. Thank you for sharing that Uta.
      Birds always sing to me in a timely manner.

      A few years ago, I started a mindful habit. Whenever I hear a bird sing, I pay attention to where my thought is and if need be, align it with TRUTH. It’s been wonderful ❣️

  2. Thank you, Evan. What a helpful quote from Francis of Assisi. It perfectly complements an idea that I have been studying and implementing from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy (page 230:1-25) which reads —

    Improve Your Time

    Success in life depends upon persistent effort, upon [1]
    the improvement of moments more than upon any other
    one thing. A great amount of time is consumed in talking
    nothing, doing nothing, and indecision as to what one
    should do. If one would be successful in the future, let [5]
    him make the most of the present.

    Three ways of wasting time, one of which is con-
    temptible, are gossiping mischief, making lingering calls,
    and mere motion when at work, thinking of nothing or [10]
    planning for some amusement,–travel of limb more
    than mind. Rushing around smartly is no proof of ac-
    complishing much.

    All successful individuals have become such by hard
    work; by improving moments before they pass into hours, [15]
    and hours that other people may occupy in the pursuit
    of pleasure. They spend no time in sheer idleness, in
    talking when they have nothing to say, in building air-
    castles or floating off on the wings of sense: all of which
    drop human life into the ditch of nonsense, and worse [20]
    than waste its years.

    “Let us, then, be up and doing,
    With a heart for any fate;
    Still achieving, still pursuing,
    Learn to labor and to wait.”

    1. Evan thanks for St Francis thoughts.
      And thanks LInda for the spiritual alert from Mary Baker Eddy!

  3. Thank you so much for the thoughts that break the hypnotism of the daily events that tend to overshadow the grace all around us.

  4. Thank you, Evan. A good reminder that we can achieve much more than we are doing
    at present. And Linda – thank you also for the very apt citation from MBE which I
    haven’t read for some while.

    I had been feeling really groggy this morning, and it was time to get the lunch. Mortal mind kept trying to convince me that it would be better to sit down and rest until I felt better. However, I know that listening to the “serpent” and following his instructions are not helpful, and only drags out the illusion. So I claimed my true identity as the reflection of God, and rejected the suggestion that I was under a material false law which could hinder my activities. I got up out of the chair and continued as normal. Very soon I felt better. and the illusion vanished. . It seems that I fulfilled the first statement above by. Francis of Assisi in that I did what was necessary and found there was nothing to hinder me. I will continue my day by doing what is possible to the spiritual senses, and keep in mind that nothing is impossible to God, therefore nothing is impossible to his idea, man.

  5. Thank you very much! Excellent article! Thank you, Evan, for providing this forum to share good.

  6. This photo is PERFECT for the stages of doing something that at first seems too complicated. I’ve always done this when I have had no choice but to tackle something that I had no experience with but needed to earn a living. I trusted God with every step, starting with the one or two things I COULD do……then miraculously the next step became apparent……and then the next and the next…until at last the work was done! The key is not so much experience and intelligence, but TRUST!

  7. ‘Quality means doing it right when no
    one is looking.”

    Thanks Evan, and SpiritView friends
    As today’s quote states, we have
    quality thinking from God. to
    do what seems impossible.

    1. I love that Lorrie. I have never heard of it stated like that before. Thank you and all for sharing with comments and thoughts. So helpful!

  8. Thank you Evan and all! With wonder I listen to the birds singing every morning because there are so many singing and now it takes on new meaning….

    1. Thank you very much, dear RH. It is very nice to read the story of St. Francis of Assisi sermon to birds. It is so sweet and worth reading! 🙂

  9. Thank you Martine for posting the rousing 1930 article by Violet Ker Seyrner in which she poses the question “Who would wish to appropriate to himself a lie against the truth of being? In Christian Science every phenomenon of material discord is dealt with and rebuked on the basis of its unreality, its disconnection with God, man, substance, law, legitimacy– in fact, its scientific impossibility.”

    Is it possible to be disconnected to God? Is it possible to undo the science of being? Can God be alienated from his perfect manifestation? Is it possible to be estranged from reflecting the radiant, dynamic, enduring, exquisite characteristics of God’s omniscient nature? No, it’s impossible!

    Through divine Love’s impulsion we can “rise in rebellion” against any and all suggestions of mortal mind limitation, whether in the form of illness, stress, mental decline, relationship difficulties, or disputes of any kind. We are taught in Christian Science how to accomplish this, -how to achieve what mortal mind maps out as impossible. Instead of floating with the downward currents of accepted world thought, Science and Health shows us how to swim upstream and claim the dominion that is not only possible, but is our true status as the children of God.

    1. Linda, that is so well said, I appreciate your comments.

      You mention that it is impossible to undo the science of being. At times I have to remind myself, sometimes very firmly, that NOTHING can change the facts of Being.

      Yes, let’s rise in necessary rebellion against any suggestions of mortal mind, which seem to be many, but all boil down to the same falsehood, the same lie that says that God’s child can have a life or a mind or an existence apart from God, good.

  10. Thanks everyone for your contributions today. I especially enjoyed items regarding birds because I’ve had my own experience with them in the last several weeks. Actually, with one bird, I believe, who arrives almost to the minute at 5:30 AM most days and serenades me from the top of our roof. I do my best to imitate the bird call and response. I frequently get up at 5 AM when my husband gets up for work and this cheerful opening to my day has been such a joy. Mrs. Eddy wrote, “All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, and indestructible! That surely includes everyone other one of God’s children as well, held in the arms of divine Love.

    1. Vicky, thank you for your lovely story. I too respond to the birds chatting, when I sit in my garden chair and listen to the `them joyfully`. 🙂

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