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May 27, 2022 | 33 comments

Have you ever felt like you were in your wrong place? Perhaps in the wrong living situation, relationship, workplace, or community at large? If so, you can make a prompt change that gets you feeling and knowing that you are in your right place.

To find one’s right place, it’s important to understand that we live in Mind. Divine Mind is always the best place to be, the right place, no matter where your feet happen to be planted.

Mortal mind evaluates place in physical terms, such as proximity to another person, a corporate employer, a physical address, and material circumstances. But mortal mind is shortsighted. It never sees what divine Mind sees.

It’s a material point of view that makes one feel like they are in their wrong place. This is because the material point of view is the wrong place for thought to dwell.

The right place for thought to dwell, is in the infinite Love of God which is always present to keep our lives filled with love, joy, value, worth, usefulness, beauty, and abounding opportunities to be everything God created us to be. When thought is tight with God, thought feels the unlimited possibilities of God. Any sense of limitation, confinement, or lack, drops away, and is replaced with unrestricted possibility.

Your right place is a spiritual place. It’s spiritual mindedness!

Claim your right place with God today and watch the shackles of mortal belief fall away before your eyes.

When you’re moving ahead with God, there isn’t anything of mortal mind that can hold you back. Your right place is yours to claim and experience to the fullest.

33 thoughts on “Your right place”

  1. Dear Evan,
    This appeared on my laptop as I was asking God to help me deal with the fear that I have to leave this place and don’t know where to go or how to afford to move. A thousand thanks for being the angel message to me right then and there.

    1. Me, too! Literally opened up to this as the thought was swirling.
      What a comfort and a safe place divine Love is.

  2. Janet ,
    I’m listening , daily , to the wonderful audio of Place , attributed to Eddy . You can find it on utube The ideas have been very healing for several people I know – not just about ‘ finding a place ‘ but in the bringing together of the need and the supply . God’s ideas already have there fulfilment in the place in which they exist –
    Mind !

    1. Thank you Wanda, for mentioning Place, here’s a link to the written article. It is a wonderful and powerful message that has inspired me many times. Thanks also to those who gave the YouTube audio link.

      I’m grateful that God always puts us in the right place at the right time for all good.

      Evan I love your idea of our thought “being tight with God” and also “watch the shackles of mortal belief fall away before your eyes.”

  3. This is so perfect for me dear Evan. In the last 6 weeks of travel thru Africa, Scotland and England, my thought has shifted thru continents of divine Ideas. I’m ready for new adventures in divine Mind’s Adventure to be All in all. Bless you and our Family of divine Ideas.

    1. Plainfield CS Church is an INDEPENDENT church, not under The Mother Church in Boston. They write their own Lesson-Sermons, and produce their own Quarterlies and periodicals. If anyone listens to their posts on YouTube, it would be wise to keep that in mind, as well as to remember that our Leader is Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science, and who received divine inspiration in all aspects of the CS movement, including the building of, and organizing the administrative departments in The Mother Church. In my view, if a church claims to be Christian Science, but is not recognized by The Mother Church, it would also not be recognized by Mrs. Eddy, were she still here with us. Error comes in subtle and seemingly harmless forms, nevertheless it is still serpent talk.

  4. Thank you Martine for posting that youtube article by MBE. And thank you everyone for your insights, my daughter just moved to Colorado and is seeking her right place to live.
    Thank you Evan, for your timely articles. Blessings to all!

  5. Thank you Evan for such insightful ideas.

    Dear Janet, call ‘Caring for Christian Scientists Call Center’ a service of The Principle Foundation. This call center could be of some practical support to point you to possible resources in your time of need.

    Much love

    1. Linda D, I appreciate your sharing about The Principle Foundation. I had never heard of it and I went to their website to learn more about what they do to help CS’s in need. It sounds like a wonderful resource that many may not be aware of.

      And to dear Janet, I hope you know that you are wrapped in God’s Love and are directed every moment by your dear Father-Mother. Nothing will keep you from your right next steps, unfolding in the most natural and stress-free ways.

      I feel blessed and grateful to be in the company of SpiritView family as I saw the outpouring of love and suggestions to Janet (even an offer of a place to stay)! You have all inspired me greatly.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful blog, Evan
    Janet, sometimes when I also am feeling financially shaky, I turn to this statement from the Journal. I think it is amazing and always uplifting. Sorry I do not know author.
    “The lie that income is insufficient… is never to be met by materially increasing the income or reducing the expenses, but…by the application of the Christly law that infinite substance is unfailingly and overflowingly sufficient to meet any demand made upon it”…truth
    – CS journal August 1972

    1. Thank you, Evan for the uplifting message today and everyday. Thank you also for the article and you tube above I will listen and read. I love to transform the ideas of income (materially) to spiritually-as the “in-coming” of ideas provided to us by God/Spirit/Christ for all that we need. That is what we truly rely upon to meet our needs.

      And the same for employment. We may work for an employer- but our true employer is God/Spirit. So simple yet helpful for me.

  7. “There is no spot where God is not. “
    P. Perfect
    L. Love lived
    A. Always
    C. Causing
    E. Everything eternally excellent

  8. Thank you, Evan, and everyone for all the wonderfully inspiring comments.

    Today’s SpiritView is spot on for a problem I’m currently dealing with and trying to figure out — having to do with place.

    Over the years, I have encountered a number of problems pushing myself into places of employment that I convinced myself were right places for me simply because the salary was high. They ended up being completely wrong places. My problem resulted from attempting to outline the result of my prayer by praying to God for an answer, but essentially telling Him what the answer should be. The right sense of prayer results from letting God lead and gratefully following.

    Sometimes the answer is readily apparent. Other times, it isn’t. But trusting God is always the right way.

  9. Dear Rose from NY (and everyone)
    I checked with the Mary Baker Eddy library as to the authenticity of the letter purported to be written by Mrs. Eddy to Adam Dickey. (I always check these kinds of things in order to protect the real writings of Mrs. Eddy — as we all should do.) Here is the Library’s response:

    From: MBELibrary Research
    Date: Friday, May 27, 2022 at 10:44 AM
    To: mhedge
    Subject: Re: MBE letter to Adam Dickey

    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your question regarding a letter purported to be from Mary Baker Eddy to Adam Dickey. This document has come to our attention many times, sometimes as an article attributed to Mary Baker Eddy entitled “Place.”

    This article from the Library’s website will be helpful to you:

    Thank you again for reaching out. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    The Mary Baker Eddy Library

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for mentioning this. I know that there has always been controversy around who actually wrote “Place,” and that the MBE Library makes very clear that they “…have found no evidence that Eddy wrote ‘Place,'” and they “…do not know who wrote the article.” This controversy is also discussed in the comments section the youtube video, which Martine kindly provided.

      I personally have gotten so much from the article and find great spiritual wisdom in it, but you are correct in clarifying that no one knows for sure if Mrs. Eddy wrote it or not, whether it was a letter to her assistant Adam Dickey or not, etc. A bona fide CS mystery. Let each of us see if its content speaks to our hearts.

  10. Dear Janet,- Every divine idea that constitutes your right place and home are yours now. There is no “place” to go. As God’s reflection you posses and manifest a sense of security, comfort, serenity, empowerment, joyous and purposeful activity, and communal accord,- qualities intrinsic in God and therefore explicit in your nature. You are the very embodiment of the inexhaustible abundance of the qualities of Soul. Keep an open spiritual eye and ear, and trust to see God’s unfoldment. ……”This seeming vacuum is already filled with divine Love.”

  11. After 50 years I am still living in a place that was an answer provided by looking to God for his provision. When we were to move to a small town for my husband’s work there didn’t seem to be anything available to rent or buy that would meet our need. He was to start his employment in three weeks. In returning home we prayed for an answer and felt confident that we would find our right place. In returning the next weekend we were heading for the newspaper stand when a realter that we had contacted before stepped out of his office, literally stopped us, and said a house had just come back on the market and would we like to see it. I am still in my place physically but knowing I am and always will be, in my right place as God’s beloved child. Thank you all for your comments and Janet you are provided for and will always be in your right place. Love to all.

  12. Thanks Evan, I appreciate all the dedication to providing these daily thought lifters!

  13. Another proof of God’s provision happened in 2019/2020 when my home seemed to need some major repairs that I seemed not to have the finances for. One day as I was praying about the situation, I realized that an acre of my property was separate and that I could sell it. A message kept coming to me that I should let the neighbors that had adjoining properties Kow that I was thinking of selling it.
    I ignored that for a while thinking that there would be a problem if I sold it.. But when it came to me again, I followed through and let them all know. One neighbor immediately expressed the desire to buy it and did. I realized that it was an angel message from God. The sale of that property provided the finances to do the repairs on my home plus a backup fund in savings. .Not only that but the workers needed to do the repairs were available in the correct order to get the work done with no delays.
    I am so grateful for God’s continuous provision always.

  14. To everyone in this outreaching of love, THANK YOU! Hymn 53 “Everlasting arms of Love are beneath, around above…” never felt so true. Even to being offered a place then and there – Tiffany Victoria and Love, you are just wonderful. The sharing of uplifting thoughts and practical ideas is so abundant and warm that the whole world must have been touched by it. You have given me so much to think about, make practical, and rejoice over – what a difference from the start of the day. It’s like being in the heart of a big, caring family. I am very humbly grateful.
    Thank you, Evan, for starting it all off with that angel message of right place which has truly been a means of blessing for all of us.

  15. It has been 3 weeks today since the work on removing the mold in my condo started. Each step that was taken was beautifully worked out at the proper time for each of the people involved and I was able to find a temporary “home” in the condo property I live in that was available for me to stay in….only 1/2 mile away. “God is working HIS purpose out…”
    as the hymn says.

  16. I’m rather late to join in today…but the outcome is an absolute abundance of Love shown with every contribution. What a blessing SV is…thank you Evan!

    My daughter-in-law ( well one of them..) gave me a lovely wall hanging with these words..’
    ‘Wherever you are planted,…bloom with Grace.’

    So, now I will be more diligent with my thought when I read it, for I’m planted firmly in the atmosphere of Divine Love, keeping ..’tight with God ‘…( love that Evan !)
    Knowing my place and YOUR place is harmonious and safe! Blessings to all❣️

  17. Dear Cheryl, it seems to me that God is the head of our church, not this board or that board. If the ideas that come to us are right and good, from God, it shouldn’t matter what the mode of delivery was.

  18. Thank you Gregg. Anthony Whitehouse mentioned, in a recent link posted on this site, “that divine Mind is fertile”…to me that means that inspiring, limitless and unbounded ideas are everywhere.

  19. Thank you very much Evan!
    It is a holy taks to claim my right spiritual place with God today, so that there isn’t anything of mortal mind that can hold me back to know and experience where my right place is, namely in the blessing presence of our Loving Father-Mother God, the conciousness of Love, as the Holy Bible says in the 23rd Psalm.
    Well, sometimes i have to pray to know this truth better. Am very grateful to you, Evan giving us always the right spiritual view!♡

  20. So true and beautiful to know we are in the right place,where our father,mother God is. So abundant.

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