Face a lie fearlessly

May 30, 2022 | 18 comments

When faced with trial and hardship, have you ever been tempted to run from the trouble, hoping in some type of fantastical way that you won’t have to deal with the problem that way? If so, the problem will likely follow you wherever you go, if not in the same form, but in different forms. The divine demand is to face the trouble squarely and resolve it with spiritual truth. Then there is permanent real healing.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote,

“To run before a lie is to accept its terms. This works like running before the enemy in battle. You will be followed, pursued till you face about, trust in God, and stand on Spirit, denying and facing and fighting all claims of matter and mortal mind, both one”
(Christian Healer, Amplified Ed., p. 235).

Don’t run from evil. Face it with Truth and see it destroyed!

18 thoughts on “Face a lie fearlessly”

  1. Thank you for this Evan – and how true !
    A number of years ago I was faced with a very challenging time dealing with bureaucracy in a business project I was involved in . Everything I did was challenged and at times I seemed to be totally out of control and sinking in a mental quagmire . Studying the experiences of Jesus and the disciples helped me get a sense of perspective when all seemed so threatening – it helped me see through the mesmerism .
    Years later , I now appreciate how wonderfully blessed I have been – not only with the abundant good that flowed from that experience but , even more , by the spiritual strength and vision I was given . Yes – these challenges are great opportunities to face down evil and learn something of its emptiness !

  2. I had gotten used to things that I thought were bad and I just stoically, heroically endured and persevered until I faced it fiercely when that same problem seemed to attack innocent others. In standing up to defend others, to face down and resist and rebuke and replace every single detail of the bullying lie or oppression to bless them, I was than blessed and healed and liberated. It wasn’t fair or acceptable to allow them to be harmed by it, and I refused to be complicit with the evil harming them. Through my loving them and truth and justice, I learned to also love and cherish and protect my innocence and God-given freedom from injustice or disability, etc. By facing and replacing what others feared I had to role model that integrity in refusing to allow that fear terrorize, traumatize, control, desensitized, use, fool, or identify me. And then I was no longer afraid of it. I replaced that fear with gratitude for God and the lessons and blessin’s from those experiences. I did not need this scary bogeyman or those scary scripts because I had the joyous answer. The same is true for everyone.

    The scary abuser or corrupt politician or evil industry doesn’t have to have any power to scare us or harm us or identify us or to make us indifferent. We recognize people hurting others as a cry for help to experience and express love instead of pain. We see the apathy, self justifying rigidity, complacency, bland mob-mind, the inanity and insanity of domination and evil be replaced by goodness and gracious gratitude.

    Once we face the fear, we find out it’s not so scary after all. In fact it could be fun. And it can inspire us with a new sense of life purpose and joy helping others.

    1. What a spiritual warrior! and love the bit about it being fun – that sense of humour is a great destroyer of mesmerism

    2. Thanks for providing a practical solution to facing down fear with joyous God given qualities! Greatly appreciated! Once when faced with a scary situation, I called a dear CS Practitioner for help. After explaining the problem, she burst out laughing. This surprised me. Then she lovingly stated the error never likes being laughed at! We both saw.
      the funny side of things, which broke the mesmerism, & complete healing resulted.

  3. Yes, so true! Thank you, Evan. I was just debating about whether to accept a job offer and have been praying about my motive and where I could do the most good. I know my right place is to stay where I am presently–although it is tempting to leave for something that seems like it would be better, easier. Thank you all for your sharing.

  4. Today’s topic brings to mind the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19, when his life was threatened by Jezebel after he tried to turn the people back to God and away from the worship of Ba’al (other gods). He ran away from his problems and wished to die, and ended up hiding in a cave. But God called him out and showed him things that seemed to have power (earthquake, storm, fire) but God said He was not in those big, loud, dramatic events so they could not affect him. Elijah instead perceived God in a still, small voice and received clear guidance on how to go forward fearlessly and successfully. Many good life lessons in that story.

  5. Today is Memorial Day. With all that seems to be going on in the world and lately the school shootings and all the fear this brings up with. friends so upset and families grieving, have made me fear that I am accepting their grief and being drawn in. I am grateful that I can counter this with the Truth of Eternal Life. Today’s Daily lift was of great comfort in explaining the Truth of our never ending or beginning existence. Evan’s post helps with not fearing the lie that we need to fear dying or grieve for those who have passed on before us. I don’t fear death. I love Mrs. Eddy’s statement that you quoted Evan. I do believe we have to face up and handle problems and not let them follow us around. Sending Love to everyone.

    1. I totally agree. “Face up and handle problems and not let them follow us around.” Recently I made a mistake that hurt a friend who called me “dishonest.” It was the worst thing for me because I strive always to be honest. When I was a cashier in high school and one of the cashiers stole $20 each day, our store manager had each girl cash up alone with me and me leave my cash box alone with her, For the first time, my cash box was $20 short and he knew the other girl was the thief he was looking for. He told my dad that the only thing he knew for sure was that Lisa is impeccably honest. If I found a dime on the floor, I would give it to him and I always cashed up within pennies to perfect every day. My dad got tears in his eyes when he heard that. I have never seen my dad so moved except when his dad died. From then on, I have always been sure to be as honest as possible because I knew it was the right thing to do. Being called dishonest by a woman I loved as a dear friend was devastating! Only after receiving a treatment to annihilate fear that came up for us both was I able to think things through and be free. Spirit gave me the right words to address the problem. So grateful for Christian Science and the availability of practitioners for help when we require support. CS is priceless!

  6. Edith, without even asking for help, you’ve written on SPIRITVIEW exactly the treatment which I require, speaking directly about the error being displayed, but by retreating to ” In standing up to defend others, to face down and resist and rebuke and replace every single detail of the bullying lie or oppression to bless them, ” You have blessed me and there will be healing and liberation, to open the way here to free the repressed, to cherish the love from a mother, and to defy error by nullifying any belief in a power apart from GOD. This situation here involves 5 dependent children, controlled by their mother. Thank you for providing an answer through LOVE, to provide release for these precious ones whom she represses.

  7. Thank you very very much dear Evan, that you encourage me having no fear in seeming troubles. Also Mrs. Eddy encourages us in SH to know that with God are all things possible – so healing from the tiniest to the seemingly biggest trial os possible. And she also says that trials are sighns of God’s great Love to His children.
    Yes, when fear is gone man is healed .
    Am happy to receive SpiritView every day – it’s wonderfully uplifting and healing♡

    1. So grateful for this: Mrs. Eddy says “trials are signs of God’s great Love to His children.”
      I will ponder this as life moves me forward.

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