Keep your thought filled with light

May 31, 2022 | 14 comments

Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.

~ Walt Whitman

14 thoughts on “Keep your thought filled with light”

    1. Thank you for sharing this article Martine.
      Thank you Evan. S&H Pg. 13:29-32 comes to thought and fits that picture well. Also Jesus saying “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

      1. Kirsten I also thought of “Get thee behind me, Satan.” when I read today’s quote. I want to keep my full focus on the Light and Truth of God, so when tempted I can remind myself to dismiss error. As the quote says, “….shadows will fall behind you.” They fall down into their native nothingness, utterly destroyed.

        Sending love and blessings to everyone today. Thank you Martine for sharing that article and Thank you Evan for your faithfulness to your Spiritview flock.

    2. Thank you Evan for this wonderful quote!
      To understand that better I read the article, Martine gave us the link to, very thoroughly.
      It is really helpful to understand what Evan means how we could prosper today, and surely everyday!
      Thanks very much Martine for your loving help with the article what it means “to be a child of light”. To understand us as the manifestation of God, who is light , and act as such, keeps our face always towards the sunshine of Love!♡
      Big thanks and Love to all !♡

  1. A very special reminder that the Light of Christ is always available to direct our path.
    Thank you Martine for this article… it is saved for further reference as it abounds with many very special truths and very supportive of the lesson sermon this week too.
    Thank you Evan…as always❣️

  2. There is much food for thought in that quotation by Walt Whitman.

    Here are some thoughts that came to me

    Since God is light, and we live in that light as the reflection of God who is light,
    we should have no shadow, as light does not have a shadow. God could not have a
    shadow as far as I can tell. So if we stay in the sunshine of Truth and Love, in the spiritual true sense
    of being, we shouldn’t be aware of any shadows.If there are any, they must always be behind us. The material senses may seem
    to produce shadows, or to see shadows because they are looking at things
    from the wrong perspective, believing man to be a material being
    dwelling in a material universe, instead of God’s spiritual creation.

    So it seems to me that the shadow represents the false sense of man as material,
    and we need to put that notion behind us and walk safely in the sunshine of Truth and
    Love, as far as we apprehend it. When we stay in that light,, the
    shadow of the so-called material senses, must always be behind us It couldn’t
    be in front of us and lead us astray, and it couldn’t move from behind us and overpower us,
    Shadow is just powerless illusion.

    Keeping our thoughts and aims constantly in the wonderful light of spiritual understanding leaves no opportunity for any material shadows to reach us. The Bible tells us in First Thessalonians that “we are children of light, and that we walk as children of light and the children of the day,
    we are not of the night, nor of darkness.” So we needn’t fear any shadows – God does not
    produce them so they have nothing in them to touch us or harm us. God, divine Love, is all around us all the time.
    What a comforting thought is that! Let’s live in the sunshine.

  3. You are the Light of my LIfe, says the song but so true that God is our Life. Thank all of you for your insights and encouragement of staying on track.

  4. Edith GillisThanking God for the transformation of my attitude, I finally got down to business and personally and specifically and universally treating the lie of domestic violence. Then a few days later says:

    Science and technology have been allowing humans to see physical evidence of what different religions/cultures have been teaching throughout the history of humanity— that each living being has goodness and light as it’s very being. Sensitive cameras are now able to detect star light pulsing with the stars in each cell of a living human body or the trillions of other species’ cells that are essential for a human body. Light is seen pulsing in every living cell of a plant or other organism. That light pattern is beautiful and harmonious in that which expresses health.

    Not only is every material thing on the planet made of the same elements of the radiant stars, stardust or chemical elements, that beautiful energy that is seen as beautiful light within is core to each of us.

    Different animals and individual people have more sensitivity and reactivity to, awareness and appreciation of, the different colors of and patterns of light some call auras associated with the quality of one’s thoughts and health. When my next younger sister was a baby and toddler one way that God could communicate the divine call to compassion was having her see the different colors of light or auras associated with people’s moods. I thought it was unfortunate that it took her over half a century before she connected the call to attention and to her accountability to change her attitude and behavior, and recognize the consequences of her choices on others. But one day her friend who was suffering from fibromyalgia appeared very differently to her and explained that that was because she had gone to some person who saw something in my sister’s friend and described her aura and explained to her that it was her innate pure loving light and goodness that was attracting people to come to her for healing. What the other person described was exactly what my sister had seen as me all those years. But instead of seeing the brown shadows of people coming to the light for healing, my sister had seen the brown cloud swirling around me as proof that I was dirty bad like bad dirt and poop and that she had to hold me in contempt, to hate and kill my spirit. Once she reframed or rethought the meaning of the different colored lights and saw how the brown shadows were not me, but the pain and fear of others asking to be healed, how that was a brilliant display showing her the consequences of her own thinking and acting in relationship with that person, there was great healing for her emotionally and physically. This happened after God rebuked me when I was driving when Sunday morning, telling me, “You are the practitioner in the family.” I was the only practicing Christian scientist and well others would pay me to heal them through prayer when it came to my family I was a whining victim, that this demand awaken me to the applying and expecting the same joy and freedom and trust that comes when people call me for help. It’s not personal because it’s spiritual. Thanking God for the transformation of my attitude, I finally got down to business in personally and specifically and universally treating the lie of domestic violence. Then a few days later, she called me on the phone exultant and amazed that she had found at her weekly group weigh-in had lost so much weight. She said it felt as heavy weight on her all her life in wrongly thinking that I was the evil one and when she let go of that by changing how she saw me, she lost physical pounds and painful back and knee injuries and headache within a few days. Her attitude towards me drastically changed and I felt like I had far less work to do to keep alive in her presence. For over 54 years I had never even known that she was seeing auras and misinterpreting them. Her posture and movement and face changed significantly for the better. I can’t even begin to describe the difference in our relationship for the better. And it began to help me make sense of comments throughout the years that people made about seeing me as a person of light or indigo child or having auras they didn’t understand or whatever that earlier made no sense to me and that I never was interested in learning about.

    Some doctors are using these cameras and computers to map and diagnose conditions and to document the differences that one’s thought energy has on the physical structure and function. Some therapists show people the videos of their auras related to heart rate etc. to illustrate to the individual the influence of their thought and their ability to change their thought and then heart rate, perspiration, brain waves, etc.

    More recent technology examining the shroud of Turin believed to be the burial cloth for Jesus, illuminates what had been a mystery for thousands of years about that great light and flash of inspiration and powerful blast of energy Jesus had that moved the heavy stone wheel and iron in front of his tomb and that created that negative on the cloth showing details to form the images that people needed to rethink and get free of materiality and personality. And to not only recognize the horrors of different wounds and the mentality of the torturers, but more importantly the power of forgiveness and love that enlightened his life teaching us eternality.

    It is how light as our essence makes it possible for people with no eyeballs (or with damaged nerves or brain portions associated with vision) are able to see the light of different silent individuals they can’t smell, and their thought. We are not physical light and energy. We are divine ideas that that light or aura or flames or halo represents. That is why there are depictions from prehistoric peoples of more enlightened loving people with rays of light or flames or halos. And that light within us that extends beyond our physical body represents the oneness with divine Love/Light that all can recognize and harmonize with. So we naturally walk in the light of love and radiate and reflect that light of love.

    Mary Baker Eddie described us not as the window pane that needs to be cleaned in order to see God’s light or world, but us symbolized as the sunray of light that can never act independently of or be separated from the sun,

    Thank you for the reminder of those beautiful amazing photographs that scientists have been able to give us, and the poetry and inspiration and healing that results from this new enlightenment. Light-in.

  5. Very good quote, and necessary to
    keep thought free from erroneous
    But we have in hymn, p 307-212;

    “Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing,
    In that sweet secret of the narrator way
    Seeking and finding with the angels sing:
    “Lo, I am with you alway,” watch and pray.

    Everyone knows I love days that stay
    light until after 9;00, delicious.
    I also appreciate standing in a shadow on
    hot days. Some plants prefer shadows.

    It comes down to how much light,
    understanding is in thought wherever
    we are standing. Singing
    with the angels … working on that.
    Thanks everyone.

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