Exercise dominion over food

June 1, 2022 | 12 comments

If you ever find yourself fearful of food, you can exercise dominion over what you eat by understanding God’s dominion over you and the body.

Don’t fear food. Master it!

I explain how in this vlog that was filmed at Lava Lake in the Gallatin National Forest in southern Montana, when my wife and I visited in August 2021.

12 thoughts on “Exercise dominion over food”

  1. What are we consuming or letting consume us? What ideas feed, nourish, nurture, heal us? How are we thanking God for all the people, animals, plants, processes, thoughts, and their coordination and communication to teach us our interconnectedness, our oneness, and ways to better love? How can we be more aware and satisfied— full with good to share?

  2. I love MBE’s statement that my birthright is dominion (in everything!) and I am subordinate alone to my maker (in everything!) , it is powerful!. Thanks to Edith for the first statement she makes – “What are we consuming, or letting consume us?” A lot to think about and apply today. Thank you Evan for your many blogs on Youtube, they are certainly a feast in themselves.

  3. Thank you, Evan – that is a very helpful way of looking at
    food. There is so much on the news and from all people
    around us about what food we should eat, what problems
    certain food causes, what is best for us to eat, and what we
    should avoid because of this, that, or another suggestion.
    Some food is supposed to be good for some, and the same food
    not bad for others etc…. Such a maze of problems are associated with food.

    I love the way you say that “food just sits there listless” .
    It is obviously not intelligent and can’t influence us in
    any way, because of the dominion God has given us
    over all things that are unlike Himself.

    I woke up one morning with the ridiculous thought that “God has made me in the likeness of a carrot!” God is not a carrot, so it couldn’t be true, and all other claims that food has power is similarly ridiculous. Matter is just as inert and listless as the suggestion
    that food has power to effect us. God’s image and likeness is
    spiritual, as we all know, and everything He made is for our good, for us to enjoy freely.

    Jesus tells us to take no thought what we should eat or what we should drink, because life does not consist of the food we eat and what we drink. The Lord’s Prayer
    instructs us to ask God to “give us this day our daily
    bread”, and he obviously doesn’t mean a chicken
    sandwich! The food we need is the understanding of God,
    which Christ Jesus demonstrated for us – it is Truth.

    I’m now going to make myself a Truth sandwich, Truth and Love will
    be the bread top and bottom.

  4. “Give us this day our daily bread”. God provides us with all we need, and what He provides is perfect for our needs. God saw everything that He had made, – and it was very good, – this includes “our daily bread” which comes to us in any way that God provides. When we thank God for our food, all fear of food vanishes, for God has provided all good before we ask, and it has passed HIs inspection! Following from the previous comment, – give us our daily Truth and :Love!

  5. Food is just like many other forms of matter that we can be led to believe have control over our health and happiness. Like how much and what kind of water we drink, how much sleep we get, what vitamins we take etc, etc. I heard a CS lecturer say that she neither feared nor worshipped her food.

    We have it all backwards. If we can get a clear understanding of our true nature as God’s likeness, governed by Him, we will naturally gravitate toward good choice, with no worry or fear needed. I like that idea that we have dominion and are subordinate only to God.

    Lately, before I eat instead of just saying thank you I affirm that I’m grateful I don’t have to fear or worship the food before me, but I can just enjoy it and be thankful to God for the food and for true nourishment, spiritual nourishment, which food represents.

  6. Sweeter words were never spoken. Giving sugar and caffeine dominion over our spiritual consciousness is like drinking ink. We should never drink ink! Then why the fuss about sugar and caffeine. We should also never over indulge in anything except Gods goodness. We use wisdom and intelligently vary our diet so we fell satisfied and nourished to better serve Him/Her the one and only altogether lovely God almighty. Thanks Evan I know Lava lake.

  7. Thanks Evan, for the reminder, and advice because at the moment this is one of what I am working on for my self. So thank you for sharing us all this beautiful ideas.

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