There’s always a way

June 9, 2021 | 28 comments

Have you ever felt like your prayers weren’t being answered? What can you do to find the healing you’re looking for?
Learn what a man in the Bible did when he couldn’t find healing, and how his example can help you find healing too.
This video was filmed in the Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, while hiking there in October of 2020.

28 thoughts on “There’s always a way”

  1. Thanks for this beautiful reassurance..
    There are very few times in life we can use the word “always” because there are always so many exceptions except when it comes to God’s Jove for us..
    “Divine Love ALWAYS has met every human need..”
    We are blessed…

  2. Evan, this is wonderful!

    Thank you so much.

    A brilliant interpretation of such a familiar bible story.

    Beannachd ♡

  3. Wow Evan this is just perfect for me today. Thank you for your encouragement to persist and persevere in the face of what tries to crowd in to separate us from healing. I love that you say wherever we are, we are in the presence of Christ. I have listened to this three times and made notes. Thank you for these daily encouraging lifts.

  4. So beautiful, so potent and so true. Thank you Evan…a most inspiring start to my day❣️

  5. This is very interesting. I always considered this an inspiring story in the Bible. I was in awe of the the man’s ingenuity.

    Thanks for bringing it to the forefront and relating it to current issues.

  6. Dear Evan, thank you for showing us how a Bible story can go way beyond a human sense of things, and reveal practical metaphysical truths, A very big lesson for me.

  7. Love the phrase you used Evan,
    “Christ is the Mind of God”.

    I am really trying to understand better the connection between God and His beloved son, the Christ.

    I like to think that God manifests the Christ for all salvation. What a great and constant love the Father, Mother has for all creation.
    Thank you!!!!

  8. Glorious gratitude!
    I continue to persevere and persist during an ongoing recovery that requires my patience and trust.
    Your SpiritView and commenters enrich me daily.
    It is another beautiful day❣️

  9. I like how u interpreted the Bible story and gave it such meaning for us all. The symbolism makes perfect sense. Thank u as always.

  10. Evan,

    I followed the link on YouTube which led me to more of your wonderful SV videos.
    Ultimately I found a lecture of yours from 2015 and I feel it is so pertinent to this thread.

    I will paste the link below and hope it works. within the thread.

    The name of the lecture is, “The Healing Perspective of Christian Science”

    1. Thanks, Shelagh, the link works! I’ve watched that lecture before but it is certainly worth watching again and again.

      Evan thanks for sharing your joy and confidence in the effectiveness of applying the healing truths you share with us today and every day, your enthusiasm is contagious. Loved your inspired interpretation of this familiar bible story. Thank you for the constant encouragement!

  11. A beautiful amplification of the significance and lesson to be found within that example of healing by Jesus.

  12. Am inspiring message and as usual very. Useful.
    Hymn “Everlasting arms of Love , are beneath, below
    Above. Him it is that leads us on,His the arm we lean
    Thank you for the lift up!

  13. What a beautiful uplifting lesson from this Bible story, showing us that the healing power, radiance and effectiveness of the Christ cannot be crowded out by accumulative mortal mind beliefs. It struck my thought that you include apathy as one of the mental culprits that can attempt to obscure and suffocate the Christ light in consciousness. Persistence in knowing the truth, study, and prayer insure in us the clarity to mentally see this mode of mortal mind as a false claim that cannot cancel our confidence in the certainty of healing.

    So much heartfelt gratitude to you Evan for this wonderful inspiring video! Love to all.

  14. Just struck me also what wonderful caring friends the palsied man had. They were determined their friend was going to get to Jesus and be healed. What faith they must have had to be so determined that nothing was going to stand in their way. There’s far more in these Bible stories that we realise. Thanks to Evan for opening them up for us!

    1. Yes Linda, thanks that you think about the wonderful and faithful friends who were helping their friend to reach to Jesus knowing he could heal!♡

  15. Wow Evan, I listened this Morning and I listened again this Evening. It is so helpful, all the wonderful uplifting and healing and helpful thoughts. Thank you deeply for it!♡
    Very interesting, I did not yet understand till now your wonderful spiritual view of the climbing up the roof and letting the pulsy man down before Jesus, that it means to go higher with our thought into the realm of God and ask for healing, and only God can heal us – as Christ Jesus proved it!

    This Evening driving home from our testimony meeting I was so so protected by God. While I drove in a small street, suddenly there came a big car out of a drive way from a private ground next to me. I only saw it when I passed that car. It seemed as if it crashed on my car. I was very surprised, but in that moment I knew God’s protection was right with us as i i passed by smoothly, and I am still very very grateful for God and the healing Christ with us all. Just what Evan said today in his so loved Vlog.
    Thank you dear Evan for your spiritual lesson today, that there is always a way to healing – let us never give up!! That is also what Mrs. Eddy admonishes to us. She is a great example for never giving up! I am Mrs. Eddy very grateful for what she did for humanity, for us all!!!♡

  16. A beautiful message. Thank you and I will start my day knowing what attitude to take. Thanks again.

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