Stay out of the dream

June 8, 2021 | 32 comments

If you are lying in bed next to someone who is dreaming, their dream is not your dream. If their dream is a dark imagination, they may appear shaken and show tension from that dream, but their dream is still not your dream. You think for yourself and have your own experience according to what you are entertaining in thought as real and true.

This rule is helpful to remember when interacting with other people.

All types of conditions and circumstances are presented to us in the form of other people’s experience.

If we see anything less than the perfect child of God in our neighbor, we’re entertaining a dream about them to some degree. God’s creation is perfect, full of love, health, harmony, and peace. Anything less is part and parcel of mortal mind’s imagination, which is a dreamland of life in matter.

The dream is not your dream! And mortal mind can’t make you dream it, anymore than a person lying next to you in bed can make you dream their dream.

As a child of God, you have the divine Mind to inspire, guide and direct your thinking with spiritual truth.

Stay out of the dreams. They are not yours to possess and own. Stay clear with spiritual reality and see what God sees.

The correct spiritual view will keep you in a healthy place, and help your neighbor too.

O dreamer, leave thy dreams for joyful waking,
O captive, rise and sing, for thou art free;
The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking,
Unloosing bonds of all captivity.

Christian Science Hymnal, #202

32 thoughts on “Stay out of the dream”

  1. Thank you Evan for this reminder. It makes me think of what Mrs Eddy says in Science & Health on page 82: 82:13 “In sleep we do not communicate with the dreamer by our side despite his physical proximity, because both of us are either unconscious or are wandering in our dreams through different mazes of consciousness.”

  2. I so needed this wonderful Christian Science treatment this morning — after dealing with a difficult neighbor. Thank you ever so much.

  3. Thank you!
    That’s why Jesus could be so kind to the corrupt tax collector, the adulterous woman, and even his own tormentors., right? He realized that their dreams could harm neither him nor them — nor their family nor their world. “God’s creation is perfect, full of love, health, harmony, and peace.” How comforting!
    No cause for anger or distress, only an opportunity to bless.
    Yay. Thank you, Father!

  4. All comments are a great deal of help this morning.
    While praying for a loved one this morning, the hymn #156 came. Frances A. Fox, “EVENSONG”

    “In Thee O Spirit true and tender,
    I find my life` as God’s own child;
    Within Thy light of glorious splendor
    I loose the earth clouds drear and wild.
    Within Thy love is safe abiding
    From every thought that giveth fear;
    Within thy truth is perfect chiding ,
    Should I forget that Thou art near.
    In Thee I have no pain nor sorrow,
    No anxious thought. no load of care.
    Thou art then same today tomorrow;
    Thy love and Truth are everywhere.

    Thus leaving that dear one forever in the perfect state of “within” God’s care.
    This familiar hymn came to me in a dream as an answer to what seemed to be going on, which concerned me. Now as this day proceeds there is peace.

    Thank you for this wake up call this morning. There is praise and gratitude.

    1. So grateful for this reminder. This is just what I needed to hear today as well! Thank you David for the added blessing of sharing Hymn 156. It’s absolutely perfect! Blessings of infinite peace, joy, and love to all!

  5. Me too! I needed this, I will be with a much loved college granddaughter today who is using drugs. This was a great wake up to correct my thinking and the two quick phrases that came to mind were “Let go, and let God” and for me to “stick to my knitting” as they say! Thanks Evan.

  6. Thank you Evan.
    What you share today is perfect. The way you started out causing me to think about someone lying next to me dreaming brought clarity to my understanding of mortal mind.
    It also made me grateful for how I dealt with a situation I found myself in a couple of days ago.
    Needing a long over due haircut, I succumbed to wearing a mask, having my temperature taken and subsequently staying silent for 45 minutes. The hair stylist tried to engage me in her thinking of the virus and the manner of ways people are viewing the vaccines, germs, etc etc.
    Apparently she did not listen when I told her the last time I saw her that I study Christian Science and all that entails for me; such as keeping my thoughts steady and allowing Divine Mind to be the truth it is.
    She went on and on in spite of my silence.
    I was grateful to get back home, sit on my deck, listen to the bird song, and be at peace knowing I didn’t take the bait and engage in the nonsense of mortal mind. I continue to send her blessings and expunge the experience.
    I felt the desire to share it since this treatment is once again absolutely perfect for my journey of continued clarification and joy.
    And then to view the annual meeting yesterday was timely and wonderful❣️ I love Christian Science and the TRUTH.

    1. Susan thanks for that story (I can relate to needing a long overdue haircut!). I love that you rose to the occasion in an uncomfortable situation and did not “take the bait” of the stylist’s dream, then went home and enjoyed resting in the perfection of the moment, blessing the stylist and “expunging” the experience.

      Made me think of what Mrs. Eddy said in Retrospection and Introspection (p. 22), “The human history needs to be revised and the material record expunged.”

  7. Lovely ‘inclusive ‘ thoughts today. Letting go of the ‘I’ or personality.
    I always loved singing this hymn many years ago and am delighted that I see so much more meaning and Truth in the words these days….a spiritual journey in progress. Thank you Evan and love to all.❣️

  8. Really good way to “see” what seems to be going on all around us. I love that no matter what we seem to see or hear around us we have the power backed by God, and the duty to God, to change the scene in our own thoughts. It’s not always easy to do, but such a relief to know we can.

  9. This is just what I needed to hear today! It casts personal sense aside in our interactions with others and enables us to see the Real Man of God’s creating rather than a mortal we are trying to get along with. It brings to Mind this phrase “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man..”, the only man there is.

  10. Dream=Illusion=Mortal mind Beliefs=Hypnotic State

    All of mortal life is a dream, sometimes it seems good and sometimes not so good, but either way it has nothing to do with the true man/woman/child/animal/plant etc which are permanent unchanging Ideas of God good.

    We certainly can and should stay out of the illusions/dreams of others, and know we cannot “catch” their dream/false beliefs. We can also know that they can stay out of “their” dream because it is not truly their dream, but only the invitation or temptation of the lie. We can include them in the true loving view. They and we have the divine, God-given right and ability to see ourselves as He made all of us–eternally free.

  11. There is a useful article in a Sentinel called

    By Paul Stark Seeley

    I/m sorry, I don’t know how to include the pointer to it.

      1. Thanks Maggie and also thank you Vaz and to Paul for providing links.

        The article is clear and powerful. At one point the author mentions the world war taking place at that time in 1945. We could easily substitute any of our current world challenges. He says, “Even while recognizing its horribleness let us be glad it has no possible place in God’s kingdom, Love’s universe, and that it cannot prevent the awakening by all men from this nightmare of evil-mindedness to the intactness of Truth’s harmonious kingdom.”

  12. Thank you,Evan,for this so helpful analogy!
    And also many thanks to the commentors for their remarks and links,etc.
    I feel blessed to read Spiritview each day!♡

  13. very helpful I try to remember only God defines me as God’s reflection.
    this a tough one for me and I am always having to be alert.

  14. Thanks so much Evan for this new insight into the concept of others dreams and how they can’t touch us. This is very helpful to me as a teacher who is constantly presented with the dream of students with bad behaviour and/or trauma backgrounds (dreams). Thanks also for everyone else’s comments and links to hymns and the excellent article.

  15. Thank you Evan, that is right. I must stay out of my own of wrong thought. But as I learned that wrong thoughts are not thoughts from God, and therefore in reality I cannot and do not think them. Man is innocent as God’s reflection.
    The Bible says that God’s eyes are too pure to see evil. Then I think as God’s likeness I reflect the purity of God’s eyes. I like that, and it is so clear and simple. With this Truth in conciousness we cannot else but see our neighbor as God’s child and love him/Her.
    I am working and praying on this, as sometimes it doesn’t seem so simple. But knowing our God is entire ly good – the eternal Good – helps !
    Thank you, dear Evan, bringing us daily on the right track!♡
    I am also grateful for the inspired and iniereesting comments!

  16. On that too familiar topic of ‘the mortal dream’ a wonderful friend said straight away, “Well who’s the dreamer? I’m not! My Mind is God.”

  17. He went on to say, “The tenacity of error, of which Mrs. Eddy speaks, is only apparent because of the tenacity that one is a believer. But we learn that it is always belief that constitutes the believer, and not the other way round. To the Mind that I AM there has never been a belief or a believer. In this allness there is just My Mind and My idea of Myself, with no human beliefs or mortal opinions anywhere.”

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