Be quick to overcome evil with good

June 7, 2021 | 19 comments

“At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 571

Like dropping a hot pan on the stove before a burn is inflicted, be quick to drop any evil thoughts whenever they come knocking on the door of consciousness.

To stay living in Love, be quick to drop any impression of hate, anger, or resentment.

To stay healthy, be quick to drop any suggestion of disease.

To stay happy, be quick to drop any tendency toward ingratitude or selfishness.

To remain in abundance, be quick to drop any suggestion of lack or impoverishment.

Overcome evil with good by siding with the good. It’s not complicated. It’s a plain and straightforward rule for healthy and happy living! Obey it, and you will prosper.

19 thoughts on “Be quick to overcome evil with good”

  1. Thanks Evan for this clear call to action; reminds me also of:

    ‘Fight! On God’s side for healing’:

  2. Love the illustration of tender seedling ( our reflection of Gods perfection ) breaking through the cement barrier of mortal mind Evan. The strength of Truth.
    We must never lose sight of our goal. As you highlight , the quicker we put off the lie, the quicker we demonstrate what is true. Great thoughts to start the week, thank you. The articles are a joy also Angie, so grateful for these also.
    Happy day all.❣️

  3. Thank you Evan.
    When planting acres of pumpkins the seeds were in a carpenter’s apron. Fields had been plowed, disked, dragged making straight rows. Planting was done from sun up to sun down. Follow the dragged rows. One step between seed beds, using a hoe, make a bed for the seedlings, take 3 or 4 seeds from the apron, drop them in the bed, cover them using the same hoe, carefully tamping the new cultivated earth.. Seemingly endless rows of planting. After days it acres were seeded. .
    Then up came the first seedlings reaching up out of their seed beds. Each one looking exactly like the one in Evan’s picture this morning. The task was far from done. Spreading fertilizer was done soon after the seedlings were visible. Then watch and hope for the right rain.
    Harvest time came many weeks later. In time for fall celebrations. Tons of lovely deep orange colored pumpkins, one very huge one! All different. “Must have a stem, be careful and don’t bruise them, don’t break off the stem, cut the vein carefully!”
    A wonder of learning, effort, patience, hope, and fruition. A rich and enduring experience.
    Thanks for the picture of the tiny seedling, sprouting up for the ultimate fruition.

    1. Thank you David for your planting story. I’ve never been able to grow anything from seed and am always so amazed by those who can. Sounds like it takes a lot of cultivation and patience. Sometimes overcoming evil with good takes cultivation and patience! But there is a sure reward!

  4. I always look for Spiritview to read each morning with the inspirational statements you share Evan. The fruitage that everyone shares is bountiful! Thank you!

  5. Always appreciate the simple, straightforward thoughts expressed daily in this blog. They resonate with me throughout the day ……and beyond. Thank you so much Evan for its origination and for keeping it nourished with so many basic truths of how to enjoy an abundant, healthy, productive and happy life.

  6. Thank you Evan for instructing us to be “first responders” in thought, — to daily claim our innate right to live freely and fully according to the harmonious laws of God. In Science and Health, the chapter Science of Being, Mary Baker Eddy writes “Reality is spiritual, harmonious, immutable, immortal, divine, eternal. Nothing unspiritual can be real, harmonious, or eternal. Sin, sickness, and mortality are the suppositional antipodes of Spirit, and must be contradictions of reality.” Only good is real, and we can know this moment by moment in spite of any contrary sense testimony. As you say, it is not complicated.

  7. Love the recommendation of “be quick to drop,” suggestions of anything unlike God’s good that would seem to be coming our way. Good advice.

    I’ve been struggling the past little while with some dark sense of issues at work. It has’t been “quick to drop.” It feels like mortal mind is pulling on me strongly to adopt an attitude of self will, entitlement, must stand up for myself, how dare they, it’s unfair, poor me, no one cares etc etc etc. Just the epitome of erroneous nonsensical error, animal magnetism, feels like a painful, hypnotic dark trance insinuating that God is distant from me. Just want so much to fully yield to the ongoing Love and goodness of God at work in these matters, to know and see that He is taking wonderful care of all involved, to see all of us as His dear loved children. I know that will bring release. Thank you to everyone for being here, it is a comfort.

      1. Thank you Angie for your kind support and for suggesting Psalms 37, which I was not very familiar with and for the article on Persistence in Truth.

        Thanks also to Linda for your wise and loving words.

        I appreciate you both and Evan and this forum so very much.

  8. I remember an expression my teacher used to use. When we cling to an erroneous thought it is like hanging onto a burning pot handle. It’s hurting us but we find it hard to let go. I have thought of this when I have hung on to something that proved erroneous and ended up laughing.

  9. A practitioner once told me, “everything is already alright”. I love that thought and thank you Evan for today’s Spirit View. And thanks for the picture- my sunflowers look just like this.

  10. Dear Rose,
    Being misunderstood, attacked unfairly, or unappreciated can be particularly offensive to one who is consistently seeking the peace and love of true harmonious being. I can relate! In her article Taking Offense, Mrs. Eddy hints at the vast array of differing human wills and perspectives reacting upon one another in mortal consciousness. I have at times found myself seemingly sinking in this mire, and have found prayer to be the means by which my thought begins to soar above it all. Your pure motives to yield to God’s unconditional Love, and to bless all, will bring you sweet release and dominion. You can be sure of it.

  11. Thank you everyone for your comments and Angie for sharing the articles and Evan for the wonderful thoughts in your blog. This morning they are truly appreciated more than ever.

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