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    1. Paul Stark Seeley. Always illuminating articles.
      Gemstones are revealed as we kick away the pebbles of all that is unlike good.
      We come to SpiritView to share, reflect, heal and to be healed.
      Evan has presented us with the issue of a pebble being a stumbling block.
      Paul Stark Seeley tells about friction. I have been fighting the claim of a blister. They are caused by friction. I know where it came from and I know where it’s going, as I look for the gemstones of love and forgiveness.
      Love is all in all.

      1. This is a keeper David and such a clear message to help and heal… Thanks for the article by Paul Stark Seely, Maggie. I admire his writing. and clear thought.

        1. I just realized that I thanked Maggie for the article Martine shared with us. Thanks Martine. Maggie’s contributions to this blog are wonderful too.. Love to all this day and always.

  1. Indeed
    , we don t stumble over a mountain, but we can climb it, and at the top we can have a marvellous view., having dealt with any little stones on the way……
    Thank you Evan

  2. This is an eye opening reminder to spiritually handle those small suggestions before they grow into boulders. The article offered was terrific and gave an important wake up call to keep watch over our thought and steps to accomplish a good result. Thanks to all.

  3. Thank you Evan and , yes, a very good article, Martine – thank you. for sharing. And thank you David for your input. I have also found that Paul Stark Seeley has written some wonderful articles.

    The thought comes to me that even a very small pebble that gets into a shoe when we are walking is very uncomfortable, and it is necessary for us to take the shoe off and empty it out immediately. Likewise, if we have even a small uncomfortable thought trying to occupy our consciousness, anything that would destroy our harmonious passage forward, it is necessary for us to be alert
    to it, and empty it out of our thoughts before it trips us up and does any damage. Then we can
    move on safely following the pathway of spiritual harmony.

    1. Thank you Maggie. Finding that pebble is difficult when an experience is complicated going forward with so many different things in process.
      I listened for the angel. He said “Three golden slippers”, that was all.
      I thought that they might be for my wife, my son and for me. But it probably means something more.
      When wearing golden slippers the pathway should be a rainbow, for everyone.! No pebbles there, only gemstones!

    2. David, thinking about your reply, I agree, sometimes it is difficult to find that pebble when things seem to get complicated in our lives. The angel thought of “three golden slippers” is intriguing. The word”three” has spiritual significance, doesn’t it. For instance: “Life, Truth and Love”. Life, which is God as we know, creates no complications and doesn’t know of any; Truth can remove the pebbles. because it doesn’t know of their existence, and Love assures us that all is under Her care, and all is well. The gold bit, I am not sure about because we don’t have three feet!!! But if we walk in the light of Truth, Life and Love, the golden light of God’s goodness will guide us as
      we walk safely in that light where there is no friction possible. Just a few thoughts that came to me..

      I am sure the right interpretation will come to you, and it could well be about your first thought
      concerning the three of you in your family. Whatever is the answer, you will be blessed, I am sure.

      1. Thank you Maggie. A warm reassuring reply. Surely mercy and goodness will follow me through this trial. Your loving thought helps.
        Have a most wonderful weekend.

    3. Great analogy. Remove the irritation and shine that pebble into a gemstone of pure, clear, thought.

  4. As always, THANK YOU, Evan. I love the simplicity of mastering the small stuff. What a concept to consider that no one trips over mountains. Thank you to all who share their thoughts and experiences.

  5. Continuing with the theme of Life, Truth and Love, Mrs. Eddy has a very interesting explanation of these three synonyms for God in Science and Health: “…God as divine Principle, — as Life, represented by the Father; as Truth, represented by the son; as Love, represented by the Mother.” (p. 569). Such a beautifully complete interpretation. So grateful for Evan’s gift to the world (this blog) and for the SpiritView community. Happy Day!

  6. I am grateful for the reminder to look at the small little thoughts that need to be promptly, properly addressed and corrected and replaced. Like a pebble in a shoe or fearful resentment causing friction or tripping or sliding or being redirected or ricocheted off one’s path and purpose. I like Paul Stark Seeley’s article and comments as I pray about a nonprofit event and ultramarathon and world-healing social justice activism and technology and climate and interpersonal relationships.

    1. Thanks you Edith, with the activities I am involved with this was a reminder that I need to pray about all those things you mentioned.

  7. The paths in life’s preparatory school can be filled with pebbles,- obstacles, obstructions, and missteps. At every turn we can be confronted with the false assertions of the material senses, claiming lack, disease, and limitations. Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health on page 428, “To divest thought of….. material evidences in order that the spiritual facts of being may appear, — this is the great attainment by means of which we shall sweep away the false and give place to the true.”

    Divine Love alone can “sweep away” the pebbles of the senses, and smooth out our path heavenward. In Paul Stark Seeley’s profound article “Gems and Pebbles” (thank you Martine), I am moved by his reference to Jesus’ final earthly experience…”And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was carried up into heaven.” Our immaculate way- shower exemplified how we ascend out of our earthly trials through the expression of pure, perfect love. There is no other way.

    1. Well said Linda. Agree that lifting thought above the seeming “pebbles” on our path is key.

      There was a popular book called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: And It’s All Small Stuff.” I think the premise of the book was that small problems in life tend to preoccupy us and steal our peace. I would interpret that as error trying to take our attention off God and the joy of the moment by throwing out lies that say, look here focus on these disasters, and so keep us in an agitated state. Thank goodness we have in CS tools to see through these tactics

      And loved your reference to “while he blessed them he was carried up into heaven.” To me this means that the way to see the truth of things (heavenly perspective), is to bless everyone and all situations and humbly release them to God’s care.

      Thanks Evan and all, and thank you Martine for researching and sharing “gems.”

      1. I have that book and love that it has helped me get through many pebble problems that seemed like mountains, and have also seen the spiritual side of rejecting problems no matter how large or small, that try to take our peace.
        Today some dead trees were removed from my neighbors property. clearing the view of the beautiful mountain where all I seemed to see were the dead trees. So grateful.

      2. Great article Martine, thank you. Jane b and Rose, thank you for sharing your thoughts on ” Jesus being carried up into heaven”…appreciate your additional insight with that phrase.

  8. This is beyond awesome!!!
    I seldom leave comments but am always so grateful for every one of your Spirit Views!

  9. Thanks Evan!
    Be grateful for the cross (pebbles of material living) and you will win the crown.
    Much love to you all and thank you for the daily bread.

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