There’s always a way to keep moving ahead

October 14, 2020 | 18 comments

Have you ever come to an obstacle in your path that makes it look like you can’t keep moving ahead? If so, there’s a way around it.

While hiking through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park last September, Kathy and I came upon a Buffalo parked on our path. What to do next? I couldn’t help but stop a moment and video tape a few thoughts on what do to when it looks like you can’t do anything. There’s always a way…

“There’s always a way”

18 thoughts on “There’s always a way to keep moving ahead”

  1. Do need this uplifting thought so much this morning. Dear Evan, thank you very much for this freeing spiritual view! It is so nice that you make this adventure to an object for such a helpful spiritual treatment. I have to smile about your lovely adventure with that huge animal. Thanks a lot!♡

  2. I really like the idea that a buffalo bull enjoying being very still, and NOT roaming, can be inspiration for us, to renew energies, and hope, in our efforts to enjoy finding a safe path to our goals. I love the idea of harmony being expressed by the bull’s stillness and also by Evan and Kathy’s circuitous activity. It’s a spiritual win-win!!

  3. Isaiah 30:21
    And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying , This is the way, walk ye in it. when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.
    This first entry into our lesson on Atonement gives reassurance that each step we take. when listening to God for direction will be one of progress.
    Yesterday my wife and I traveled to the north country. In June I was led to ask to become a member of one of the original Christian Science Societies, in Charlevoix. Michigan, USA. It is an outpost in a small town where many visit during tourism season. It was first recognized 1909.
    I followed healings found there. It is maintained by very few, faithful followers.
    Today I have the wonderful opportunity to read the Wednesday service. Fittingly the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors, and his care for his brothers shall be read. The autumn leaves being profoundly beautiful his time of year, and the fellowship being most loving, supportive and close.
    It is a long distance membership. Most services are attended via cell phone. This vintage Society has blessed this community, named after the French Explorer, Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix.
    He explored the Great Lakes region often staying with native Americans on Fisherman’s Island, in seventeenth century America.
    The Society was born during Mrs. Eddy’s times.
    Imagine signing the original leather bound membership book long side the first pioneers of Christian Science! A journey still unfolding.
    Thank you Evan and all for following Christ.

  4. As we apply our knowledge of God to the “big Bisons “ of life ….” sheep shall safely graze “
    Beautiful vlog Evan. Thank you❣️

  5. I love this! A while ago while working out a problem, the old expression “Don’t be cowed” kept coming to me. So I didn’t allow my self to be daunted by a show or appearance of strength by error. I pressed forward spiritually, helped by a staunch Christian Science practitioner, and went on to a solution. So you and Kathy didn’t allow yourselves to be bisoned/buffaloed!

  6. Very good! I love the idea of having a spiritual adventure as the goal for the day. Then you don’t outline or limit materially the adventure. I love seeing various wildlife. So I see that you not only got to have your wonderful spiritual adventure, but there was an added element of also getting to see one of God’s great creatures, the bison. How cool! There’s always a way and it’s always better than any human plan.

  7. Thank you EVAN & David. I loved the thought about the way is there, however we handle it.
    David, how wonderful those few have managed all these years to keep their society going. Our branch seems to be small in numbers, but the few are the willing. We all wear many “hats”
    You are certainly doing your part. “Where even one or two gather in my name…”

  8. Thank you, Evan and to Mr. Buffalo, who must have also been doing some good listening to know right where to be to enable you, and all of us to learn this important and helpful lesson for our own deep think! Thanks also, David B for the reminder quotation on hearing God’s voice directing us all which path to take, as Evan was able to prove. Today’s vlog is especially meaningful to me, as it appears I’m facing my own buffalo in my pathway of going forward and having a secure place of peace, progress and harmony. Knowing that the involved parties cannot truely block my way toward my rightful place and freedom and that our Creator will open the way forward for us all. Todays vlog gives new meaning to the song verse about “Give me a home, where the buffalo roam!” Thank you all for being family! Have a wonderful day!

  9. What an inspiring Vlog and Blog. A special thanks to David for sharing your experience in joining a Christian Science Society founded in 1909 and still going strong. And what a thrill to sign their original Membership book!

  10. LOL the buffalo in your path is a sweet reminder to not panic when your day is interrupted or plans seem to go awry. The path you and your wife chose instead reminds me of finding my way around NYC as a kid when my sister and I would go visit our Mom at work. Brings back the excitement of the City which can also be a wilderness in a sense. Thank you for sharing the inspiration.

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