Error doesn’t have a location

October 13, 2020 | 23 comments

Error is a term used in Christian Science to define anything and everything that would deny the omnipresence of God’s infinite good.

Disease is error. Sin is error. Suffering is error. Death is error. In the Big Picture of Life eternal with Spirit, disease, sin, and suffering do not exist. They are temporal beliefs of the human mind that inevitably dissolve and disappear in an understanding of spiritual life.

The quicker we make nothing of error the better! The faster healing happens.

So, I had an aha moment a while back when I heard another person tell me in detail how they were trying to locate a disease in their body. They weren’t quite sure which organ was causing the pain or what part of the body to expect the suffering to show up in next, which was very frustrating for them. As I listened to their efforts to locate a disease in their body, I thought about God’s allness and how there is no location for disease—anywhere! The effort to locate a disease can only reinforce the belief that disease is real and thus increase suffering, which does not contribute to healing.

They were familiar with the teachings of Christian Science, so I reminded them that the sensation of disease was an error of mortal mind, and the quickest way to heal it is to make nothing of it. I pointed out how they were building a case for disease by looking for it in the body and designating a location for it. To help I said, “Error doesn’t have a location! So, let’s not give it one in you.”

They stopped talking. After a second or two of thought, they saw what I saw. They laughed with delight at their unscientific approach and decided that it was time to quit locating disease in their body, and instead, see its nothingness and be healed of it. We were on the road of progress now, and with good results to follow.

Error does not have a location. Don’t give it one in you.

Live in God’s allness and stay healthy and free.

23 thoughts on “Error doesn’t have a location”

  1. So helpful Evan when so many people are worried about their bodies and are talking about were a virus may have originated. How can a lie have a source if there is one infinite mind originating only good ideas, thoughts and feelings and sensations?

  2. How terrific to cut error down to size! Instead of the huge, dominating thing it’s become, I can see it disappear before the bigness of God who is all Good.
    MAny thanks, RhonddaRh

  3. When error rings…don’t answer!
    Years ago I read a testimony in the CS Sentinel that offered that advice & it’s true, still today.
    Thank you EVAN, for focusing on God & His creation. “This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad, give thanks, rejoice!

  4. Reading this today brought the word “willingness “ to my thought. We have to be willing to turn from the material sense and concentrate on our Spiritual being. We have to be willing to wait and listen to the ever present one Mind . We have to be willing to adhere to the nothingness of error. We have to be willing to let Gods guidance in. And as we see the effect of putting God first we must be willing to share and be thankful for our True Status, Gods manifestation.
    ‘ Beloved , NOW we are the sons of God” 1st John 3.
    Thank you Evan . Love to everyone and their neighbour❣️

    1. Thank you Barbara. That’s right, we have to put God first in everything. For me the Holy Bible is a reassurance of God’s eternal love to His whole creation. God assures us of His being always with us, healing and saving and guiding us! And one truth the Bible gives us, I love very much, that which St. Paul writes to the Philippians 2:13: “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” That is comforting!
      With this Bible verse I feel being able to live in God’s allness and stay healthy and free, what Evan advises us in the last sentence of his today’s SpiritView.
      Evan, thank you very much for your wonderful aha-moment and your very helpful and uplifting spiritual views you are giving us so lovingly!♡

  5. Thank you Evan for this awakening statement. There is no location for evil, how helpful and true.
    Thank you Barbara for your metaphysical ideas every day. This site is a blessing to all, Love is surrounding us all.

  6. Thank you Evan for this awakening statement, “There
    is no location for disease.” I will hold this in thought today and everyday.
    Thank you Barbara for all your beautiful metaphysical remarks and all spirit viewers helpful prayers. Love this site and looking forward to it every morning. Love to to all.

  7. 0 (zero) is zero, nothing, and will always be 0, (error) unless we put a 1 or another number before it to make it something. By not doing that, we don’t give it any power. The laws of mathematics always apply and can not be changed, just as God’s laws of perfection also apply to our lives.

  8. Wonderful and very powerful idea Evan, thank you for sharing! The human mind loves to analyse and find reasons and sources for problems … definitely the wrong road of thought to go down! Cul-de-sac thinking as one practitioner put it to me.

  9. From a Radio Sentinel a lady testified thus: “Error has no place in God’s allness”.
    Your blog today reminded me of this. Thank you Evan.

  10. Thank you Evan for your daily inspiration! Soooo incredibly helping as well as supporting comments from all of you!

  11. Thank you Even for this very helpful way of looking at error – and to everyone who has commented.

    It reminded me of the following – ‘Make nothing of error because it can make nothing of you.’ I don’t know where this comes from.

    Also I recall this passage from Science & Health:-

    “It is sometimes said that Christian Science teaches the nothingness of sin, sickness, and death, and then teaches how this nothingness is to be saved and healed. The nothingness of nothing is plain; but we need to understand that error is nothing, and that its nothingness is not saved, but must be demonstrated in order to prove the somethingness — yea, the allness — of Truth.”
    (SH pg 345:31–13)

  12. Angie, I left a couple of comments regarding the first link you supplied yesterday, but they were late in the day and I don’t know if you saw them. That link was to the entire November Journal with the ability to read or listen to it. I listened to the entire Journal and was so inspired. I’ve copied the link and pasted it below and hope it works. If not, can you resend your comment? I think it would be of interest.

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