The government is in God’s hands

October 12, 2020 | 36 comments

If you ever get worried about who is elected to public office in your country and fear for the future of your government, take heart! There is a higher place you can go with your prayers to find peace.

God’s government reigns above all human governments!

The prophet Isaiah said it well in these words:

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. His government and its peace will never end.” (Isaiah 9:6,7, NLT).

Political rulers and leaders come and go, but God’s government remains in place.

Human legislation may veer in one direction this decade and in another direction later, but God’s law remains fixed.

The leaven of Christ is at work throughout the entire human consciousness moving it in a spiritual direction. There may be resistance, balking, push back, and ignorance along the way, but Christ will prevail. Good will overturn all evil. God’s government will have the final say.

Above all human government, the government is in God’s hands.

36 thoughts on “The government is in God’s hands”

  1. Thank you Evan for this spot-on post. I’ve actually become grateful for this time of spiritual focus in praying to let go of human opinion & outlining.
    Recently in quiet, humble yearning, in reaching out for peace on the election, I asked what I should be praying, & I was blessed by quietly being reminded of Jesus’ consciousness prayer at Gethsemane: Abba, Father; thou knowest all things. If this cup could be taken away from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but thine be done.
    From this, I gratefully found peace in realizing God, Infinite Good, always Governs all -just as Truth is always inevitably True. This helped to break the seeming pull to human will, which has no place in prayerful thought -just counterfeit mortal thinking, not pure thought at-one with God’s perfect goodness. Now it’s become more joyous to unselfishly join in the universal prayer to realize of the Christ: ‘the government shall be upon his shoulders’.

    1. Angie
      Thank you for your latest blog That government is in Gods hands. Certainly timely today..
      Enjoy reading your ideas.

  2. It’s early, early in the morning here. I didn’t even realize the problem you identified here till I read your vlog today! What a relief washes over me as I ponder the ways God cares for us individually within the whole of His creation. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this, Evan .
    With so many accounts of authorities and governments in turmoil around the world, this is a very timely and welcome reminder of the One real Power.

  4. On a smaller scale, there has been some serious disharmony, sometimes political, sometimes personal, within my small group of friends. We meet every morning in the dog park at our retirement center.
    This morning I’m taking Isaiah 9:6 and the following paragraph with me to the park.
    “The leaven of Christ is at work throughout the entire human consciousness moving it in a spiritual direction. There may be resistance, balking, push back, and ignorance along the way, but Christ will prevail. Good will overturn all evil. God’s government will have the final say.”

  5. Thank you, Evan…I really needed this post today. And, I appreciated the Sentinel article so much. I could not access the CS Journal article by link provided and would appreciate help. I am also holding to the spiritual fact as stated in Science and Health that….”all is under the control of the one Mind, even God.”

  6. From today’s Daily lift :

    ” …God is the only source of wisdom”

    (“Being more open to God’s love ” ‐
    Rich Schaberg)

  7. Thank you Evan for posting this thoughtful treat. The word leaven is so comforting. The action of the Christ prevailing. Things look so much better from a spiritual perspective. Thanks also to everyone that takes the time to comment. It is a blessing that I truly appreciate.

  8. It is, in fact. I marvel at what many scientist have said about our universe is that it is set upon a knife edge. That is, if one iota was off, the universe would destroy itself. I take that to mean that God’s government of the universe or cosmos, is under its creator’s government or principle of being. This is, perfect harmony is the rule not the exception and further more the only deception is our own mis-perception which can be corrected by divine principle of Truth. Divine love is the rule for all creation for everything that is made was made out of it. God’s government is the the government of divine unselfish love.

  9. It is Thanks Giving Day today in Canada.
    I want to express my gratitude for God’s government always in control as Christian Science has taught me, and kept me on a spiritual journey for many many years with good health and happiness and large number of demonstrations.
    Thank you for the inspiration that comes every morning through Spirit View,

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Day to Canada. We are fortunate to have such good neighbors. Thank you as we look forward to Thanksgiving in the USA.
      EVAN, your topic is spot on, as a fellow reader commented. To keep our prayers about God’s government to the forefront of our thinking is so vital. You keep me focused, and I do appreciate your good work.
      Blessings to us all…and the world.

      1. I join Shirley in thanking the Canadians for being good neighbors..and good role models of how to get along with each other in a bilingual country..
        We do have an unbroken friendship with our dear Canadian neighbors..

    2. Oh, my many happy years living in Canada as a “landed immigrant” were so blessed, as we celebrated Thanksgiving intentionally twio months on a row! Of course, because we have been given the Key to the Scriptures and the Science of Christianity, we have Thanks Giving on a daily basis.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

  10. ABSOLUTELY love this! If we can all just STICK with this…we will see…All, All is Well! GOD GOVERNS!!!

  11. Powerful Evan thank you ! I see the sun is rising here and “a new day is dawning “ for us when remember it’s God’s government !

  12. Wonderful concept of Life to start the week…or any time for that matter. Thank you Evan. To look around us and turn every thing, thought and happening into a Spiritual Truth is amazing enough , let alone the fact that we have much further to go and understanding to experience as our journey blossoms toward the absolute peace and beauty of expressing Gods all inclusive Law of Love❣️

  13. Thank you, Evan, as always. This spiritual view of true government is so purifying. I love the NIV’s translation of our Golden Text: “You who seek God, may your hearts live.” To paraphrase and add a prayer for our country, “You who seek Love and honesty–our true government– may your hearts live in joy, peace and abundant good.” I’m praying that “Honesty inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way” in our coming election. That quote is the theme of a metaphysical meeting coming up. Keep the faith, everyone!!

  14. Thank you for another timely blog, Evan, and I so appreciate all of the comments. My hymnal fell open to this comforting poem which reminds us of God’s everpresence and governance.

    Hymn 587
    Kathryn Paulson Grounds, alt.
    There is a presence walks with us
    On every pathless way,
    A light outshining midday sun
    However dark the day.

    We reach our hand—and feel God near;
    We cry—and She replies.
    We open eyes that sense had dimmed;
    We stretch our wings and rise

    Above the mist, above the dark,
    Above the threats of fear,
    Upheld by Love that never fails
    And is forever near.

    We cannot stray beyond Love’s care,
    For Love does fill all space;
    And where we go the path is marked
    By angels of Love’s grace.

    1. Thank you for the hymn, Joan. That is one of the new ones and I didn’t know it.
      Darlene in California

  15. Religious freedom is something that all of us here hold dear. God can never be taken out of our lives no matter what type of government we have, but the freedoms we now have should never be taken for granted.
    Although freedom of speech and religion are being challenged and some governments, abolished or restricted, “The government is in God’s hands”, is a very helpful declaration of Truth.
    Thank you, Evan, for bringing this topic to light for prayerful discussion. I appreciate the blessing of this site and for that “higher place [we] can go with [our] prayers to find peace.”

  16. “Above all human government, the government is in God`s hands.” How absolute, thanks deeply!
    Thank you very very much Evan for all the comforting spiritual ideas and thoughts you give us to pray with for all governments, specially of course now for the American government, and also for ours. Because if I am right, also in Germany is the important election of the new chancellor next year.
    There is a lot to pray about, also for ourselvers, what Mrs. Eddy says in her writings.
    Thank you for all your comments, so manyfold and inspiring and interesting, dear SpiritView followers!

  17. Could a SV friend please post the following CS Journal article? (I’m having internet issues). Thanks.

    Divine Love Governs the Universe (Journal article)

  18. Angie, your link didn’t bring up an article for me, but provided the ability to read or listen to the entire November issue of the Journal. I started listening but after 4 articles the sound just stopped and I couldn’t get it started again. I intend to try again.

  19. Angie, Thanks so much for this link to the November Journal. I have now listened to the entire issue. I hope others will discover this. Since it’s late, maybe it can be repeated in tomorrow’s blog.

  20. I find Julia M. Johnston’s article, “God’s Elect,” very helpful when I’m thinking about who or what is in control of our government and nations – it is the Christ..

    It was in the C.S. Journal, 1933.

    Thanks, Evan, for this timely spiritual view and to all who so loving share their inspiration and comments.

    1. It’s in the July 1933 Journal and has been recorded so you can listen to it. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing it, Bea. And thank you, Evan, for this important topic.

  21. At first, I thought the photo was a loofah sponge. Ha Ha. Then I realized it’s a slice of what looks like really good rustic bread, airy with holes. The crispy chewy type.

    “The leaven of Christ is at work throughout the entire human consciousness moving it in a spiritual direction.”

    Leavening makes bread light–in some types of bread it forms large holes. I like the idea of the light shining through as our awareness and receptivity to the Christ expands –just as the bread expands while rising and baking which forms those holes.

    Thank you Evan, for this encouragement that as the leaven of Christ lifts, expands and opens our thought, we can be calm and joyous in knowing God’s government is the ONLY lasting government, governing all.

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