There’s always a way

April 29, 2020 | 31 comments

Are you facing a problem that looks like a mountain-sized obstacle ahead with no clear way around?

Here’s a spiritual perspective that can help you see past those mountains and leave them behind.

I filmed this vlog at the end of the trip Kathy and I took up the Alaska highway last September.

“There’s always a way”

31 thoughts on “There’s always a way”

  1. Thank you Evan! This is beautiful and so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to share! Truly inspirational!

  2. Thank you so much for this inspiration and the lovely pictures of the mountains! I never appreciated before how Jesus could be referring to a mountain of a problem rather than to a literal mountain, being cast into the midst of the sea.

  3. I’m so grateful for your message Evan. I also traveled the AlCan Highway and remember all the beautiful and yet daunting mountains and roads such as on the Going to the Sun Highway through Glacier National Park as well as the ones you referred to in your Vlog. I am finding myself facing the end of a rather sleepless night when your message arrived. And with the hope and promise of the Christ Truth it has lifted my thoughts from the “woe is me” status to understanding that God never takes us halfway. The spiritual me can operate perfectly with little or no sleep. I just need to lift up my thoughts beyond the mountain’s base and over any belief of barriers.
    Thank you for your loving and healing messages which encourage so many of us to shoulder our own responsibilities in overcoming the mountains and valleys that we face in our own spiritual journeys.

  4. So good. So very good.

    One time I went years without work, and I suddenly looked back and saw m myself complaining, blaming and despairing, I realized I’d made them road blocks in my life!

    How could I possibly progress if I gave reality to what blocked my progress! What was the solution?

    The prayer of gratitude! I fiercely told myself to write thank you notes to every individual who I felt had wronged me, to magnify all the good they’d brought into my life and my career, to let Love fill my past. I did that and just let it all go. Very shortly after two amazing life-confirming job opportunities opened up, one after the other. The mountains blocking my progress were always illusions, and they moved out of my life and summarily sank into the ocean of love., leaving the road ahead not only clear, but filled with joy.

    1. What a beautiful, expressive testimony, Diane W.A. Proof that prayer of gratitude is taller than any mountain of woe. Thank you!

  5. Pioneers blazed a trail for our travels over, around and through the mountains.
    This lovely vlog in pristine nature commits the land and nature accessible to modern day travelers and for habitation in an otherwise inhospitable land where only the very most stalwart may exist.
    Study has it that the prophets, Jesus and his followers were pioneers leading mankind to elevations above mortal sense of a material earth with obstacles. From this analogy we are therefor blessed by their reflections and demonstrations.
    We who study Christian Science working to overcome materiality, fear, sin and death are pioneers for the future of mankind. Science and Health 511:23 – 3.
    Heaven is our goal for all mankind.
    Thanks for the uplifting vlog this morning. I probably will never otherwise see this grandeur, except through the experiences of others. It’s a way to travel and see the wonders though. And for this I’m very grateful The Smithsonian magazine was first introduced to me when the Christian Science “World” magazine was terminated. The publishers sent it to compensate for the no longer world class magazine. I’ve enjoyed similar visuals from that and National Geographic as well. Almost as good as being there, with no mosquito’s!

  6. Thank you dear Evan for this abundant overflow of Loving Ideas … have had a challenging week falsely believing in the mountain of material evidence against Spirit – exhausting. I can finally laugh at the absurdity of it all. Before I went to bed last night I hastily read a message from my friend in South Africa: ” … the only way to pray. Change the whole framework to the spiritual universe.” I sent to sleep and was able to bounce out of bed early this morning and go for a joy-filled walk and felt new energy to plan for a new direction in my life. Thank you Diane for your wonderful “cameo of gratitude and riches” you shared … “What mountain, where?” only the mount of vision.where our Revelator stood, translating all back into Spirit.

  7. At times I feel I am facing the same mountain that gets in the way of living consciously as a beloved child of God. But I had a moment, I have had one other such as this, where I felt consciously how old this erroneous thought was. I was taken back to years ago when it first took root in my consciousness It was so clear for a moment that this thought is just a thought, not real. This daily mental workout works.

  8. This treatment is so timely for me today that it could only be the result of inspiration from God. Thank you so much, Evan. Such a beautiful and needed message, proving to me that God is truly in charge and the only Mind that I need to be concerned with.

  9. Taking us on this little mini-vacation through this gorgeous land is so inspiring, Evan, especially being mortally in “lock down” these days. Your shared vision of such beauty is a heavenly journey away from the doom and gloom so prevalent in
    the news of late. Overcoming the mountains of material sense is vividly portrayed
    in such an awesome place of serenity and peace. Thank you so much for this truly
    refreshing glimpse of God’s wonder and power. Thank you, too, Spirit View family, always, for your helpful contributions as well.

  10. I love your symbolism in relation to mountains. All mountains, the Rockies in particular have always been an inspiration to me. So thank you so much, Evan, for some blessed reminders today. The pictures definitely lifted my thought. Bless you.

  11. Thanks Evan – an inspiring and beautifully crafted message – much needed. Although I have not travelled AlCan Highway I can appreciate how exciting it must be having travelled San Francisco Yosemite and L.A. Death Valley en route to Las Vegas to trade shows a while ago. Always appreciate your vlogs.

  12. Thanks Evan for the lovely video through which we saw the beautiful creation of God in its its full glory and the most lovely message you gave, that no mountain of obstacle can ever come in the way of healing, for God is greater and much much bigger than any mountain or obstacle in our life.

    Your daily encouragement through “Spirit View” mean a lot to all of us, and we feel sooo blessed.

  13. A youtube video popped up with Evan playing a piano duet with another man, “You raise me up”. Maybe if you go to youtube you can find it. It’s wonderful!

    1. Wow! That was Great! MaryJane B and Evan! Maybe, next up, a duet with Bryan Ashley on the Mother Church organ. ; ) Such beautiful God-given talent and inspiration. Thank you for sharing the link MaryJane.

  14. I loved the trip via video. We live in a beautiful country
    and I have often been in awe at how the roads were made through the mountains. Thanks for the anology. We don’t have to “Climb every
    Mountain” to find results and can rely on Prayer and God’s limitless
    Help and control.
    Thanks again Evan for the uplift.

  15. Dear.Evan, I am endless grateful for your SVs and I love your Vlogs very much, as well They are so lively, joyful and inspiring. Also today’s toppic is very needed. It illustrates that with God everything is possible. There is no hinderence God cannot take out of our way of making spiritual progress. Thank you God. And I am very grateful for all the wonderful and inspired comments.

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