Thrill of the unexpected

April 26, 2009 | 5 comments

This video will put a big smile on your face…

Dancing in the train station

5 thoughts on “Thrill of the unexpected”

  1. That’s great — I suspect it’s the work of the group Improv Everywhere, or another similar group. Reminds me of the waltz scene from the movie Fisher King. Not only a good smile, but a reminder that the ordinary and expected are not an unchangeable reality….

  2. There’s another much like this… also filled with joy. Google “tmobile dance” and select the video at Liverpool Street Station.

  3. Thanks. This made my day, but think the “Tmobile dance” Anonymous recommended is better, even the one showing how it was made.


  4. Imagine-this is a small inkling of what a world of peace would be like. People breaking out in songs of joy, dances of glee & expressions of love for one another, everywhere. Wow!

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