Thrive where you are

September 29, 2015 | 10 comments

My wife, the avid gardener, has a rock in one of her slate pathways with the words, “Bloom where you’re planted,” etched into its face. I think I bought it for her years ago, now that I think about it.

The slogan is a useful reminder to me that God is the source of all inspiration necessary to stay happy and healthy independent of where we happen to live or work physically at the time.

For instance, have you ever felt stuck in the wrong job, living in the wrong neighborhood, or married to the wrong person? Mortal mind is quick to come up with reasons that limit our perspective and make us feel like we lack, like we’re “planted in the wrong place.” But when we understand that all true progress begins in thought, we will be less tempted to blame outward circumstances for our feeling of limitation. We can change those circumstances by understanding better our true status with God.

We live in a universe of Mind where location is mental and possibilities are all spiritual. If Mind can think it, Mind can do it. Mind is not subject to material conditions. There does not have to be a change in matter before Mind can have a new and fresh experience.

As children of God, we are able to express Mind’s point of view. What Mind sees as possible we can experience as possible, and realize it. Wherever thought goes, experience follows.

So, if you feel like you’re planted in a wrong garden bed, think again. Rather than seeing yourself as a limited mortal with limited possibilities, see yourself as an unlimited immortal living a Life of infinite possibilities. And see those possibilities! Really grasp them, and you will demonstrate their potential. If your thought can go there, your experience will follow.

And this is how we all can bloom where we’re planted. We’re really never “planted” in a material location. We are never locked into matter. All is thought. We express an infinite Mind.

God planted you in Mind, not in matter. Live out from Mind and see the creative and new possibilities for adventure and progress. They are endless!

10 thoughts on “Thrive where you are”

  1. Thanks so much for this, Evan! I remember the first time I received this message on a fridge magnet and thought “this is nuts!” Later I came to understand “right place” and “true place” from Emmett Fox – that I am always in the “right place” because my environment is simply a reflection of my thinking, but my “true place”, where I really want to be, is in God’s thinking. Your thought-starter today helps me out of the sound bites and into the bigger picture.

  2. Thanks so much for this, today, Evan! I’ve been receiving the idea lately that I’m ready for new experiences! My usual response to this is to start planning on where I want to move to next! Of course, this may be the outcome of my desire for Newness, but I’ve learned to turn to Thought first and establish my “true place” – in Mind, God. There is a little C.S. pamphlet I’ve been studying called, “Place”, and it’s really an eye-opener! Where do I always live? I truly live in the Kingdom, Divine Mind!

  3. We are not planted in materiality where we rely on human beings for both health & happiness. And this is the mortal way of thinking. God, not only created us but he LOVINGLY planted us in his garden of harmonious bliss. We don’t have to rely on humans for health & and happiness for we already include it in God’s creation. Our demonstration of this is in the acknowledgement of others reflecting God, not being God.

  4. Thanks so much, Evan, for this reminder to bloom where we’re planted. A move about nine months ago of about 1,000 miles from a home in a beautiful location surrounded by beauty – my late husband was an avid gardener – to a manufactured home desperately in need of repairs inside and out surrounded by a yard exhibiting much neglect was certainly a challenge. But in my efforts to bloom where I was planted, my house is now beautiful inside and out, and I’m working on the yard. From my newly constructed deck I have a view of the mountains beyond the trees. My new church home is a very loving one where I can also bloom and serve. I am so deeply grateful for Christian Science!

  5. One other thought. The temptation is to believe that good is always separate from who you are and where you are. Great to be able to put the “truth” to the lie.

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