Thy will be done

April 28, 2022 | 27 comments

If you’re confused about what to do, let God decide what you should do. “Thy will be done” (Matthew 6:10), Jesus Christ taught us to pray.

The will of God is straightforward and clear. It’s about being motivated by Love, living the Sermon on the Mount, acting unselfishly, generously, kindly, wisely, and morally.

Confusion comes from entertaining human opinion, fear, selfish desires, efforts to please others rather than pleasing God, and ignorance of God in control.

A solution for confusion is to listen for God’s direction and having a heart to follow God’s lead as it unfolds.

The prayer, “Thy will be done,” keeps you moving down the straight and narrow way where success is guaranteed. God always knows best.

27 thoughts on “Thy will be done”

  1. When we are obedient to the great commandments of Moses and Jesus we experience the blessings of “Thy will be done”, for our full commitment is completely away from self to being totally with God. When we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength the consequence is that His will is done, and all are blessed. When we so align ourselves to perfection that is what we experience, God’s will is done.
    My video link explores the impact of the great commandments, Love reflected in love. Present perfection.

    1. Wow! Beautiful. I love this video, Ken!!!
      And I am so uplifted by today’s spiritual thought, Evan.
      So very grateful.

    2. Thank you Evan.

      I’m at a crossroads– common with seasonal jobs–, and am determined to forgo the confusion (“human opinion, fear, efforts to please others rather than pleasing God…”) this time!

      Beautiful, Ken. Thank you for sharing.

  2. O Ken, thank you so much for sharing this with us – it is really beautiful and
    wonderful. The way you recite is so uplifting and healing.

  3. Evan what helpful, straightforward, and clear thinking..
    Moses certainly proved the power of one God-one Mind..
    But that clarity of theology was lost over the centuries. It was re-established so clearly in Jesus Sermon On The Mount. And, again lost for centuries by confusing man made theologies.. Mrs. Eddy healed by returning to this clarifying concept of one God and one creation..I love the way she defines our relation to that oneness: “-Love wedded to its own spiritual idea.” Now that’s a relationship that can never be broken.

    1. ONENESS [a letter from John Hargreaves]

      “7th May, 2003
      Thank you for your good and positive letter. I do not remember if I drew your attention to S&H 210:11-16. The fact is that Soul and its attributes are forever manifested. All faculties are attributable to Soul. The scientific action of the divine Mind on human minds and bodies is seen when the belief of the latter is so imbued with the Truth that it fades out. The unscientific action would be in the attempt to ‘use’ the divine Mind to alter the picture of human minds and bodies, and this cannot be done. “The human mind and body are myths.”

      “The lesson is that we stay with the spiritual fact because nothing else is real, and this reality dissolves in its presence the physical sense of things which would claim to deny it.

      “The only sense of anything emanates from the divine Mind, Soul. The mortal cannot embrace the infinite but the infinite dissolves all belief in the mortal. There is no personal advertisement or medium for God. “Soul is never without its representative” (S&H 427.4); but this is not person; but is always the qualities that infinite Soul is expressing and knowing of Itself.

      “Soul’s divine awareness is all there is to the illustration: but the material illustration is not the divine idea, only the false human concept of it, and this wholly mythical sense perpetually yields to the everpresence of God’s own conscious Being that you ARE.”

  4. I have this tattooed on my arm as a constant reminder that I need to step out of my own way and remember that God’s got this.

    1. Awesome; would love to see the tattoo THY WILL BE DONE. Reminders to step out of our own way, to let GOD’S WAY lead me seems to work all ‘things’ out from kinks to a straight path, spread out in a way untouched by human will nor opinion..

  5. Thank you for the reminder: “Don’t know what to do? Love and be kind.” Love God and love God’s creation including yourself. “What’s the kindest, most loving thing to do and be? “Listen to what God is telling you. Then do it.”

    1. Yes, so true, Edith.
      Grateful for your succinct expression of Truth.
      “Love God and love God’s creation. . . “

  6. Thank you for this direction Evan and thank you to Ken and Edith for their contribution today❣️

  7. It is helpful to apply this truth to the war in Ukraine. Since the divine intelligence is the only Mind, it is God’s will that is the only will. There is no human will. God’s will of Love operates as a law of harmony which produces peace, well being, unity, and harmonious human adjustments, Thy will be done!

    Thank you Ken for your lovely and inspiring interpretation of the great commandments.

  8. Beautiful, clear, and direct…Thank you, Evan, for this message this morning to help keep us on the right path, or lead us so clearly back to it if/when we mistakenly, humanly stray from it. Thank you! ❤

  9. I think of God’s will as our life, since He is expressing us, and we are His own image.
    So we need to be receptive at all times to His directions and not rush off according
    to what seems to be right at the time without listening for His guidance.

    Mrs. Eddy’s hymn, “Shepherd show me how to go o’er the hillside steep…” is a
    helpful way to remember to keep listening and following our Shepherd.

  10. A beautiful song I heard on YouTube has these lyrics:

    In the Light of Love we are whole
    In the Light of Love we are whole
    In the Light of Love, we heal and sing:
    Thy will be done,
    In the Light of Love.

    Here’s a link, the song starts at about 1 min 45 sec, before that is some Sanskrit singing, also lovely.

  11. Thanks, Ken, for your inspiring video. Also, Rose for “In the Light of Love.”
    My practitioner suggested i study this week’s Bible lesson as a treatment for
    Russia, the Ukraine, and Nato. I have gotten a lot out of this.

  12. Thank you very much Evan for this really important topic of your today`s SpiritView.
    It is interesting; until now I mainly prayed this line “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” for the world, specially as the spiritual interpretation by MBE is “enable us to know, – as in heaven, so on earth, – God is omnipotent, supreme.” For me that looked as if it is meant to pray for the world.
    But, as I now understand, after I read this SV a second time, Evan meant to know what God`s will might be for US, that we listen and follow His will and be blessed and healed.
    Regarding to the Sermon on the Mount I remember that Mrs. Eddy wrote that it would be enough to steadily live to this important sermon taught by Christ Jesus, that it contains all important advices for us to be obedient to God`s will and be happy.

    Yes Lori, and I found that all the last weekly Bible Lessons contained passages which could be applied to the Russia, Ukraine etc. situations.

    Thank you all here; there are so so many inspirational ideas today that I must read it all more than only one time and again tomorrow. Here it is nearly midnight now. Love and thanks to all !!!

  13. Just exactly what I needed to think about right now. Thanks for listening to what God is leading on timely matters to discuss.

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