Take possession of your body

April 29, 2022 | 16 comments

Would you like to do a better job of governing your body?

You can master the body by taking possession of your thoughts governing the body. You can retain good health by understanding divine Mind to be in control, rather than fear, belief, or disease.

I explain how in this video that was filmed at the Headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana, when my wife and I visited in August 2021.

16 thoughts on “Take possession of your body”

  1. When reading Barbara’s article the thought came to me. That as I lie in bed at night I accept the old thoughts I have slept with as a child and growing up. Therefore, waking in a not so happy frame of mind. These thoughts would occur throughout the night, If I woke I would acknowledge them and not God. Praise God, this is not truth divine mind is always here. Eyes closed or not.

    1. Gail I relate to what you said here. I’ve been working on exposing these errors in thought that seem to cause anxious thoughts and uncomfortable bodily sensations as I awaken in the morning. Agree with you that divine Mind is always here and active, eyes closed or not. What does it mean to wake up, to awaken? Spiritually it is rising to new heights, glorious new heights with God, so I can know that the early morning time can be a wonderful time.

  2. Loved the statement: “Let God be your thought-maker.” Such a perfect idea…as well as all the others. Thank you!

  3. In this week’s lesson S&H states: “Truth is an alterative in the entire system, and can make it ‘every whit whole.'” Yes, system applied to body, but why not also “political system” as we see the need to address divisiveness and rancor in our struggle to preserve our democratic system.

  4. “Let God be your thought-maker,” is what Evan said near the end of today’s video. Thank you for this powerful statement. And we can do this. Someone commented on SV recently that God is giving us ALL our thoughts. I love that truth.

    The enlarged quote from Mrs. Eddy on p.393 that was referenced is, “Take possession of your body and govern its feeling and action. Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate [weaken or diminish] the ability and power divinely bestowed on man.”

    We can refuse to acknowledge ANY power apart from God. Blessings to all here, and everywhere!

    1. Thank you Rose, for your comment. I agree very much with it and we must really learn to do what MBE says in SH p.393. We also can pray that God may help as actually we cannot do anything without God – as you write here “God is giving us ALL”, wonderful!
      Thank you dearly Evan for your today`s Vlog. I love to listen to your clear and healing metaphysical explanations!

  5. That was a wonderful video message. Not having been brought up in Christian Science, but yet in a loving home and church life, this message encourages strength of thought that is right for me. It is right for anyone to listen to true thoughts from God. Thank you

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