Time is not the issue when feeling pressed

July 11, 2019 | 22 comments

“I said I did not have time, but to what did I give the time, and was it a fair exchange?”

~ Muriel Strode

Are your moments filled with harmony, peace and feeling God in control? Or are they encroached with fear, worry and angst? Which is the worthy exchange…?

22 thoughts on “Time is not the issue when feeling pressed”

  1. Yes of course, we feel the constraints of time when we BELIEVE that we have a big “To do List” to attend to, with limited time. What we need to do is to change this BELIEF into a BETTER UNDERSTANDING that “Time is measured by the unfoldment of good”. We are not helpless mortals dealing with unlimited things alone and with less time on hand. We are capable of much more, when we understand our true identity as the children of God, with unlimited potential. It’s God who empowers us to achieve all good, complete all the umpteen jobs efficiently, promptly and with a lot of free time on hand. “On our own we can do nothing. It’s God who dwells within us, who does the works.”
    If you work with this correct UNDERSTANDING, you will be amazed at the amount of work you can complete in a short span of time, with enough time left for more.
    Thanks so much Evan for this wonderful reminder. “Eternity is the measure of time”

  2. Thank you Evan, what a important topic again today! And thank you Nergish, you also mention the Truth about this above theme so well!
    Just read the weekly lesson sermon. And when I read this in Micah 6:8 “Oh people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you; to do what is right, to love merci, and to walk humbly with your God!” I understand for me, that if one does everything with God will give us enough time and wisdom to do everything joyfully. And to transfer every doing into Spirit helps for harmonious and produktive doing just in the right time.
    Oh, how wonderful is Christian Science leading us the right way!

  3. Tonight a friend said, “Time is short..we aren’t getting any younger you know!” and he was about to send off an angry email letter to a TV channel about some corruption he had evidence of…so I said to him that if time is short we must make sure to use it with happiness not anger, as that makes time seem even shorter. It did stop him in his tracks a bit, but after hanging up I was reminded how every time I used to be anxious about being late for something or running out of time, my Mum (a very devoted CS) said “Don’t worry! We live in ETERNITY…not time!” She used to say this to me even when I was a teenager but now I truly understand the idea and often remind myself of it whenever I am tempted to feel “time poor”. I also love the statement by Mary Baker Eddy about time being measured in the unfoldment of good.

  4. Once when speaking to a practitioner about overwhelming demands on me, I mentioned that I just didn’t have enough time. She suggested that I replace “love” with “time”. From that point going forward, when I was tempted with the thought of “not enough time” my thought turned to , “do I have enough love?” This changed my perspective. Not overnight, but little by little things adjusted in my schedule and my responsibilities became more balanced.

    1. Ooo – I can play with this all day!!

      “Not right now, I don’t have “LOVE”.
      “Can you make some “LOVE” for this today?”
      “My. my, where did the “LOVE” go?”
      “Give it some “LOVE” – you’ll see”
      “What “LOVE” do you want me to be there?”
      Gotta run – out of “LOVE”…

      and I will go on!

      1. ideas just tumble forth, to use LOVE instead of “time”. Caught the gist, so forward with the application of LOVE! Thank you, Patty, for the outpouring of LOVE!!!

    2. Thank you Helen bad Patti, I will endeavour to use Love rather than time henceforth and . . . for-ever-Love ♡

      1. Thank you Helen and Patty, I will endeavour to use Love rather than time henceforth and . . . for-ever-Love ♡

  5. Just thinking further on this topic, “Time is not the issue”.. ok so what IS the issue? I think maybe if we understand God to be infinite then the issue must be that we are identifying ourselves as being limited mortals, separate from that infinite idea. But when we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and therefore in our right place, then time is not an “issue”. Many times I have been running late for church (and as I was First Reader and had a 55 km drive, that wasn’t a great idea!) but each time I realised I had somehow left the house much too late, I would spend that time in knowing that I am NOT affected by a limited human misunderstanding, that no matter what distance I had in front of me, it is NOTHING when I identify as a SPIRITUAL being doing good work. I would forget about transport and simply think about the non-existence of time, space, and physical place in God’s universe…and EVERY TIME “somehow” 😉 without speeding at all, I would halve the “time” it usually took to get to church!

  6. After hearing Dave Hohle’s inspiring CS lecture on time, I learned that Mrs. Eddy wrote that time is an illusion. Dave said that time is soft. We can expand time with thought. Two weeks later, I was running late for church. Normally, I allowed 10 minutes to get to church on time.
    This Sunday, I got into my car at 9:59 AM on my car clock – Yikes! I immediately prayed to expand time.
    Then I drove out the driveway. Going the speed limit of 25mph, midway to church, I again looked at the time in my car. It was 9:58!!! I was so exciting to see that time had moved backwards that I almost lost it. At 10:03, I arrived at church and walked in the door just at the start of the first hymn which is when I wanted to be there, I’ve been thinking that if it is this easy to expand time, why not expand wellness, compassion, peace, love, wisdom, and beauty in Life? Why not quiet the earth? We live in exciting times. Thank you, Evan.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I also love Dave Hohle’s lecture on time. And now, whenever I feel I am late getting somewhere, I always declare that “time is not a factor in my life!” And I am always on time!

  7. Thank you, when I tend to be late, I always know, that as God’s child I am at the right time in the right place and accomplish the right doings.

  8. One of my favorite statements from MBE is: “Eternity is God’s measurement of Soul-filled years.” It’s in her definition of YEAR. I love it because I think we live in eternity now, and the Soul-filled years are those with love, joy, peace, etc. The more we fill our thoughts with all that goodness and see it in our lives, the more we live in eternity right now.

  9. In the summer months there is a lot of road work and delays between me and the larger town near me. So I try to allow extra time. One day when I was running late it occurred to me that God is in charge of all things so is in charge of time. I arrived at the road work just as the line was leaving. After that I was confident that God is always in charge of time and every trip after that I wasn’t delayed. This has also proved true in my being more organized in following Gods ideas and directions and getting things done more efficiently when I listen.
    I love MBE statement that you gave us Daphne. It says it all beautifully.
    Great comments. Thanks all and of coarse dear Evan..

  10. Thank you Evan and everyone who commented. Not having enough time seems to be something I wrestle with often. I so appreciate all the good ideas shared today. (=

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