To be wise and healthy

March 19, 2024 | 20 comments

We must not attribute more and more intelligence to matter, but less and less, if we would be wise and healthy.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 62

If we believe matter gives us health, we unwittingly accept that matter can deprive us of health.

If we believe that the brain gives us intelligence and wisdom, we unwittingly accept that the brain can deprive us of intelligence and wisdom.

Be wise! Give credit where credit is due.

As Jesus Christ proved, God is the source of health and understanding. Through the power of God, Jesus restored sick bodies to health, and dead people to life, proving that health and being reside with Spirit, not with matter.

Matter cannot take away something that matter never gave.

20 thoughts on “To be wise and healthy”

  1. I find it helpful to to see the human experience as thought..
    Then I ask myself are my thoughts God like or mortal?
    The Christ will draw me to God through Christly thinking..
    Paul the apostle said let the Spirit not the flesh be represented in you..
    Matter is a thought not a thing. And, Christly thinking is the light of Love that destroys matter based fleshly thinking.

  2. Thank you for this
    If we understand the material world so called, to be thought, it makes understanding the healing power of good so much clearer. Even long standing claims. They are simply a non existent thought! Matter not real so any so called thought stemming from a belief in matter cannot be real either.

  3. Thank you so much Evan, always! Matter can not give health and matter can’t take it away. There is no matter in God‘s batter.

    1. There is no matter in God‘s batter. This is a first for me, the TRUTH, as well as a fun, concise, to the point, clear way of seeing what has always been true, proven, even at the early age of 2 years old, after spending every Sunday in the Christian Science nursery from the age of 3 months..
      The healing which I was told took place, having reached the age of 2 years, was almost cutting my left index finger off.
      NOPE, it was attached correctly, at the age of 2 years old, then as we returned from having it re-attached with stitches, OFF CAME THE “sock” placed over the hand and finger, and I’ve never stopped using it since. THANK GOD!

  4. The seasons of Spirit are like the shining of the world, changing thoughts
    of awakening that highlight and sweeten life.. like looking up through
    the rustling spring leaves to a peaceful sky… so soothing, relaxing, reassuring.
    Like birds gliding through heavenly places soaring above all of the
    seeming sense of matter, rising above the maze of mortal mind into
    the endless sky of blue. We are wrapped in the warm thoughts of Spirit
    that aid us in dealing with the attempts of matter that would darken our
    thinking. We are always at one with Love’s presence right now, everywhere,
    and are protected from anything that would try to interfere with our harmony.
    Thank you so much, Evan and all for helping to make this a reality with
    spiritual thinking and sharing. So appreciated.

  5. A much belated “Thank you Evan”, for your daily thought correcting ideas..

    I love these Sunday School quips that come so easily to thought, to help us in all our forever NOW moments,in keeping matter in it’s non existent place..
    do you remember…
    “a mustard seed is ever so small, but bigger than error, which is nothing at all”
    “All harmonious, no note wrong,
    God is singing, we’re His song”

    Thanks to all contributers too.

  6. From Hymn # 524 ..

    “Like a river that runs to the ocean, Like a ray reaching out from the sun,
    Like a branch and the tree, a drop and the sea, I and my Father are one.
    And may each of us claim it as truly As Jesus, who came as God’s Son,
    And may each of us know in the depths of our soul,
    I and my Father are one.
    One in beauty, one in truth, One in the asking , one in the proof,
    One in time and one in space, One in goodness that flows from God’s grace…
    Though our fears may estrange and divide us, May we seek to dissolve them through love.
    We are sister and brother, each bound to the other, One with our Father above.
    One in purpose, one in power, One in the Spirit, blessing each hour,
    One in kindness, one in peace, One in Mind that makes all trouble cease…
    I and my Father are one.

    1. Thank you, Maggie. It is a beautiful hymn and brings out how we are
      all united like branches on a tree, or water drops in the ocean, like rivers
      that run to the sea, and rays of the sun. Mind brings us together in one
      universal common bond of Spirit with Truth being our Life, our Soul, our
      Principle and our Love.

      1. Thank you very much Carol, for that comforting and healing hymn 524!
        It`s so very beautiful, this ONENESS in the great I AM. 🙂

  7. “Matter cannot take away something that matter never gave.” Thank you Evan. So important for me (for all of us) to really understand and internalize the meaning of this. Our entire identity is an idea, a good idea, God’s idea -whole, joyful, harmonious. What can matter possibly have to do with that? Nothing. Happily the topic of this week’s Bible Lesson is matter. Warm greetings to everyone here.

  8. Thank you for this beautiful idea!! It’s such a wonderful life when we remember we are continuously spiritual and blessed!!

  9. Thank you very much, dear Evan, that you let us think about our real, spiritual source which is not matter and brain, but rather our loving Father-Mother God!
    Just came across this passage in Science and Health on p. 259: 22-30
    “Mortal thought transmits it’s own Images, and forms it’s offspring after human Illusion. God , Spirit works spiritually, not materially. Brain or matter never form a human concept. Immortal ideas, pure, perfect and enduring, are transmitted by the divine Mind through divine Science, which corrects error with truth and demands spiritual thoughts, divine concepts, to the end that they may produce harmonious results.”
    I think this SH passage ads some clarity to Evan’s today’s SpiritView.

    Thank you all for your very interesting and inspiring comments, dear friends!

  10. I am finding that statement by Mrs. Eddy really helpful in directing my prayers for the world, in particular, the royal family. I am working to understand the powerlessness of other’s belief, or trust in, alternative methods of healing, effecting our own trust. It is truly awakening!

    Thank you everyone!

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