Know your worth

March 20, 2024 | 27 comments

When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.

~ Unknown

God created us for a reason. We all have worth. It helps to know what God knows.

27 thoughts on “Know your worth”

  1. I love this because it also helps us to see not just our own worth, but also the worth in everyone else as well. Thank you!

    1. I so agree Nancy! For if God loves just one of us He/She must Love everyone. And we know the answer to that one…..who could possibly be left out ( or be worthless ) of All!

      Article extract…Where we always belong by Lorena Snorek from the Sentinel

      When we seek to deepen our understanding of our inseparable oneness with God, we experience peace and contentment. We gain the vitality and joy that come from knowing we live right now in the kingdom of heaven, where we always belong. This knowing of our inseparability from divine Love brings out more of the truth of our identity as the reflection or idea of God, infinite Mind. It keeps us from falling for the appearance of acceptance, affection, and belonging based on a tenuous foundation of trying to get approval from others or to fit in. Any fear or apprehension about what others think of us is a baseless distraction from the fullness of what divine Love is revealing to us each moment. We have confidence in our connectedness when we know the one true source of all.  

      Thank you Evan . Blessings to all❣️

        1. Thank you, Evan, and thank you, Barbara and Jean. The article quotes Mrs Eddy’s “No and Yes” pg 39:

          “True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection.”

          That’s the second time in the last 12 hours I’ve heard that page referenced. A CS lecturer reference this page yesterday evening at a lecture prep meeting. I guess I better go read that page (and pg 38 too) !

  2. Thanks Evan, just what I needed and thank you Barbara for referencing the article- just what I needed today.
    Blessings to all.

  3. “It helps to know what God Knows,” says Evan. Yes indeed, for truly that is all we can ever know, what our Father-Mother one Mind knows about us and everyone. Our priceless worth to God,. Thank you.

  4. The relevance of this topic this morning is so appreciated! Thank you so much,
    Evan and All!
    I woke with a feeling of so much bullying, unfairness and unkindness and untruths
    in the world of so many who only want(ed) to do good for others.
    Good vs evil .. and it appeared in so many ways in this mortal world that evil is
    winning. That’s what mortal mind presented itself with all of it’s insistence of
    believing this morning… but
    the spiritual Truth shared here puts things back in perspective of what is Really
    the Truth where Love is the most special and worthy, regardless what the material
    limitations seem to be. When we awake to the Truth of our and everyone’s spiritual
    reflection of God, the bullies’ lies can not be promoted or accepted or given power to.
    Wanting to express ourselves and our spiritual worth, without being shackled with
    mortal restrictions is really possible only through Love’s awareness and ever presence
    and that warm embrace of our and everyone’s divine being and expression as a child
    of God, which brings to thought each and every right idea and declaration of our True

    1. Angel, I love your response as a way to pray for so many news items we see in The Christian Science Monitor. Thank you and blessed day to all!

      1. Yes, Carolyne … Sadly there are so many biases/opinions that are
        thrown out there which do not reflect the Truth. The Real Truth Does
        eventually come out – it Always does – but sometimes it seems folks
        seem to be persecuted, as was Jesus, for trying to do good, what is
        right, but not recognized or appreciated for their innate benevolence
        and altruism for humanity. Sometimes it seems where lies repeated
        often enough sometimes make them Appear to be the truth.
        The Good vs evil that can be cunningly disguised in various ways,
        either intentionally or not , all needs to be exposed and realized for
        what it is. mortal mind tries to influence us in so many misleading
        directions and we need to be aware of sometimes the “wolf in sheep’s
        clothing”. mm can try to be very sneaky.

  5. A few thoughts on our true God-given worth that I have come across that we can
    apply to ourselves as spiritual reflections … and would like to share.. (not sure who
    the authors of them are/were):

    ” When you know your worth, you feel great about yourself, without anyone
    else’s approval.”

    “Your progress does not need to be seen or validated by other people”

    “Once you realize your worth, you tolerate less and require more”

    As Evan so correctly states above, “God created us for a reason. We all have
    worth. It helps to know what God knows.” Amen! : )

    1. Carol thank you, this one jumped out at me:

      “Your progress does not have to be seen or validated by another person.”

      I immediately thought of someone in my family (who married into my family) whose approval I seem to have been seeking for many years. The person was critical and disapproving of me since I was a child. I have very little contact with them anymore but surprisingly catch myself at times in an imaginary mental conversation with them, still trying to prove that I’m “OK” and have worth. So that statement above was healing for me to read. My worth and “Ok-ness” comes from being the always expression of my God who loves and approves of me.

      1. Awww… how endearing you are to all of us, dear Rose! Your worth is much more
        than just “OK” … It is Beautiful and a Perfect expression of God! God Loves each of us with
        the same gentle caring that warms our being and your delightful qualities, dear Rose, always shine through.

        1. Thank you for your very welcome and lovely words dear Carol, I appreciate your warm and kind thoughts.

        2. Just stating the truth, Rose, but thank you. You and each and every one
          of us are so special to God/Love.
          Imagine…how worthy one would feel if on the beach and discovered
          mail in a bottle and that discovery was the resolution to World Ppeace.
          How important and loved would one be, by all those who love Peace.
          Isn’t it wonderful, really, that we Are Truly Loved And That Special in
          the way that God sees us. Our thoughts are divine and can be shared
          in many different ways.

  6. Thank you, Evan and all! Great comments today. Yes, we all have individual spiritual worth and we CAN know this!

    Love to all,

  7. My worth comes entirely from Gen 1:31, where God saw everything He had made, and behold it was “very good”. (which includes me). My worth does not come from anything I have ever done or not done humanly.

  8. The humbleness in your comment is wonderful, Anonymous. Thank you for sharing that.
    It is actually true of each and every one of us! It reminds me of –

    “Every day courage has few witnesses But yours is no less noble because no drum beats
    for you and no crowds shout your name. ” – Robert Louis Stevenson

  9. Thank you very much, dear Evan for your today ‘s uplifting SpiritView. It meets totally my needs.

    I agree totally with Anonymous!
    Our real and only, however abundant worth is how God created us, namely perfect and to God’s image and likeness. And HE created us very very good with all the precious divine qualities with which we express God as His witness and to His glory ! That is the purpose to which God made us and every creature!

    1. Such an overrichness of inspiration and love this SpiritView Forum is! Thank you all very dearly, dear commentators here! It’s food for God’s day, and afterwords studying the lesson sermon strengthens me and lets me trust in God’s presents and guidance!
      – Love to all –

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