Eat up your spiritual food

March 21, 2024 | 22 comments

Do you worry about what you eat? If so, be sure that your diet includes a healthy intake of spiritual food. Nourishment received from Spirit always has the best effect.

As Jesus Christ taught, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4, NLT). As God’s children, we have a spiritual individuality which is nourished and sustained by Spirit. It’s important that we honor this truth by nourishing spiritual ideas and keeping thought in a heavenly place.

No combination of physical foods will ever compensate for a healthy spiritual diet of truth and love.

Eat well. Nourish spiritual truth. It’s the best diet you could ever have.

22 thoughts on “Eat up your spiritual food”

    1. Thanks for referring us to this very helpful interview. When we start adding more of this and subtracting that we are upsetting the natural balance of each food , so that would also seem to upset the balance in our thinking, in our bodies, in our world..
      “Whatsoever God doeth it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it.” (Eccl. 3:14)

  1. Thank you Maddie. i will read later.

    . Here is a poem that comes to mind.

    Losing weight
    Jill Gooding
    This year I’m going on a diet!
    In prayer and humility
    I’m going to reject those enticing spoonfuls of
    refuse to partake in bouts of

    my diet includes
    unlimited amounts of
    quiet patience,
    true compassion,
    bubbling joy,
    deep understanding,
    unending forgiveness,
    unconditional love.
    These can be taken at any time of the day
    in quantities that are as large as possible!

    I’m going to exercise, too!—
    my God-given authority—
    to see, feel, and act rightly.
    Not just a ten-minute exercise,
    but continuously, hourly, every minute—
    a moment-by-moment mental
    s t r e t c h i n g—
    each day more than I did the
    day before.

    In this way
    the true outline,
    the embodiment
    of elegant balance,
    perfect proportion,
    the Soul-filled harmony
    of God’s being,
    will be seen

    1. Thank you for the lovely poem. iIt is very helpful,a wonderful reminder of what is real, true and, definitely fulfilling!

    2. The poem is lovely, Maggie! Thank you. The message today and
      graphic/art is perfect. : ) Our daily bread – on the same page, of getting
      our nourishment and nurture from spiritual food. In absorbing all of
      the Truth from the rising inspiration of the books, we get our sustainability
      from, the qualities of Spirit which never expire as material ingredients
      such as yeast and other “mortal” food does. The Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s
      writings are as as fresh and fulfilling today as they were so many years ago
      when they were written, making them timeless.

  2. Maggie, thanks for the link to Evan’s talk. I started to listen, then noticed it is over an hour long. So, I will have to listen later.
    Maddie, thanks for the poem which was very thoughtful.
    When I think about diet I remember what Jesus said that it was what comes out the mouth that defileth, not what does into it.

  3. What a wonderful feast of spiritual thought today! (thank you, Evan). After listening
    to the very enlightening chat (thank you for the link, Maddie), reading the sweet poem
    (thank you, Maggie) and digesting all of the enriching thoughts (thank you all).. the
    feeling of deep satisfaction sure is filled with comfort food.
    Mrs. Eddy writes in S & H pg. 170, “The demands of Truth are spiritual, and reach
    the body through Mind. The best interpreter of man’s needs said: ‘Take no thought
    for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink'”. Evan’s chat certainly
    reinforces this idea, adding that we should have a diet of Truth, not of fear… asking
    ourselves, what does God see in us? …. striving to have the “immortal” being, being
    fulfilled with qualities of Love, contentment…. from the bread of Truth and Love.
    There is so much food for thought today, revealing the Truth of Delicious freedom
    from anything that would detract from our spiritual being

  4. Oh how blessed we are to have Spirit View! How many times the subject is just what I need ?…I just couldn’t count. One Mind is caring for us all. Thank you for the link today Maddie and the beautiful poem Maggie. I feel like those ‘everlasting arms’ are truly extended❣️

    1. Thank you Christine, this was a very good article about how the author was healed of the fear of food and of the belief that food (matter) can harm or heal us. I have certainly struggled with these kinds of beliefs at times over the years so it was good to ponder the higher, truer perspective.

  5. Thank you Evan, Maddie, and Maggie. Food for thought that is so energizing to the mind, and so sweet to the soul.

  6. Thank you Even for your wonderful blog – it’s no coincidence to see this as earlier today my daughter and I were discussing a belief of an eating disorder in the family – and thank you to you all for you lovely helpful comments – Divine Love certainly meeting a human need and providing a sumptuous meal of Truth

  7. There’s a hymn line “Fill us today with all Thou art”. I pray this every day. And don’t let thoughts be “filled with mortal error”.

  8. I am very very grateful to Maddie for the link to the one hour Talk with Evan about spiritual Food! It is a pure and powerful treatment Evan gives us with that interview or talk. It helped me very much, and I could intensively listen without that my thoughts wander away or so. Dear Evan, I thank you very very much for that metaphysically very clear and healing talk about the only food which keeps is healthy is spiritual food, spiritual mindedness. O, it is so well to understand and blessing what you say. I would recommend that everybody here listens to this delightful talk by Evan!

    Some days ago I wanted to save butter in that I still already used older butter in the pan. I fried potatoes therein, but the fat tastend very old and I did not want anymore to eat the rest of the potatoes. The thought that it might be poisonous tried to get hold of my thinking, but immediately the Bible verse came to Mind that “any socalled poisonous drinking or eating cannot harm us”. Than I did no more think about it. Now what Evan said in his wonderful talk, that we are totally spiritual loved children of God, who feeds us rightly, I trust the truth that nothing can harm our spiritual individuality as perfect expression of our Father-Mother God!!
    Thanks to all for your wonderful inspirations!!

    1. It is great, dear Uta, that you listened to Evan’s chat without wandering thought
      away. I know that sometimes with very intense metaphysics, it can be easily tempting
      to drift off from what might seem difficult to understand or focus on. The questions
      were very well answered in easy to grasp answers, making the conversation flow.
      I’m also glad that you were okay and “nourished with spiritual ideas” (Evan – above)
      with the demonstration you shared with us.
      It seems the world is always bombarding us with ads to eat this or don’t eat that. I
      found it interesting that (I think it was) the first food pyramid was designed and
      promoted by industry itself, which seems to be the way with most things these days,
      who have the most to gain, making it even more so, preferable, to think spiritually
      with things.

      1. Thanks Angel for your comment! Yes, you know, in church when listening to the reading, sometimes my thoughts drifted off to “what do I do this nice afternoon…”
        But Evan’s replies where so very good and well to grasp, as you said. After that hour I was well fed spiritually.
        Today I was shopping. Often I ask God for guidance not to buy items I don’t really need, also to save money.
        I am very grateful to understand CS much better today. God’s guidance is perfect!

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