Conquer fear by trusting wisdom

March 22, 2024 | 28 comments

Have you ever had an opportunity to do something grand flow your way, but fear held you back from taking advantage of the opportunity?

In this video, I share ideas on how to how to conquer that fear and move ahead with success.

This vlog was filmed on the North Shore of Oahu, when my wife and I visited the area in February, 2024.

28 thoughts on “Conquer fear by trusting wisdom”

  1. Brilliant message Evan…and in a such beautiful..if challenging…place . It’s great to see another vlog from you, always looking at how Gods work is influencing us….we just have to listen and trust❣️

  2. Thank you so much for this reassuring message so beautifully illustrated by those fearless surfers .YES, God has made us capable of being fearless ..

  3. Thank you for this timely message as I was just informed by a distant family member of my needed participation. I had been afraid to do so previously (anticipated many months ago), but your message now spurs me on to not be afraid and ‘Trust and Listen to God’ who will lead me through the way (what to do, say, etc.), because I had no idea how to move forward. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. Oh, Evan – your vlog today and scenery are so awesome. The ocean
    with it’s waves of endless beauty are so heavenly. What a perfect place
    to share with us your always inspiring message! Thank you so much for
    taking us along on your wonderful trip to Oahu.
    Sometimes in doing so unselfishly for others, we do things we’ve never
    done before or never enjoyed, because it didn’t really matter, but with
    Love, is easier and pleasantly rewarding. Sharing something like you did
    with Kathy is so lovely for you both and sharing it with us, even better,
    so again, Thank you!

  5. Thank you, Evan! Your post reminded me when my husband gifted me a skydiving jump. I hadn’t asked for it, and I immediately became nervous and anxious. No date was set but the day after I had my association day (a full day spent with other Christian Scientists listening to a speaker about God and the things of the spirit), that morning my husband said there was an opening that day. My thought was so uplifted by all that I had heard and pondered from the previous day that I was not fearful at all. The entire experience was joyful and calm and beautiful. In fact, I shared a healing with my jump instructor and talked about spiritual topics all the way up in the plane as we climbed to 10k feet. I was in awe and still recall that peaceful feeling throughout this beautiful experience. (And btw, we have adult children so I am no “spring chicken”!)

  6. Watching the video and listening to the inspiring message I asked myself what is the one thing these surfers have in common? PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Also inspiring is watching a husband and wife working together expressing Love and sharing it with the rest of us…such a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you both.

  7. Dear L, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience. What a wonderful demonstration of God’s presence in your life. Much love to you (and your husband for his thoughtfulness).

  8. Yes, I have bypassed opportunities because of fear. I am learning that God can be trusted if I listen for His guidance, even though trusting is hard for me. Thank you, Evan and all.

  9. makes me think of studying the Spiritual Forecast..
    God, Mind-fulness
    For-cast-ing Divine ideas ….
    can weather any storm…
    Thank you friends,

  10. Evan what a treat! I was just thinking yesterday that we haven’t had a video blog from your various travels in a while. I missed seeing them, and here is one today.

    About 6 months ago I decided to do a zip line experience that crosses over a river, part of a large zoo and nature center in my area. It was something I had wanted to do for a while but never went ahead with it, mainly out of fear, it just didn’t seem doable to limited mortal sense. A friend agree to join me, I made the reservation. I had of course been praying to know that all would be harmonious as I put the situation into God’s care. I was excited but still felt anxiety in the days leading up to it. The day before the event I was on the bus, riding home from work and still feeling anxious, human outlining, overthinking the logistics, details, would I “chicken out” etc. Not a fun feeling, this was supposed to be fun! Suddenly I realized my prayer had included only the time period of the event itself. But God was on-the-job with me right now and would continue to be, right through to the conclusion of the adventure. I didn’t have to limit His involvement to a certain period of time. I saw that in the Mind of God the adventure/experience had already begun and was actually already completed, so I had the right to feel the peace of that NOW, I didn’t have to wait until tomorrow. I completely calmed down and felt confident and excited and a sense of joy. The next day my friend was not feeling well but she wanted to honor her commitment to me. We went ahead and it was just splendid. I felt free and joyous, in the harness, zipping over that river, through the trees and then back to the other side. In fact I wished it lasted longer. My friend enjoyed it too. That was a lesson in not letting mortal mind limit my idea of God, infinite and unlimited and worthy of our Trust.

  11. The backdrop of this lovely setting is so filled with God’s beauty!
    There have been many times in my life where I’ve had to make decisions
    and it has not always been easy. I have found that mortal mind can sometimes
    try to get us to second guess our decision after we’ve made it… like are you Sure
    you want to do this or that? A lot of times, the decision seemed so right, but this
    nagging little false intimidation – fear- that would try to persuade to do otherwise
    can try to wrestle with our thinking. Most of the time, looking back, we are glad to
    have made the original and right choice and not be influenced by mm.

    “Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  12. Wonderfull dear Evan! You give me comfort and courage with this Vlog! Yes the Wisdom of our dear God guides us with fearless certainty. Am praying to know that better and better. I am very very grateful for Christian Science and the church, which is the healing Christ in action! 🙂

      1. The seashore really is spectacular, isn’t it, dear Uta. Oahu is one of the islands in
        the state of Hawaii – part of the US states, in the Pacific Ocean. It sure looks like
        heaven…God’s truly oasis of beauty… Spirit/Soul to the exponential degree.

        1. Thank you dear Carol! ♡
          There Evan really chose a heavenly part of the US for his and Kathy’s holiday!

    1. Yes thank you Uta for: « The healing Christ in action »,
      The manifestation of God, Like the rays of the Sun which reach every Soul’s expressions. There is nothing else
      Although the lying mortal picture try to steal our sweet moments of our life’s.

  13. This takes me back to a sunny day at the beach when I was a teen. . . .The waves of the Atlantic were crashing and and I was enjoying practicing in my imagination for a Carolina Rice commercial, singing at the top of my lungs. As a huge wave bore down in my direction I had planned to leap up into the curve of the wave and come out on top. . . . . . .Suddenly, a strong arm grabbed me and pulled me up on the shore. My sister’s boyfriend was panting in exertion feeling relieved he had saved me. . . . .I thought to myself, “Saved me? You ruined my commercial!!!” Christian Science has brought back that fearless feeling for me, without the foolishness or danger involved. I am so thankful for the privilege of studying Mrs. Eddy’s discovery.. Thank you for today’s video.

    1. That is a great story, Rhondda. LOL – The ocean can be very powerful. I have not
      seen it that many times, but each time was a real treat. Aside from the beauty of the
      endless water/waves, the creatures God has created are so special, too. I have
      many shells, some given to me when I was a child, that last indefinitely with their
      timeless beauty.

  14. Azure waves
    Of beauty blue
    Surfers swirl
    Into Eternity’s view

    Heaven sent
    In paradise surround
    God’s creation
    Of Spirit abound

    Palm trees sway
    In tropical air
    Thank you for sharing,
    As if we were there.

    : )

  15. In watching such an inspiring and lovely vlog, I couldn’t help but envision all
    of the wonderful qualities of Spirit and Soul that the ocean embodies.
    The motion of perpetual energy, teeming with life within – dolphins leaping/
    joyful/free, the schools of fish in harmony with each other … seals, whales,
    sea turtles – all choreographed in Love’s peacefulness. The continuity of the
    waves coming in with eternity, tranquil. Life being expressed in heavenly,
    endless being – timeless, ageless, constant expression of One… One Mind,
    ceaseless Life, Truth and Love. Such a beautiful underwater world that God
    has created!

  16. Delightful and beautiful ocean, surfers, and all the inspiring posts. Thanks so much Evan, I am happy to be able to enjoy the Vlog and ocean waves. I do miss not being near the ocean, but I also enjoy my country life in the Great Plains, especially when the wheat turns golden and the winds blow across the fields as it bends the wheat grass and ripples it like the ocean. How blessed we all are.

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