Tune into divine Mind and find healing

July 13, 2023 | 25 comments

If you ever feel overwhelmed by demoralized, depressed, negative thinking, it can help to remember that you have spiritual sense that readily identifies with uplifting positive healing spiritual truth.

God created you spiritually minded!

Wrong thinking is not native to you. It’s not normal, natural, or imperative. It’s foreign, alien. It is an error state of mind that dissolves in the presence of the divine Mind.

You have the Mind of God feeding you angel thoughts of Truth and Love that serve to inspire, help and heal.

Truth is like light piercing darkness. It is seen. Its voice is heard! The darkness cannot resist it.

God loves you and gives you what you need to triumph over evil and flourish.

Tune into the Mind of God today and hear what God is speaking to you. It will meet the need of the moment.

25 thoughts on “Tune into divine Mind and find healing”

  1. Thank you very much dear Evan for this comforting and healing SpiritView!
    “God created me spiritually minded! Wrong thinking is not native to me. It`s an error state of mind that dissolves in the presence of the divine Mind!” Wow, I need this absolute Truth very much this morning! I am grateful for this new day given me by God in order to listen and follow God`s loving and healing guidance!

  2. This immediately came to thought regarding this topic. KI am glad to be reminded of it.

    The cross | page 265
    ● ● ●  assuaged my mother’s grief, lifting her to a higher recognition of Life[. T]hen turning to me, she asked if I had any questions. “Yes,” I replied, “I would like to know how you heal the sick.” Leaning back in her chair she smilingly said, “I will tell you. I heal the same way today as I did when I commenced. My original way was instantaneous. The students did not understand any more than an English scholar could understand a foreign language without learning it. They therefore put it into their language. The argument used in healing is simply tuning-up. If your violin is in tune, it is unnecessary to tune it up. Keep your violin in tune.” This last sentence was repeated quite imperatively and much emphasized.

    No matter what the world threw at her feet—disease, storms, insanity, death, or a legal attack that threatened everything she had worked to establish—Mary Baker Eddy treated them all as occasions for healing. To her they were opportunities to show the world that God is an ever-present Father-Mother, an unfailing Physician, and a perfect Judge.

    19. Lady Victoria Murray reminiscences.

  3. So comforting, so encouraging… so “simple”! Evan, while most of us who read your SpiritView posts don’t comment, please know how much they are taken in, and how immensely grateful we are for them!

  4. I love this thought Evan, especially “You have the Mind of God feeding you angel thoughts of Truth and Love that serve to inspire, help and heal”
    Sometimes we know what we “should” be thinking and because we may know that quote from S& H so well. …but it can just feel like repeating a mantra at times. Last night I had several physical problems after a wisdom tooth extraction. I tried saying the Scientific Statement of Being but suddenly it felt too automatic and I realised I needed to know it FRESHLY but that God would give me a fresh angel thought and a relevant way to understand it more deeply. So, as I lay in bed a new interpretation came to me very quickly as I “re-wrote” it in my thoughts, but now it felt different I could feel that it was now working for me and I went back to sleep (after a couple of hours of prayer and deep thought)…2 hours later I woke up absolutely free of all the problems, none of which had improved at all for about 20 hours previously. I was very grateful for the fresh ideas that I knew were right there for me as the immediate manifestation of the ONE MIND that includes me and everyone else.

    1. Diane, great job of “tuning in” to receive your tailor-made inspiration from God to address the need of the moment, thank you for sharing it!

  5. Thank you so much for this topic today, Evan. I very much am in
    need of it as I am still without water this morning and feeling a bit
    overwhelmed. The thought came to call my neighbor next door,
    who gave me a recommendation of a reliable plumber they use.
    After researching online, I am hoping it is something, simple …
    maybe because of the extensive amount of rain we’ve had all at
    one time. I will keep these helpful thoughts in dealing with this
    issue and pray it is something that can be fixed easily and
    inexpensively. Divine Mind guided me to call for a recommendation,
    so I will keep in tuned to what Mind directs.

  6. I remember many years ago going to a lecture by Ginny Leudeman in
    which she explained that just like when we tune in a radio, we have
    to tune out any static – all the extraneous squeaks and buzzes which
    interfere with the pure sound we need in order to receive the music or
    the words we want to hear. So we have to do that mentally when we
    want to tune into God in prayer and hear what He is conveying to us
    Apparently, there are a lot of thoughts and opinions and sounds buzzing
    around us all the time, which we are not really aware of, but we need to
    really make sure that our thoughts are still and cleared of these interruptions,
    that we may become receptive to what we need to hear clearly from God.
    (I don’t quite know whether I am explaining this very well. – Perhaps
    someone else more technical than me can explain it more clearly.)

  7. When I read the title of our topic, Tune into Divine Mind, I thought of something from a lecture by CS practitioner Phillip Hockley. He said that radio waves were passing through the room at all times, but they were invisible materially so it was hard to convince people they were really there. Then he held up a small radio and turned it on and suddenly we heard the sounds of the radio broadcast, thus proving the waves were there all along. He said it’s the same with hearing from God. The communication is always coming to us, but we need to tune in our radio (consciousness, awareness) to hear it. He also said we all have the ability to tune in and he quoted from S&H, “Spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity to understand God.”

    Happy day all.

    1. Thank you Rose – that sounds exactly like the lecture I attended by Ginny Leudeman,
      as I tried to explain above. I fond it inspiring and instructive.

    2. Great thought! Thanks for reminding us! Id heard that lecture of Phillip’s several times but had forgotten that part.

  8. Diane, thank you for sharing your beautiful healing experience, which so clearly validates how Truth prevails. When we find ourselves grappling with mortal mind’s malicious attacks, it can sometimes seem like our attempts to find mental clarity and feel God’s presence are feeble at best. This is where we can be unwavering in our trust of God’s all embracing Love for us,- yield to the purity and goodness of Divine Mind, and realize the healing solutions that are always present.

    In a current Sentinel Watch broadcast, Christian Science practitioner Deborah Packer shares two impressive healings that demonstrate the naturalness, heavenly assurance, and the immense power of spiritual sense. I believe this podcast will be available at the following number until July 16th, (323) 805-8700.

    Deepest heartfelt gratitude to you dear Evan for another confidence boosting post! Spiritview is a constant source of inspiration, strength, supportive ideas, and spiritual fellowship.. Love and blessings to all contributors!

  9. Great comments!!Thank you all.
    This discussion points out that we MUST
    start with the correct foundation. we must begin rightly…beginning with God — His/Her allness, oneness, ever presence,…and man as Her/His creation having that spiritual identity which is our being. in other words, looking “out from “not “up to . ” Thank you Evan for helping us remain tuned in to Spirit and man’s spiritual identity as God is unfolding iit…
    His/Her continuous cycle of transformation.

  10. This beautifully ties in with two days Daily Lift. Check it out!
    Much gratitude to Evan and to all who have responded.

  11. Thankfully the recommended plumber came about 15 minutes
    after I called him. It turns out I need a new pump which he will order
    and install first thing tomorrow morning. He said it was very old.
    One thing that I was guided to do (having been thinking harmonious
    Mind thoughts) .. was to check the dog gate which was left open,
    which was a bles sing I(Mind) thought of after he left, or that would
    not be good at all, with the road being so close and busy. It is an
    expense I could have done without, but these challenges make us
    appreciate God’s supply even more.

    1. Thank you Carol for your wonderful demonstration! God was always with you developing the right harmonious solution!

  12. The maintenance article was very comforting .. J , as well as Evan’s
    vlog to see again. Thank you a lot for sharing them with us. I love
    where in Elaina’s article, she writes,
    “God maintains our health, joy, harmony, peace and even our
    understanding of the abundance of all good.”
    As I reflected on the sort of shock of needing a new pump, I
    am actually very grateful that it lasted as long as it did and it
    extended it’s time … overtime, really, as the house inspector
    had mentioned it appeared rather old and that was now years
    ago. Being it is a jet pump located in the ground, it was an easy
    time to have it go, being there wasn’t snow and ice impeding
    the cover and pleasant weather to install the new one in. So,
    I have turned what seemed to be an annoying challenge, into
    an experience of gratitude. I am also grateful that my neighbors
    were so helpful and that the plumber was so prompt, with that
    being a concern initially and to find someone who is reputable.

      1. Thank you, J . The thoughts and articles shared here
        really help me keep it together … (mostly) : )
        The spiritual support is so precious to me and
        reminders of God-given Love and ideas, immeasurable.

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