Put God first

July 14, 2023 | 19 comments


When you put God first in your life, you’ll experience God putting you first in His Life.

19 thoughts on “Put God first”

  1. Thank you for your timely reminder how to start my day Evan. Putting God first is the right basis for all our thoughts and subsequent actions. SpiritView is for me a daily Testimony meeting of blessing and sharing.

  2. Thank you Evan for reminding us to always keep God first in our lives. As this week’s Bible Lesson states “”The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.” Psalms 121:8
    God is always with us and we can always trust that His/Her presence will never leave us.

  3. Thank you Evan. This is very true for me. I always say, what God does not see, I cannot see, and what God does not know I do not know. With this I always end up having good results. But, I had not understood that doing so, makes God put me first in His Life. I am happy to know this. I thank God for being a participant in S.V.

    1. Thank you, Grace, for the expansion of my thought on the All=knowing, All-seeing God. I always know that as the child of God, the all-knowing, I know what I need to know when I need to know it. etc. I had not followed it with your statement: “what God does NOT see, I cannot see, and what God does NOT know I do not know.” I love it when a new thought expands my view. I am so grateful for the SpiritView and for Evan’s posts and the contributions of the followers. Happy weekend all.

  4. Thanks Evan for reminding us to keep God first in our life. Affirming His presence all the time with us provides every divine help at our hand.

  5. Thank you, Evan, for this wonderfully inspired reminder. And thank you for your contribution to The Christian Science Monitor’s Perspective column in yesterday’s paper: “Finding the deep peace of God.”

  6. “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.”
    James 4;8

    My go-to reminder when the suggestion of fear tries to knock on the door of thought.

    Thank you, Evan, for your daily Spiritview.

    1. Thanks Jane, that scripture is the perfect complement to today’s message. I’ve also heard it said that when we take just one step toward God He takes a thousand steps toward us. Though saying we need to take steps and God takes steps can sound like there is some separation, which of course in reality there is no separation between God and His child.. I guess it’s more that when we turn our attention and awareness toward Truth, even just a little, we begin to see it rushing in and know it was always there.

      Also regarding Put God First, I thought of the Golden Text of this week’s Bible lesson on Life. “…let the God of my salvation be exalted.” Meaning we exalt God and His saving good above all other things that would try to pull our attention away.

  7. After putting God first, this morning, and after some challenges
    that all worked out, thankfully … with the installation of the new
    water pump, where impending thunderstorms were a big issue,
    (which didn’t materialize) as well as issues with the power, my
    having to manually turn off and reset the generator and their not
    being able to shut the power off to the pump unless all power
    was off in the house and a few other stumbling blocks along
    the way … Yay! Success and it is installed. God is Good and I
    kept knowing each obstacle would be solved and eventually
    it was. (The thunderstorms dissipating was a real biggee as they
    had to install the pump outside in the underground pit, so
    we were all very grateful for that.)

  8. If I ever feel apart from Gods presence , I ask myself ..Who Moved!
    This always opens the door to a change in my thought .

    1. Lovely, BarbaraUK! God’s presence, Life and Love
      is always with us
      Like a sunshine ray,
      Shining in abode to delight
      Peaceful in heavenly light …

      Two quotes I came across:
      “The secret of a happy life
      is giving God the first part of your day,
      The first priority to every decision and the
      first place in your heart” .. and
      “Let your love for God
      change the world
      but never let the world
      change your love for God”

    1. Thank you very very much for all 3 articles dear “J”!!! I needed the truths in these articles very much, and they were very helpful.
      It’s most important to let go and let only God! I always loved the Bible verse …to put God first and all other things needed will be given into you as God knows what we have need of before we ask Him .. So in that sense!

      Thank you very much indeed dear Evan for this very important reminder to put God first in our life, and continuing … we will experience God putting us first in His Life! Wow, is that very lovingly promised!!!♡

      I am deeply grateful for this very inspiring SpiritView Blog, as well!♡

  9. These three articles are very inspiring, J , Thank you. Such helpful
    thoughts. At the risk of boring even more about my water pump
    experience, with them coming very early and having the power shut
    off most the entire time they were here, (and to help them with this
    and that), gave me the opportunity to quietly read and pray and
    reflect on the challenges I could hear them facing, with spiritual
    thoughts each obstacle presented. The one gentleman actually
    said he had gotten zapped, so am very grateful he was okay…where
    they Thought they had shut off the power, but it wasn’t. We were
    all so very grateful he was alright.
    Another good thing was the extensive rain we’ve had and a little
    seepage had crept into the basement right up to where they needed
    to work, but that space was dry. Their boss, who came to help solve
    the challenges, told me he had just come from a basement that had
    water up past his knees. I am very grateful that with the flooding in
    the area, there was just a little bit that seeped in. Yet another example
    of God’s protection and loving care.

    1. Carol, I am so grateful that your experience with the material parts of the water pump were taken care of so well. I expected that, since, from the beginning, you DID put God first and kept Him there. That opened the door for you to hear His encouragement and direction throughout. Isn’t it wonderful, we have such books/resources to rely on when we have the chance and the need.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts during this time. They are helpful for anyone facing challenges.

      Enjoy all that God is sending you.

      1. I am so thankful for your comment, Pat W! Sometimes I think
        perhaps the trite, mundane situations we find ourselves in, may
        be inconsequential to others and don’t mean to monopolize the
        space to tell about what is going on … but life/Life Is an ongoing
        testimony of challenges and experiences, that Do provide proof
        of God’s presence and guidance always. Putting God first in these
        instances that occur is of spiritual relevance.

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