Two very good questions

September 12, 2019 | 17 comments

“Why be anything other than good? Why do anything other than love?”

~ Johnathan Dahl

17 thoughts on “Two very good questions”

  1. In my experience those who aren’t good people are that way because they believe themselves to be always right and the authority on everything so arent open to correcting themselves (either internally or by their family and friends) and then I remember what Mary Baker Eddy says, ” Mortal mind is ignorant of self, or it could never be self-deceived. If mortal mind knew how to be better, it would be better. Since it must believe in something besides itself, it enthrones matter as deity.” So yes, they are seeing themselves as a “Deity”. In CS we are always trying to be as God sees us and asct as God’s reflection. When we were young and arguing with each other, I remember our Mum saying, “Now do you think JESUS would have been so awful to his brothers and sisters? Think. about it… would JESUS have acted?” I smile when I remember this, but actually, here I am pushing 70 (in mortal years) and I still remember it!..So it was effective! And it DID make us feel instantly guilty as we tried vainly to imagine a young Jesus being anything other than loving and good.

    1. Interesting how GOD talks to each of us. In the CS Reading Room in our Metropolitan city, a large book with MBE’s thoughts on the various Bibles, people who were her students, she marks on the side of her books, letters fascinating points. My favorite about children, GOD watches over them, angels withcthem. Thanks.

  2. Today’s Daily Lift, “A Most Important Page” is about page 6 in Science & Health: “God is Love. No higher we cannot go. . ., etc.”
    How beautiful. Every Christian Scientist desires, chooses being loving and being a participant in a phenomena of good, if you think about it, I so love Christian Science for these reasons.

  3. It’s very natural to be good, because we are the GOOD GOD’s reflections. We are His children very much like Him. We need to see that goodness in everyone since just as we are good, all of God’s creation is good. GOD SAW EVERYTHING THAT HE HAD MADE AND BEHOLD IT WAS VERY GOOD. So we cannot be anything but Good.
    If God is LOVE. And we are made in Love’s image and likeness, our true nature is loving and forgiving, embracing all humanity in love. God’s love for us is so genuine, comforting, unconditional, changeless and everlasting. Dwelling in His love continuously we can only act out of love, give love freely and still have plenty.

  4. People often asked Dr. Jung, “Will we make it?” referring to the cataclysm of our time. He always replied, “If enough people will do their inner work.” This soul work is about being Love and doing Good. Together, we can uplift our country and uplift our world. There is nothing God cannot do.

  5. Funny, this came to me in my studies last night, as I have been working diligently to know my own good. Rather than judge and blame and grow weary of those whose good isn’t outright evident, I am practicing searching myself, for the problem is always perception when held captive by the belief in duality. There is One Mind governing us ALL. One Mind and it’s reflection. Not billions of “I” kaleidoscop-ing One. ONE. Therefore, when I don’t know who I am, I judge “you”. When I know who I AM, I AM “you”. Honest, fearless, self-examination, accepting rebuke and repenting, is one way towards seeing good in others. Let’s not forget obedience to the Christly demand to “Love our enemies” (which MBE says are only our own mental construct) and to demonstrate our ONEness with God. Well, back to my studies, Lord knows I need it!

  6. Being good and reflecting love in our daily experience is effective in taking away barriers and advancing the correct idea. All your comments are relevant and dearly loved.
    Thanks to Evan for this site and all who contribute.
    Yesterday was Patriot’s Day in the USA. Understandably so. I am grateful to be a citizen where the return of Christian healing was reintroduced for the benefit of all humanity.
    When all ideas form in doing good, in loving deeds, we shall all gather under one flag of
    Truth, Live and Love. “In one grand brotherhood”. Thank you all so very much and Evan for the blessings of his continual prayer.

  7. Ty, Evan for the lead-off & direction.
    I too love the thoughtful comments of my fellow
    bloggers. Appreciation to “y’all.”
    Wednesday night, at church, a lovely testimony concerning the belief of duality was given.
    One God or Mind; one man in God’s likeness,
    as stated in Genesis.

  8. To express love can be the highest form of faith not only in oneself but also in the higher principle of being. I agree Betsy, thank you all for your wonderful insightful comments.

  9. I love these questions. Two other good questions come from the chapter on Prayer in Science and Health paraphrased: Am I loving my neigjbor better for this asking or an I pursuing the old selfishness? Hmmmm…. really .good questions and in line with today’s SV.

  10. Love Evan’s two questions! We can carry these thoughts so very far: “Why be anything other than well?”, “Why be anything other than complete and satisfied?”. A beautiful way to start with perfection which is the application of our Christian Science .

  11. Am grateful for all the thoughtfull and inspired comments.
    My answer is simple. In Science and Health by MBEDDY we read that God is o n l y good. And in the wellknown passage “What is man” we read “Man ìs idea the image of Love.^
    So as God is only good and Love and man ìs the image and likeness of our good God, divine Love, man – we aĺl – cannot else but express God’s Goodness and Love and nothing less! Think this is a scientific answer to today’s SpiritView.
    Thank you Evan to let us always ponder questions and quotes like today’s more deeply. Thank you for this so blessing and healing blog!

  12. “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold! It was very good.”
    And still is.
    And ever will be.
    Why be anything but good?? Because that’s all there is to be.
    Why do anything but love? Because it’s all that God’s doing in us. We are the shining of God’s love.
    All of us.
    Anything else seen, known, remembered , heard, felt or feared is a dream nothingness.
    All is good. All is love.

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