Hold to a high standard for your thoughts

September 11, 2019 | 24 comments

Are your thoughts in a high inspired place day and night? They can be.

Everyone is following a standard they have accepted for the quality of their thinking, and the higher the standard, the better!

As a child of God, it is normal to have inspired thoughts. It is typical to be thinking ideas that bring joy, hope, and healing. If this is not your experience, you can get to a better place by identifying with the one Mind that is always in a good, healthy mental place.

The one Mind is always inspired. It is filled with thoughts of truth and love that soar on the wings of Love and keep perspective at lofty heights. This Mind is your Mind, the only Mind, and you reflect it as a child of God.

One does not need to accept discouragement, despondency or depression as normal states of thought. These are mortal mind outlooks that suggest God is absent. But God is never absent. God is always present! You can’t ever get away from God, or from the inspired thoughts of God’s Mind. They are present in your consciousness now to think and reflect on. They are a part of your spiritual make-up.

So, love yourself today. Accept nothing less than the highest standards for your thoughts!

You can be an inspired thinker. It’s what God designed you to be.

“Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health, p. 261.

24 thoughts on “Hold to a high standard for your thoughts”

  1. Grateful for this inspiring thought for today.
    Marianne Williamson 20/20 sent me these inspiring thoughts today, too:
    Let’s “claim a new American vision: creating a moral and just economy, infusing hope and opportunity into the life of the average American. Rescuing millions of traumatized children. Creating a healthier society and a place where the sick are well cared for. Reparations for slavery and justice for Native Americans. Waging peace and transitioning from a war economy to a peace economy. Reversing climate change and transitioning from a dirty economy to a clean economy. Restoring America’s moral leadership around the world.” These are truly Christ ideas and worthy of our prayerful thoughts and support
    for the good of all mankind. Love is the only power. Fear is nothing, No thing at all. With Christ dominion, we can dissolve fear and discord; create a politics of good.

    1. That is beautiful.
      And, Evan, Thank you once again for these inspiring articles. I am so Grateful for Divine Love’s never ending power to always be ready and willing no matter what to pull my sight where it needs to be. 🙂

  2. Lovely…Thanks Evan for this lovely post on keeping our thoughts uplifted and in a high inspired place day and night.
    It’s the one Mind God, from which all thoughts flow. Man has the Mind of God, so his thoughts come from God, and these thoughts bring us peace, freedom, harmony and joy. One Mind, God good governs His creation in peace and harmony. If we all trust in this Truth, how wonderful the world would be.
    Knowing this fact that Divine Mind is our mind, our thoughts would never drift to despondency or discouragement but always be uplifted, inspired, happy with expectancy of good. God supplies us daily with the right ideas and these ideas give us all our daily needs. ” Divine Love always has met and always will meet all our human needs”
    Good thoughts are our armour of protection from all harm.

  3. Oh, Evan You are once again in my e-mail. I don’t know why but for about 3 weeks I had to write your blog into my computer. It did not automatically come to my e-mail. Today, you are back. Hooray and hooray!!!!!!!!
    Sooo good to have you back in my e-mail!
    Today as I was studying by bible lesson with my glasses on, one lens seemed always to have a blur. I wiped my eye several times, checked my glasses(they were clean), finally, I took off my glasses and voila!! no blur! I continued to study rejoicing in my new freedom!
    Much love, Anne

    1. Thank you for sharing the inspired unfoldment. I am deeply moved by this revelation of Truth divine manifesting holiness (wholeness).

  4. If Joseph when he was sold into slavery thought of himself as a victim, he could have never been able to free himself to fulfill his destiny and God given purpose. Only by serving a higher thought was he able to see the larger picture of a God, Spirit created man was he able to save many from the starvation to come. Wonderful post Evan, thank you.

    1. TODAY is filled with Blessings. If we change our perspective to a truly Spirit View, we will see that there are many good things happening Right Now, Today…and we do not have to see ourselves or others as victims, or look back at yesterday or have to wait until tomorrow for good to happen. Sometimes it seems some lies are told over and over and in varying ways and they seem like the truth, like advertisements, or like a bad dream that we need to waken from. As Evan states, “inspired thinking… joy, hope and healing” can be and Are with us Today.

  5. This message is perfectly aligned with the message in an article I have been studying from the November 2012 CS Journal. The title is: What Story Are We Telling Ourselves by Dave Oakes.
    When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.
    Things are thoughts, What are you “thinging” today?

  6. Thank you for Spiritview.
    Lisa’s sharing is bringing more of this out, it is not politics to me. A person brings out ideas to be considered by a nation. Williamson’s are high ideals and worthy to be shared. “ a politics of good.”

    A beautiful way of seeing the electing of a government is electing the highest ideas! Which include a vision to work for. It takes courage to run with high ideals, to work for them, and to share them.

    Thanks for sharing all the good today everyone.

    1. Thank you Catherine and Love for pointing the way to two excellent Journal articles, on these thoughts today. As one practitioner told me after 2001, “I always commemorate Sept. 12th” in the aftermath of Sept. 11th, rememberances. That is my wake up call today. Higher standards for my thoughts, which are where I need to reside.

  7. MBE admonishes to be delivered from,
    “…influencing or being influenced…”
    Miscellany. P276,24
    “I am asked, “What are your politics?” I have none,
    in reality, other than to help support a righteous government; to love God supremely, and my neighbor as myself “

  8. I once attended a lecture by Ron Ballard right before A national election and he stated that the highest government was when the human patterned the divine. So we look to our Father/ Mother God’s government of the universe and we try to emulate that as much as possible- justice, kindness, morality, peace, honesty. Not mortal personalities- but high ideals are always right. Lisa’s post was inspiring and candidates like Marianne Williamson May not win the election but I appreciate them shining a light on higher ideals.

  9. Many Thanks for keeping house, in our consciousness. It’s the only real place we have. Consciousness is my universe. All that surrounds me is in this place.. I’ve come to realize this fact of Science. And how very important it is to keep it clear of error.
    The sunlight of Truth will illuminate it with the proper means of retaining harmony.
    Many time on the job I look at the difficulty and then turn my thoughts God ward. What do I need to know to effect the correct result? Then I listen. Invariably the correct answer is revealed and the proper course of action.
    I’m grateful to know and to use this Truth in my daily activities.
    Nothing can stop “My upward soaring way!” “All unafraid I wait the while Thy angles bring relief, and still Thy presence is with me, and Thou doe’st give me peace”.

  10. Thank you Evan for all your beautiful messages. This is an angel message for me. My daughter has been struggling with aggressive mental suggestions which has lead to numerous absences. I was just emailing a friend about keeping my thought uplifted above this material picture. I hit Send and then saw this article in my inbox about the high standard of our thoughts. Just what I’ve been focusing on. ” But God is never absent. He is always present!” Perfect, beautiful angel message. Thank you Evan. Thank you God!!

  11. Great to have your message back on my computer screen.
    You have been missing from my view for many weeks.
    I trust your return is permanent and free from problems.
    What a helpful message you send us today!
    Thank you Evan.

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