Unchangeable Truth

November 29, 2006 | No comments yet

Some people who practice Christian Science worry that hatred in world belief toward spiritual healing inhibits their healing progress. Christian Science teaches its students to not be naïve about malice toward spiritual healing, but it also teaches that hatred is powerless to stop Truth from having its rightful effect in our experience.

Truth is Truth, and can never be anything less.

If 50% of earth’s inhabitants, centuries ago, believed the world was flat, did their belief make the world flat? No. They lived a limited experience because of their belief, but their error did not change the truth, and it did not limit the possibilities of those who understood differently.

Discoverers and adventurers who knew the world was round ventured upon the ocean without fear. They were not limited by the ignorant thought. And they made glorious new discoveries as a result.

Prayer in Christian Science is based upon perfect God and perfect man. It doesn’t matter how many millions of people believe contrariwise, for Truth is true. Ignorance and hatred never weaken or alter the facts of being or the effect they have on our life.

So, if our prayers are based on fixed spiritual truth, and not on shifting personal opinion or human belief, they will be protected from the world’s antagonism. Contemporary malice will not affect our prayers or prevent our progress. We will march on to success regardless of what our neighbor approves of or disapproves of.

Truth is true and remains forever unchangeable. On this basis you can stand spiritually tall and fearless in the face of enemies and make your demonstrations of health and harmony with confidence and surety.

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