Unidentified aerial objects

July 27, 2021 | 20 comments

“UFO Report Says ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ Defy Worldly Explanation,” was the title of a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

There’s been a heightened amount of reporting in the news lately about “Unidentified aerial objects,” that the US government has been documenting for decades, and others have noted as well.

My wife likes to photograph the Milky Way, so on occasion we travel to remote locations in North America where there is no light pollution at night.

The view above at night in these locations is beyond wonder. It’s mind-stretching! On a clear night, with no moonlight or man-made light to compete, the number of sparkling lights in the sky that can be seen are jaw-dropping. The human mind cannot comprehend the extent of what is there to view and understand.

As I gaze into the sky and see what astronomers say are trillions of planets and billions of galaxies (if not trillions), it seems to me that it would be vain, arrogant, and conceited to believe that earth is the only planet with life on it.

In Christian Science, one learns that God is the universe and God is Life. Surely, logic argues, if God is the universe and God is Life, there must be evidences of life to find throughout.

God’s universe is found in Mind, not in matter, but as Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matt. 10:7). We are living in God’s universe now. Seeing this as reality comes from having the right perspective—the spiritual perspective.

Humanity has much to learn about seeing the universe from a spiritual perspective, but as truth leavens collective thought over time with the reality of God’s universe as being a place of Life without limit, more evidence of this truth is going to appear.

I’m keeping my eyes wide open!

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20 thoughts on “Unidentified aerial objects”

  1. We read in the Bible that God created the heavens and the earth. Since God is infinite and eternal Life is infinite and eternal. All has to be God and his reflection. It’s God all in all. Reiki wrote in het paper Wonderful Things Are Happening that for billions and trillions God and God’s reflection is all there is. There is not even a pinpointed of matter in infinite and eternal Mind.

  2. Dearest Evan! Thank you so much for this wonderful, perfect view of God’s universe! Thanks for your expansive insight! I follow a bit of science as we have gone forth through school to my present many years of never going to bed without going outside for a look up before the light of morning comes. Up there IS jaw dropping as you stated. Earthly man through science and Physics states that the further we look out and beyond, the further it all goes, faster, larger, seemingly no end! Rings a bell about Eternal-Infinite-MIND. How grateful I am every moment for Christian Science through all my ‘journey’s here’. Evan, you bring a great of Clarity to thought through your views of which have given me a quicker understanding of certain issues, like agreeing that “up there” is a universe, as long as we understand it Spiritually. So happy to have tuned in to SpiritView, and grateful to you!
    PS: I’ll be out watching for Life to drop by from the stars above…I’m planning which sandwiches to have ready!
    Sincerely, Robin Lee Bown, Alberta, Canada

  3. Me and my brother many years ago witnessed a UFO sighting. It appeared right in front of us. As my brother was driving a large semi-truck and was slowly taking the ramp to enter the interstate up a hill the vehicle lights were shining up into the sky, when the UFO showed up very quickly in the sky right in front of our view, it hovered in front of us and was so beautiful, being perfectly round and shiny, one couldn’t miss it. But just a minute later, it very quickly shot off out of our sight. I asked my brother if he saw it, he agreed.

    I reasoned why not! And as Evan has indicated we are God’s people and like God we too are infinite so being everywhere is not so unbelievable.
    Thank you Evan

  4. What a beautiful sight. I have never seen a sky like that. There are no obstructions there to hide the heavens.
    Here on Spirit View as we share the many ways to elevate thought and cleanse it of obstructions we get a glimpse of infinity. Right here in our consciousness, God’s kingdom.
    Hymn 51,
    The clouds of sense roll back and show The form divinely fair.

    Hymn 19,
    “They worship Him in Spirit new,
    God’s messengers of Love and Life,
    They do His will, they speak His word,
    That stills all pain and strife,
    They show an ever clearer light,
    Like stars they shall ever shine;
    They witness truly to His Word,
    And God saith, these are mine.

    Thanks for this clearer view of all the possibilities of Mind and Love and Spirit, today.

  5. Thank you Evan, for addressing this topic. I have always felt that Mrs. Eddy herself understood this to be true. In S&H on page 509, we read- “Genesis I, 14. And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven, to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.

    Spirit creates no other than heavenly or celestial bodies, but the stellar universe is no more celestial than our earth. This text gives the idea of the rarefaction of thought as it ascends higher. God forms and PEOPLES the universe. The light of spiritual understanding gives gleams of the infinite only, even as nebulae indicate the immensity of space.”

    As you so humbly stated Evan, it would be quite vain of us to believe that throughout the immensity of infinite space, we are the only evidence of life. As we advance spiritually, understanding more of the fullness and completeness of God’s infinite being, we naturally will be ready to witness an enlarged sense of the universe being peopled by God. It is His divine creation coming more clearly into our consciousness,
    and we glimpse more fully that “All is infinite Mind and it’s infinite manifestation, for God is All in all”. What a joyous and thrilling adventure we are all on!

  6. Thank you Evan and all…love the comments & Hymns. There is always an infinitude of ideas too. Thanks again.

  7. I’m with you on this subject Evan!!! When I go outside at night and look at the sky i always think about the part in S&H where it says …”from the finite to the infinite” and ” multitudinous objects which before, were invisible will become visible” ..these words of Mrs Eddy’s perfectly describe the wonder of Infinity and infinite expression and manifestation.

  8. As we progress spiritually…mentally…ever-evolving into what we actually are: spiritual ideas,
    not bunches of material-atoms-that-are-dissolving-as-the-clay (ie., the belief that man is formed from dust!), we will progressively see ourselves, others…the infinity of the true creation–Truth’s Creation of ideas!–in all clarity and … wonder! What a divine Journey we–seem to be–on! And the steps we–seem to–have taken…dissolve behind us!
    (See Mary Baker Eddy on the word “dissolve.”)

    Thank you, Evan and Kathy, for the Glorious and Heavenly photo!

  9. This photograph is spectacular! I love that idea of seeing without obstructions. In “Unity of Good” page 13, Mrs. Eddy writes, [Christian] “Science reverses the evidences of the senses in theology, on the same principle that it does in astronomy.” That’s what we’re seeing in the clear night sky, infinity manifested. Thank you for this very clear insight and example of infinite good always there.

  10. Thank you, Evan and Kathy! Yes, I firmly feel that indeed God’s universe is infinite and can be more clearly seen and understood as we grow spiritually. It may be difficult for the human mind to comprehend this, but spiritually we can appreciate, comprehend, and begin to understand the beautiful universe God has created. Kathy’s photo is so striking. Love and gratitude to you both!

  11. Thank you, Evan for including this spiritually~reaching & spiritually~expanding topic in
    SpiritView! A joy to see Kathy’s beautifully~expansive photo!

    1. Since a boy I thought the idea of UFOs and other explained phenomena in the material realm were funny since God is omniscient. What’s not to know?

  12. Thank you Evan. That is very interesting . But I cannot open the link you sent us for the article.

    I remember that you showed us in a Vlog in one of your SpiritViews how beautiful the milk street is when the heaven is clear. Your Kathy loves fotography and made that wonderful video from the sky with all the stars in the night like this foto up here. ♡

    I agree with you and I also could imagin that in the eternal Universe there could exist other planets with life on it. God made the whole Universe including man and including all life. But as Evan says, that Universe is in Mind and not in matter and therefore eternal and spiritual. How comforting is the Omnipresence and Omnipotence and Omniaction of our Father-Mother God who is Love!
    I am grateful for your wonderful SpiritView blog – it gives me very much inspiration!♡

  13. Reciting the Scientific Statement of Being in church service one day long long ago, I saw Mind’s Universe completely reflected in my mind. I know God’s Universe is Infinite Mind. Thank You Evan and we can altogether enjoy Earth’s blessed vision of God’s Universe everyday.

  14. The vast infinitude of God is unlimited. He is the center and circumference of Being; endless and filled with all good of every kind, beyond what ordinary mind can grasp.

  15. I love what Evan and dmk have to say on this topic. What joy it brings to ALL of us in this universe of spiritual ideas to know each other as fellow children of the omnipotent, omniscient all-in-all of heaven and earth and of all the planets.

  16. What a beautiful picture and topic ! I have no doubt that God being Life, life is everywhere to be found, EVERYWHERE …. and how often Mary Baker Eddy speaks about “the universe, including man” (about 20 times)… so man, the spiritual idea of God, Life, and all the spiritual ideas of God, Life, are everywhere, too!

    1. Indeed Beatrice, and only Perfect Mind can reveal the illustration (images and likeness) before it can be humanly perceived what this infinite reality looks like.

  17. “As divine Science, the Holy Ghost is the law of God, the sum total of intelligent, omnipresent, all-powerful Mind-force.” (Barbara Cook Spencer)

    There is only one universe, and it is spiritual now. “Intelligent Spirit, Soul, is substance, far more impregnable and solid than matter; for one is temporal , while the other is eternal, the ultimate and predicate of being. Any inference of the divine derived from the human, either as mind or body, hides the actual power, presence , and individuality of God.” (Mis.103:3-6;21-23)

    I will have the beauty of the sunset, but will less believe it is constituted of coruscations in the sky.

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