Only God’s influence, rather than personal influence

July 26, 2021 | 21 comments


What is influencing your thought today? Spiritual sense or personal sense?

Spiritual sense is our means of receiving God’s direction. It is our native thinking, hearing, and seeing that is tuned into spiritual reality and taking in heavenly inspiration as it comes our way.

Personal sense is the opposite of spiritual sense. Personal sense focuses on person, rather than God. It fixates on human opinion, mortal personality, worries about what other people think, is manipulated by what other people think, and basically loses track of God.

Decisions made under the influence of personal sense can lead to poor outcomes.

Decisions made via inspiration coming from God lead to good results.

Be quick to shut the mental door on personal sense, and stay tuned into spiritual sense.

Let the Mind of God alone influence your thought and action. You’ll live happier and healthier.

21 thoughts on “Only God’s influence, rather than personal influence”

  1. Wow dear Evan, so very timely, couldn’t be better!
    Because I seemingly have problem with my new neighbor. She sat outside on her terrace for about 2 hours and talking at the phone uninterruptedly. I went out and did some work there. Then I was a bit upset and had the thought to call a friend to tell her this in order to become.comforted. But the inspiration came only to ask and trust our loving caring Father-Mother God to help me. He did help me, as I got calm knowing God is helping me and the neighbor. She ended her phoning. We are all under God’s guidance and Love. Thank you again Evan and thank you Angie for all your articles as they are so good. And thank you dear GOD! ♡♡♡

    1. Hi Uta, I understand your situation, as I have also confronted the situation of neighbors who seem loud and disturbing. I think you are definitely on the right track in knowing that God is taking care of and loving and helping both you and your neighbor.

      I have prayed to know that I cannot harm my neighbors and they cannot harm me, I cannot disturb them and they cannot disturb me. That nothing can interfere with my peaceful enjoyment of my home and nothing can interfere with their peaceful enjoyment of their home, because God alone is in charge of this peaceful enjoyment. Nothing can interfere with that spiritual harmony. I also try to remember to bless them and send them love. I sometimes I think of the fact that if God put us next to each other, it must be for good and I can be grateful for that. This kind of thinking/praying keeps me from feeling resentful and brings good results, uncovering the peace that is always there (even if I sometimes seem to not see it). God is surrounding both you and your neighbor with only good. Love to you!

      1. Hi Rose, thank you for your wonderful and inspiring comment! I am totally in tune with the ideas and truths you state here.
        I also prayed with the truth you mention.
        “One idea cannot harm another idea but they can only bless each other!” It is very comforting.
        SpiritView blesses us a l l so much – thank you Evan!♡

        1. Uta thanks, I love your quote, “One idea cannot harm another idea but they can only bless each other!” That really says it perfectly. Is that a quote from Mrs. Eddy?

  2. Thank you Evan for reminding us of how important it is to dwell on Gods individual creation and not mans …sometimes tenacious personality! It’s good timing here too as the schools break up , the towns facilities open up and therefor more families and groups want to mix together. …’mans extremity is Gods opportunity ‘ comes to mind. (Sorry , not sure if this is quite word perfect.)
    Have a happy day all❣️

  3. Personal sense is a thief. “Talk about people trouble grows. Talk about God, trouble goes.”
    A helpful thought when troubled concerning others and our interaction with them.
    “Divine Love alone governs man.”
    Goodness for today everyone. Thank You All.

  4. It helps me to keep it simple: choose love, not fear; live spiritual sense, not personal sense. I’ve experienced and witnessed the repeated pattern that whenever there is a conflict, both parties are feeling similarity and wanting the same values and needs met, even if they’re looking at different sides of the same coin. For example, healthy distance of individuality and connection, where one might prefer being closer more intimate, and one might prefer more distance for feeling individuation, Or it is just a matter of timing letting the highly sensitive person overwhelmed from work and different peoples demands have a chance to wind down and get centered and more intimately connected with oneself first to better connect with the other person. If I think the other person is not treating me with appropriate respect and appreciation, that tells me I need to treat them with more compassionate empathy and respect and I need to weed out whatever elements of judgment/fear and defensive denial/contempt they might be reacting to from my thought or mutual misunderstandings and false assumptions. It tells me that I need to better respect and revere God and God’s play out of my life, and to show more reverent respect and humble gratitude for those divine qualities by better submitting to and obeying them.

    When I know and trust the truth that God gave me: “Here now, each and every detail of each and every person and each and every situation and even each and every sensation is exactly, precisely perfect with the lessons and blessin’s I need for my individualized instruction for my growth and grace – – humility, self knowledge, love, and principled courageous good deeds — loving and living the kingdom of heaven within each of us”, I can feel more trusting and grateful and curious and welcoming of the adventure with the lessons and blessin’s this dear one came into my life to give me and the opportunity to practice those divine qualities for my own healing and to do my part in the healing of our world. Spiritual sense, one thought at a time, one choice and action at a time.

    1. Wow!! Thanks for sharing this important article which includes emphasizing the importance of acknowledging Christ consciousness as well as the important Holy Ghost as Divine Science, governing All as God’s INTACT expression.

      1. You’re welcome Angie. I thought of Uta and Rose regarding the story, but this amazing article is so much more – so thank you for expanding on it!

        1. Hi J and Angie, the metaphysical articles are always much more better and valuable than my pur comment. I just wanted to let you know how healing it is to go to God for the right solution. .
          Anyway, thank you both for the really wonderful articles!♡♡♡

          1. You are very welcome Uta. And always enjoy the comments that you post. Thank you. 🙂

    2. Thank you so much J for this powerful article, I have read other things by this writer, Barbara Cook Spencer, and she is excellent. It’s awesome how the situation with the neighbors began to turn around in one day, after many years, when the right and full spiritual antidote was applied.

  5. Just judging from the comments this is a very topical subject. And rightfully so. Our thoughts are never at rest….we’re always thinking….about something! And it’s so easy to allow them to wander. And when we do they usually drift towards whatever is affecting our material senses. Which leads to personal sense reactions & responses. And the quicker we can change course to a more spiritual outlook on whatever is going on in our consciousness the better. Thanks Evan for this very useful…and critical….advice.

  6. Hi Evan;
    Thanks so much for this new insight in Christian scie ce. i have been focusing so much these past months on personal sense, that i have actually lost track on spiritual sense. i have been having so many challenges these past months that i find my thoughts sometimes straying from what i’m being thought and read inChristian science. .Thanks for remining me about the two.

  7. In the First Edition of S&H Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “The purpose of Jesus was not to heal, but to reveal man.”

    There was no ‘personal sense’ possible to his full recognition of “The Holy Ghost, divine Science, as the sum total of intelligent, omnipresent all-powerful Mind, the divine Principle, Love.”

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