Unlimited opportunity lies before you

September 2, 2020 | 23 comments

If you ever feel like there are limited options for success before you, it might be time to lift your thought to a higher level, to the infinite possibilities of Mind where there are no limits!

With Mind, you can do anything.

In Mind, there are no limits on how far you can go, how much you can accomplish, how far you can see.

Mind is not constrained by finances, not limited by other people’s actions or inactions, not worried about the future, and never entertaining doubts or fears.

Mind has an answer for every question, a solution for every problem, an idea for every plan.

Mind is never stuck, never comes up short, never gives up, never consents to failure.

Mind sees what do and how to do it.

Mind knows what to do and does it.

Mind is proactive, taking positive action that brings productive and profitable results.

Mind is the sum and source of all the help, support, resources, and backup you could ever need to be successful at whatever God is inspiring you to do.

With Mind’s help, there are no limits on what you can do and where you can go. The opportunities to demonstrate Mind’s power and presence are endless.

So, wait no longer. With Mind, you have infinite opportunity to take advantage of. With Mind, there are no limits on you!

23 thoughts on “Unlimited opportunity lies before you”

  1. Dear Evan and all,
    What a far-reaching and delightful topic. This reminds me of a Daily Lift from 9/18/18 wherein the person related a time when she was expected to move mountains in accomplishing an important project on a tight timeline. Here is what came to her when praying about this:
    “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”
    Well, doors of her thought just opened up to no infinite good, and the project was successfully completed. And she did it all with the joy of this statement in her consciousness.
    Maybe today we can ask ourselves the same question!

        1. Maddie, peals of laughter occurred as I read the post! Thank you Sue for making a simple correction, to understand what happened to this important project. Lifted me right up to understand infinite good is/was at work.

  2. Thank you Evan. Sometimes we appear to be between a rock and a hard place. A bit like Moses but Mind opens our thought and shows us infinite possibilities.

  3. Wow what a great treatment in your morning spirit view Evan. I love the clarity and conviction..
    I’ve always found it helpful to embrace my treatments in the Pauline Biblical conviction that Christ is my life and all things are possible through Him..
    It give me a feeling of connection or unity with that source of infinite Mind and it’s infinite blessings.

  4. I just needed this today Evan. Scheduled for a zoom meeting of our Flower Club Committee I was asked to take on Secretary this morning . Not a mean feat. I accepted willingly, having read all the wonderful Truths you prompted us within this SV. It was just what I needed, at the right time….how did you know❣️…but then all is Divine Mind.

  5. Many thanks Evan & Maddie and all.
    Many obstacles overcome with the confidence contained in those statements of God’s Truth.
    Once the Metro Airport in Detroit, MI USA was in trouble. The runway lighting system being moved to a higher elevated “cab” five stories above the previous one at the “Smith” terminal.
    I was on hand as an auxiliary electrician. It was January 17th 1976. The crew’s paycheck bounced. The other electrician left the job, not caring for the safety of the airport. The runway lighting system was off line.
    Of course I stayed, worked 35 hours straight through, climbing up 5 stories for each wire to connect the lighting system one runway at a time till all was functional.
    More details than can be expressed were present. The most important detail was the ever presence of the right ideas, from God’s dear Mind.
    Listening and reacting to the needs of all those planes carrying people all over the world meant more to me than a payday. The payoff was the confidence gained through success. Never a doubt or fear. Just the application of inspiration given by our dear Father, Mother, God.
    We have no limits. Our job is to glorify God!
    Thank you for this avenue of praise!

    1. Proof just how elevated your thought was, in that airport emergency. Thanks for the recap…was in Michigan during that time, learning to fly, just not in Detroit. Loved how you were using those inspired ideas, allowing them to carry you to never doubt.

    2. Thanks for the recap…was in Michigan during that time, learning to fly, just not in Detroit. Loved how you were using those inspired ideas, allowing them to carry you higher, to never doubt.

    1. Angie, your presence to include the CSSentinel article was the perfect gift today. Thank you for your kindness at this moment to share it. I have need of the message in the article.

      1. Thank you for your loving note, and for sharing your humble eagerness in demonstrating “leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.” [SH vii:1]

  6. I love the feeling of endless possibilities and inspiration I get from reading this and the awesome picture of eternity. It looks like a rainbow of stars and light illuminating the darkness with such a lovely message of hope and promise.
    Thank you! Very uplifting.

  7. David Brandon, you’re an inspiration. And deepest gratitude to Evan for the Mind inspired affirmations that “lift thought to a higher level”, and foster confidence to express more fully our God given potential. So blessed by this channel of Truth.

  8. David Brandon: I always enjoy your comments on SV. I knew you back in the early 70s when I was the soloist at your church. I’d love to reconnect if you would send your email address to Evan, he could forward it to me.

  9. Mind is a powerful synonym for God. The first meaning that always comes to me is Love, however, all-knowing Mind is a close second.
    Again, my gratitude for all who shared and especially David whom many owe so much.
    Each day, you give, Evan…

  10. Having a day ahead full of needed things to be accomplished, yourblog
    Was perfect in securing the support. Of endless possibilities.
    Thanks again. David you are. A wonder. Should be an example for

  11. How wonderful here on Mind! All that is present here and now is God and His divine awareness of Himself. Suppositional mortal mind is all that tries to appear to us as “a lesser human mind.” There is no such identity, and our only conscious Mind has never known anything of its supposition. The apparent human good is always the divine good of God appearing despite and not because of the belief it is material and human. And the bad is just error’s mirage and so nothing at all, Science does not condemn or abuse the so-called human, but reveals the present divinity of God-Being with less and less illusion covering it. Mind, God, is our Mind now, and is always present as God’s consciousness of God. Nothing else is going on. “I and my Father are one. My Father is greater than I.”

    S&H 330:11-15 tells us what we always are: “Science is a divine demand, not a human. God is infinite, the only Life, substance, Spirit, or Soul, the only intelligence of the universe, including man. Eye hath neither seen God nor his image and likeness. Neither God nor the identity of man can be discerned by the material senses.”

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