What are you growing?

March 29, 2022 | 23 comments

Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.

~ William Wordsworth

For a desirable harvest, keep out the seeds of fear, doubt, and worry, and nurture the seeds of Love and Truth.

23 thoughts on “What are you growing?”

  1. Simple and perfect. Reminds me of our hymn:
    A grateful heart a garden is,
    Where there is always room
    For every lovely God-like grace
    To come to perfect bloom.

  2. May I share my “poem”

    The Gardener.

    The garden was her life. The unfolding seasons as reflected in the changing patterns of what grew and died and returned new born seemed to her the unfolding of her inner being, parts no longer needed now discarded as outgrown, ever developing in all its glory and becoming ever more stunning in her mind’s eye. Each day she would tend some new area, revisit an old; there was never any pattern, but simply as her gaze rested and impulse took her, perhaps as guided by some unseen Hand. With care and love she nurtured plant, earth, cleared stone wall, removed weeds, seeded, planted, cleansing and nourishing her soul.
    And as the garden grew more beautiful, so did she……..

  3. Lovely poem, Ken – thank you for sharing it.

    It reminds me of what a Christian Science Practitioner once said to me:

    “Do everything with love, and love everything you do”.

    As the beautiful hymn Linda cited, we should never cease to let “every lovely Godlike grace – …. come to perfect bloom” in our heavenly garden.

    Thank you Evan, I love it, it is practical and beautiful.

  4. Thank you for such a lovely poem. The story of everyone’s unfoldment so beautify expressed and felt.

  5. How wonderful to remind us of our “garden of right thinking” . Mrs. Eddy guided us in the Manual to start each day with the three “dailies” to plant right spiritual thinking and be alert to false suggestions so we can weed them out! So helpful as I am busy preparing a vegetable garden. Thank you Evan for sharing aall the daily “seeds” of spiritual ideas and to all the contributors !

  6. I am reminded of a saying, “Friends are the flowers in the garden of life”. All of the
    beautiful thoughts expressed here, are like a bouquet of vibrant colors, complimenting
    each other in harmony and unity. Thank you, dear Friends for being in this universal
    garden of peace and love.

  7. I love this garden metaphor it is just beautiful, an ever green thinking. it holds on only to the truth.Thanks ever so much EVAN, for sharing this article .I have to be careful of what I plant and what I harvest. And thank you all for your comments.

  8. Mary Baker Eddy writes about “gardens of thought” in Miscellaneous Writings on page
    343: 10-25, with good advice for the gardener!

    1. Thanks Desert Girl, I just read that page in Misc Writing, very clear and on point for today’s topic!

      I love that spiritual wisdom is found in so many places, like in the quote today from Wordsworth. We can water the garden of our consciousness with God’s beautiful qualities of Love, Ease, Peace, Harmony, Joy, etc. All available in unlimited quantities and already present, built into us as His children.
      “The way to extract error from mortal mind is to pour in truth through flood-tides of Love.” (S&H p. 201).

      Blessings to everyone!

  9. Dear Evan, daily you send us ‘seeds’ of spiritual guidance . In turn we see more clearly how to ‘weed out’ mortal minds deceitful pictures. So grateful to learn how to ‘cultivate ‘ our harvest of ever present Love❣️

  10. I have been tending plants and digging in the dirt most of my life. They used to say that plants were sensitive to our thoughts and emotions and we should talk to them. I think the connection is the universal one of spirit. But I do see how we can respond from the voice within to plant our gardens. Purify our thoughts as we garden. There is a reason people plant besides the obvious. It is a way to meditate, feed consciousness healthy life sustaining thoughts, and demonstrate these thoughts in the garden. You do see the perfection of it all in an amazing plant.

  11. Love this Didn’t take the time to join yesterday and didn’t receive todays. So this was perfect for me as I look out at the spring activity of the plants and work to be done. Thank you Evan and all.

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