What God do you pray to?

March 29, 2012 | 2 comments

Do you pray to a God that answers prayers, or ignores them?

Do you pray to a God you are absolutely certain knows all needs and supplies them, or to a deity that may or may not meet your needs?
Do you pray to a God you have no doubt loves you, or do you pray and hope for the best?
Do you pray to a God to whom all things are possible, or just some things?
It struck me recently how important it is to have answers to these questions, for our answers will likely outline the outcome of our prayers.
“The prayer of faith shall save the sick,” wrote James.
Faith in what?
Faith in uncertainty, bad outcomes, an unpredictable Judge, an uncaring Father, a withholding Mother, a precarious Love…?
That’s not the God Jesus taught and lived.
God is predictable good, certain care, a sustainer of health, a producer of reliable supply, a guarantor of life, an unfailing support, a just judge and unconditional love.  There is nothing uncertain, mysterious, hard to figure out, or illusive about God.
Knowing the truth about God builds confidence into prayer. It strengthens faith and assures better outcomes when turning to the Divine to help.
Jesus said, “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
Well, it’s important that you knock on the right door!
Knock on the door of the one true God that answers with glad tidings, definite cures and bountiful supply, and don’t waste a moment knocking on some other door that remains closed and unyielding.
God does love you with an unfailing love that has already met your every need. And your prayers can see it!
What God are you praying to today?

2 thoughts on “What God do you pray to?”

  1. Thanks Evan for those thoughts!!! I just wrote my practitioner about some deep sad feelings I have, causing some trouble for me. Right as I was typing it, the notification mail with that entry came into my mailbox. And that entry is like an exact answer from God to my sorrows. Looking forward to share that with my practitioner.Thank you so much! Much blessings to all!

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