Where does your thought take up residence?

March 28, 2012 | 7 comments

I was listening to a stranger articulate all the ugly outcomes he saw happening in the world today.

The economy was horrible, there were no jobs to be had, politicians were unresponsive, ignorant and self-serving, foreign countries were on the verge of collapse because of massive financial mistakes, selfish citizens and government ineptness, there was no one in high places willing to deal with the ‘real problems’ that need addressing to save society, and on and on, he bantered.
From a mortal point of view, it was hard to disagree with him.  Yep, a case could be argued for every point he made.
From a spiritual point of view, though, his material analysis was beyond dismal, filled with misery and sadness, and enough to make one believe life wasn’t worth living.
After taking in a bit of his moaning and complaining, I thought to myself, “He is mentally living in a whole different world than I am. I see the evils he lists out in the world, but I don’t get stymied by them. Christ is here to help us overcome them!”
I did my best to lift his thought to a better place, and partially succeeded.
But after the conversation, I felt so much gratitude for Christian Science, because Science gives us tools to conquer evil, not give into it.
And one of the most valuable tools is Mary Baker Eddy’s explanation of animal magnetism.
Animal magnetism is a term she uses to define the sum total seeming effect of evil. She explains that to the human mortal mind, evil seems real and true. But to the Mind of Christ, the seeming reality of evil disappears and vanishes. The goal of a student of Christian Science is to put on the Mind of Christ, as the Bible instructs, and prove evil’s unreality by proving God’s reality. But you can’t do this if your thinking is stuck in the realm of animal magnetism. You have to get out of there! Believing that life resides in matter, that evil is real and more powerful than good, is like living in a foreign region where all the rules and laws are rigged against you ever being healthy and happy. Any lasting freedom you hope to gain isn’t going to happen.
Demonstrating the omnipresence of God, good, is an on-going effort. Step by step the demonstration is made. But we have to start somewhere, and a good place to start is to check where one’s thought is taking up residence.
Is your thought residing in the world of animal magnetism where evil appears in control? Or are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing as a faithful spiritual thinker, residing in the Mind of Christ where Love’s power and presence is seen and felt tangibly all around? You can make the shift. God gave you the ability to think right.
Suffering is not accidental. It is an error state of existence entertained. The key that opens the door and leads the way out of mortal agony is the truth that God is All, God is good, and evil is not real. Take up mental residence in this spiritual reality, and enjoy the benefits. They are great.
As named in Christian Science, animal magnetism
or hypnotism is the specific term for error,
or mortal mind.  It is the false belief that mind
is in matter, and is both evil and good;
that evil is as real as good and more powerful.
This belief has not one quality of Truth.”

~Mary Baker Eddy


7 thoughts on “Where does your thought take up residence?”

  1. Thank you, Evan. In self defense, we are reading your Spirit View every day.

    We daily see the international news. We have access to thousands of sources. The only source we have found for broad coverage with balanced, good news is the Christian Science World Monitor, http://www.csmonitor.com/World.

    James, Switzerland

  2. Your remarks are such a Godsend and just what I needed this morning. What a great reminder of the safety of dwelling in Mind. Thank you so much for your generous, inspired and love filled sharing.

  3. I’ve been thinking alot about the Economics of Good. Joseph displayed the Economics of good all through his life. His responses to untoward situations of injustice were always in balance with the Economics of Good. No wonder he was able to save a nation from economic disaster. So living the Economics of Good is living a life of prosperity not only for oneself, but for all mankind. Thanks for showing us in your blog what that can look like daily when we’re confronted with the challenge of collective evil. Sher

  4. I am so very grateful for the inspiration you share. It’s alway a blessing. Uplifting,and right on. A strong reminder of where we stand in Gods ever presence.
    Thank you Evan

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