What world do you live in?

August 20, 2012 | 3 comments

I have a friend who uses an interesting catch phrase to distinguish between the ways he does things and how other people might do things that differ from his. And it caught my attention.
He thoughtfully listens to other people’s point of view and opinion. But in the end, decides whether it applies to him or not, and then responds accordingly.
For instance, if another worker justifies poor quality work with self-indulgent excuses, he might say, “Well, that might be your world, but that’s not how it works in my world!” (This man has very high standards for workmanship, and lives up to them.)
I heard him make the statement, ”Maybe in your world, but not in mine,” so often that I began to ponder its value.
In absolute Truth, there is only one world, God’s universe of Spirit where harmony reigns and Principle rules supreme. But to the human mind there appears to be another world of evil where sin holds sway.
Yet, we prove in Christian Science that when thought follows Christ and holds to the ideal world – the universe of Mind where God is All – we can demonstrate to an increasing degree here on earth more of heaven’s presence in everyday experience. Heaven comes down to earth when thought is in the right place—in the right “world” so-to-speak.
So, it is vitally important to be thinking in the “world” of Spirit in order to be spiritually successful. Thought cannot degrade into selfishness, complaint, woe-is-me, hate, and lust, and simultaneously experience the blessings of heaven.
Spiritual mindedness yields spiritual benefits.
So, what world do you claim for yourself today? Mortal mind’s “world” of sin and suffering, or God’s world of Life, peace, health and harmony!
You don’t have to choose your neighbor’s “world” as your world if he or she is mentally dwelling in an unfriendly place.

3 thoughts on “What world do you live in?”

  1. This is really good, Evan. Love the last line! We get to choose our world, don’t we? And the picture is perfect: “we are all sculptors” (of thought). Thanks so much

  2. Very well put. How many times do we bend toward the negative?, woe is me, why me, why is this happening to me, and the worst, prayer doesn’t work any more, why should I be practicing C/S. The more we think this way, the more downhill we will go. STOP IT! This is the way malicious animal magnetism, mental mal-practice tries to take our joys and accomplishments away.

  3. Thank you Evan for your reminder. We do have a choice, and for me that means surrendering the human sense of things in exchange for the divine understanding of the ‘real’ Truth. This is beautifully expressed in a solo sung in church, and here are the lyrics that goes with your photograph too……..:

    Work of Art — Solo by Shannon Wexelberg – Published by: J. W. Pepper

    You are the Potter, and I am the clay;
    You are the Artist, and I am the paint;
    You are the Writer and I am Your song;
    I will be your instrument – my whole life long –

    Mold me, change me, color me – in shades of You – in shades of You.

    Play me, sing through me a melody, so when they look at me, they will only see who You are.

    You are my Father, and I am your child, an empty vessel, and You are the fire.

    All that You are Lord, is all I desire. Master, Creator, take my life –

    Mold me, change me, color me, in shades of You, in shades of You.

    Play me, sing through me a melody so when they look at me they will only see who You are.

    Create in me Your work of art –
    Mold me, change me, color me, in shades of You.

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