What’s your worth?

September 28, 2007 | 3 comments

I have a new blog posted on tmcyouth.com

What’s your worth?”

It begins

“Does a fast food cashier earning $14,000 a year have as much worth as a software programmer earning $150,000? In light of the huge disparities that exist between high and low earners these days…”


3 thoughts on “What’s your worth?”

  1. What’s your worth?, was a wonderful reminder to me of the importance of seeing and appreciating the good expressed by each and every individual child of God. The God within others is the God in me and all. That is the “Man” God made, and declared us good and perfect,and finished. We are All the sons and daughters of God,and as we awake to find ourselves in another’s good,we will All come to know that we are worth more than we ever dreamed. Thanks for sharing,Evan.

  2. It’s hard not to measure worth by salary because money seems to translate to freedom. You will probably disagree but, for example, you work the same hours during the day but a person who makes little can’t afford to take time off for a vacation or to rest because he must feed his family and pay the bills. A person with a high salary can afford to take time off, go on trips, hire a helper, housekeeper, cook or whatever. Money buys time too, as well as freedom. So it’s hard not to feel your value is tied to your salary. Everything is so expensive; food especially. If you are on a tight budget, you just can’t eat as well, do things that you’d like to, for yourself and for your family, and that all ties into self esteem and self worth.
    Being spiritual is great, but not when we have to live in a world of matter, and we do. We have to pay the mortgage, buy groceries, and do all these things that are part of living a life of matter.
    Many people don’t have it in the budget to pay for practitioner bills either, which can get very expensive, so it seems that the people with good salaries can even afford prayer more than those that don’t.

  3. To anon above,

    I understand what your saying about having money seems to make life easier. But I’d encourage you to not get stuck in a “I have little” type of mentality. That can be changed. All is Mind. All is mental. The belief of limitation, in the form of little money, if that is a fear, can be improved and changed for the better. But, from my experience, starting with trying to get more money through prayer, doesn’t work. But getting an enlarged sense of worth, in the form of spiritual qualities expressed abundantly, like intelligence, wisdom, ability, skill, etc., can manifest itself outwardly as more money to pay the bills. And these qualities come freely to everyone from God.

    See yourself as tapped into the great big source of all good, and see what you find!

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