When others feel down, you can stay up

October 29, 2019 | 14 comments

If you’re ever tempted to feel down because a friend is down, upset because a co-worker is angry, or tense because your significant other is tense, you don’t have to! You can separate yourself from any type of depressive outlook and bring the healing presence of Christ to the situation. You can improve the outlook!

We never need to play the role of victim when it comes to being exposed to negativity from others. We can master it with Truth and Love.

Each of us are children of God, empowered by the one Mind to think spiritual thoughts that bring good results. We are not mental pawns in the hands of our neighbor. We are individual expressions of the one Mind that thinks for itself and forms its own point of view—a spiritually inspired point of view!

So, despair no more. Rise up and master any suggestions of heaviness or darkness no matter where they seem to come from. They are not your master. You live to serve God, and to reflect the inspiration, joy, love and gratitude of the one Mind. Your thinking can stay in a very positive enlightened place.

Remain faithful to your identity made in Love’s likeness and continue to thrive. This is your divine right and ability.

“Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ.” Ephesians 5:1,2, NLT.

14 thoughts on “When others feel down, you can stay up”

  1. Thank you, I just woke from a dream where many people were trying to catch and kill me. Guess I had better do my defensive work so that “nothing can harm me while asleep or awake” thanks for helping bring back peace and joy and power

  2. Loved it, Evan! I’ve been in situations where uplift was becoming more difficult because a friend was in constant need to vent all that was negative in life. Eventually, I spent less and less time with that person. I see now that I could’ve shared more focus on what there is to be grateful about instead of fleeing.
    God’s Love so outshines the gloom of day, lifting his light higher and higher!
    Hugs! Ali

  3. Thank you Evan, we can never be in a situation where Love is not present, even if we have to physically extract ourself out of range of negativity or perceived harm. This action is evidence of God’s care of maintaining our joy of being. Today, I met an old friend whom I have parted ways long ago when I felt she was literally manipulating her negative opinions to me. As we greeted each other, it felt like nothing has happened and our conversation was centred on genuine interest in our family and to my surprise she told me how she has learnt not to be pushy with her wishes and ambitions on her children and their happiness is all that matters to her.

  4. Thank you so very much for today’s and evrty SpiritView.
    It helps me a great lot, because sometimes, when I meet somebody for a cup of coffee, she tells me a lot about her family worries and about her own errors. Immediately I try to know silently, that it all is a lie about her as God’s child! But later on I had still to pray that it is not true to her and I need not feel loaded with her seeming problems.
    So am very grateful and freed by the truths, Evan is teaching us with this SpiritView.
    I live to serve God and not erroneous thoughts, and reflect the inspiration, joy, Love and gratitude of the one Mind. Thank you Evan, that is so comforting and healing!

  5. Thank you Even, for this timely message.

    Depressive thoughts can seem to weigh down even the desire to rise above the din, but just as the right application of intelligence and fuel permits a rocket to escape earth’s pull, so the right application of divine intelligence and omnipotence can float us above any human sense of depression. So-called depressive thoughts do not have the power to take away our joy! “.Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Ps. 30:5)

  6. When a psychiatrist was asked by a man who was depressed how to get over it, the doctor told him to find someone on the other side of the tracks and help him. A treatment for depression. Truth is universal.
    My son in law needed work and I had been employing him occasionally. Last time he helped me, afterwards he requested my help requiring many hours and special transportation. Afterwards I suggested that we might trade off each other’s hours and expenses. He looked down but agreed..
    As I was dealing with the load left to me to deal with I twisted my knee. Looking for an answer to heal this very painful injury I realized I had forgotten charity.
    Reading the lesson helped me and I wrote a check to him and put it in the mail.
    I felt much more at peace.
    A Christian Science Practitioner one told me this.
    “If I have a dollar in my hand and hold it tight you cannot get it can you?” Of course that is true. “But no one can put anymore into it can they?”
    An open hand and a open sharing heart makes one feel much better. Expressing the love for our neighbor through charitable thinking..

  7. Another helpful lesson told me by the same Scientist.
    If a man is down a well and yells for help you can have sympathy or compassion.
    A sympathetic effort would be to jump down the well and suffer with him.
    A compassionate effort would be to throw him a rope and pull him up.
    Wisdom for those dealing with anyone who is down.
    “it is not in falling where man’s greatest glory lies, but rising ever time he falls.”

    Thank you all very much for sharing today’s Spirit View……

  8. The thing that’s been helping is, “It’s not their thought.”
    Depression, pain, despair, does not belong to their mind, their life, their past or their future.
    I can treat it impersonally as aggressive mental suggestion, for it can’t be my thought, either.
    The only Mind present knows harmony, abundance, health, serenity and joy.
    I can hold my own thought to the true idea of both of us, completely embraced in God’s almighty Love. This inspires hope, dissolves emotions, and lets in glimpses of light.

  9. I am striving to show compassion while still keeping my thought centered on the Truth of a discordant situation a family member seems to be experiencing and loving them both. Thanks so much, Evan, for this timely message! Your blogs often meet my needs and are greatly appreciated!

  10. Oh thank you all, dear SpiritView friends for your wonderful, helpful and healing comments. They give very much today! Much Love and Gratitude to you all!!!

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