Series on the healing benefits of practicing Christian Science

October 28, 2019 | 34 comments

One of my great heart desires is for more people to learn about the healing benefits of Christian Science. The benefits are huge!

With Christian Science, one can learn how to heal the body with prayer, how to stay healthy without medicine, and how to find peace of mind that sticks. Christian Science opens thought to real spirituality that satisfies in a way that no human teaching can duplicate.

This video is the first in a series explaining some of the benefits one gains from practicing the healing truths of this phenomenal teaching–Christian Science.

Each video was filmed during the trip my wife and I took to Alaska last September.

“Series on the healing benefits of practicing Christian Science”

34 thoughts on “Series on the healing benefits of practicing Christian Science”

  1. I’m a Christian Science nurse from America traveling outside the country for the first time and I have a tendency to get lost often (even with a map!) Yesterday I stopped on the sidewalk of a busy street in Lisbon, Portugal to plan my next turn, (Seriously) when I heard a loud, angry voice shouting vulgarities and hollaring about Nazi’s and the holocaust. I looked up from the map to see people crossing the street away from, and staring in the direction of the voice. As I myself looked up, the voice was already only feet away from me, approaching swiftly on the same sidewalk. Rather than feel fear, as I seemed to be witnessing in others, I met his glossy eye and asked him if he could help me find my destination. He stopped, quieted, and gently taking the map from my hand, did indeed help me make sense of it. The agitation that had gripped him immediately disappeared. As we approached the lift, he told me it was unlawful to bring in the big, half full bottle of beer he had been carrying, and without hesitation,left it outside the entry and joined me. I sensed in this man goodness the entire 4 hours we spent together. He was pleasant and delightful and may I say, fun to be with. We shared lunch, fed the seagulls and pigeons out of our hands, laughing and enjoying each other’s company easily, and then he offered to buy me dinner! As I told him how I’d struggled to be free of the lie of addiction and told him he could also be free with Christian Science, out of his natural curiosity, he wanted to know more. Although he said he enjoys a strong drink even still. I real eyes that the seed has been planted and I also see that he and I were both in our right places all the while from the moment I walked out in the wrong direction. I will continue to know the Truth about this good man and be grateful for his help and company.


      1. Every Spirit View is “extra special”, Evan! Thank you so much for each and every one you share with us. Each one is a blessing of it’s own kind and the inspiration, wonderful. I look forward to your Alaska vlog treasures series. The view you shared is heavenly, as are the angel thoughts in your messages, always. And “Love”, the testimony you shared was awesome. You definitely were in the right place at the right time, even tho it may have seemed originally that you were ‘lost’. Your newfound friend really needed you at that very moment and am sure the experience for him was as rewarding as it was for you and all of us who you shared it with.

    2. I appreciate you providing this series, Evan, and I really appreciate your testimony, Love. That is effective and healing prayer in action and inspires me to deal with some things in my life with greater love and less fear. Thank you.

    3. Dear Love, thank you for your perfect example of being willing to be unimpressed by the man’s sinful and agitated nature. Your fearlessness, love, and Grace were a huge blessing for you both. It was a modern day example of expressing the Christly nature. Very inspiring.

    4. You were not in the wrong place! You were in the right place right where God needed you to be. You were God’s instrument to deflate anger and fear for the blessing not only of this man, but for a whole crowd of people. A wonderful holy experience.

    5. So my friend, gives you the opportunity to re-define “wrong direction” doesn’t it?! Your willingness to work through the picture, the mask, put you in exactly the right place, perfect direction for God’s work to be accomplished. Well done!

  2. Thank you very much, dear Love from America. Decades avo i was a CS nurse. But one never ceases to be a cs nurse in your heart!
    That is such a wonderful and lovely demonstration of “God with us” a l l, also with the man whom you met there in Lisbon. Thank you for posting your testimony, which expresses Peace on Earth!

    Thank you Evan, for your announcement of a series on the huge healing benefits of practicing Christan Science, which you will send us the coming time.
    Like many other of your SpiritView Friends and Fans, I also look very much forward to your Vlogs and post on this topic.
    This topic is so very desirable and needed to be put to practice.

  3. May I say: Wow, I can’t wait to enjoy the upcoming videos, Evan.

    What I love about your trek in Alaska is that you saw spiritual metaphors all around you. Not just admiring the view but seeing what God is seeing and knowing about His creation. It truly can be life changing.

    This is helpful for me to also do in my own daily treks be they in a supermarket, in a church service, getting fuel at a gas station, or wherever. God supplies the scenery.

    Many thanks in advance for what will be a spiritual adventure for us all.

  4. Looking forward to these Evan as I do every day to your always helpful, healing messages. Thanks for taking the time out of what I’m sure is always a busy day to do these 🙂

  5. Thanks Evan – that’s great appreciated and much needed! Look forward to more videos – always find them therapeutic.

  6. wonderful! I too look forward to the video series, and appreciate all the nuggets you send us daily. I am still cherishing the benefits of “washing the mud off my truck” video from a few days back. The visual aspect of the message really drives a point home.

  7. Do we realize what we have and do we use it and let it use us to its full, infinite potential? Your series topic stimulates these questions and inspires eager, joyous, confident sharing with others.

    I too, look forward to all you share.

    And like Love, was recently blessed by my God provided encounter with a dear “homeless” man, who was so receptive to the “cup” of spiritual perspective I shared with him as I helped him get a few dollars of gas for his junker of a car, which had stalled in front of our church as I was picking up trash, and mentally appreciating and affirming the spiritual, pure qualities of those who had dropped these items.

  8. REALLY looking forward to this Series, Evan! THANK YOU in advance! I know that each video will be beneficial to your SpiritView audience, and to the world!

  9. A great experience to share “Love”. Thank you very much. It took confidence to face that seeming aggressive suggestion of a mind other than Good. Instead the real man of God was seen and revealed. Direction was at hand even thought it seemed you were wondering. You were directed to stem what might have developed into a discordant situation. You were right where God wanted you. You are very wonderful.

    Evan, the incredible trip, reflections, views of nature are inspiring. Thank you for all that you do for this experience. Following Christ into yet another of Life’s wonders.
    Much Lovingkindness

  10. Thank you Evan, for taking us along with you and Kathy on you journey, especially your
    spiritual journey, as well as SpiritView journey via video. For those of us that do not
    travel this will be such a joy to be able to share your trip and your healing ideas.
    Thank you so very much! Looking forward to the next one! 🙂

  11. If I could be anything
    for thee….
    an empty vessel
    I would be…..
    Then Love would
    fill the empty space
    with Goodness, Life
    and all of God’s Grace…

    Then into the world
    with no steps to trace
    now overflowing
    enough for all
    to taste….

    But a special portion
    from the highest Above
    I reserve for you, and
    only you, my dear sweet Love…

    Let us raise our glass
    in silent prayer…
    then drink of this
    cup, God’s elixir,
    Pure divine Love

    Now in your arms
    I’ll forever be…
    safe, with Peace
    as we sail calm seas….

  12. So good to know I am in the right place! One of my greatest hearts desires is to learn more about the healing effects of Christian Science in order to lead a more spiritually satisfying life and to help my neighbor do the same. I so look forward to the series to come. Thank you for sharing your continual inspiration with us all.

  13. Each comment an expression of “And Love is reflected in love .” So grateful to be part of this inspiring forum, Spiritview! Thank you so much, Evan and all!! With love and joy!

  14. Thank you so very much for your Love for the flock. Every day I look forward to your words from God.
    I couldn’t get todays blog yet, but will try later as I was told to do. Thank you Maximo and Love for your spiritual comments too.

  15. Oh thank you so much for doing these! I am really looking forward to them. I love everything you post on Spiritview (especially the trip vlogs – If your wife isn’t a professional videographer she sure could be!)

  16. Thanks so much, Love, for sharing your inspiring experience of not being lost but found and in your rightful place at exactly the right time. What a blessing to you both! I enjoyed your video, Evan, and look forward to the continuing series. Thanks to everyone for your comments and to Maximo for another inspiring poem.

  17. I too can’t wait to enjoy the upcoming videos, Evan. For those of us that do not travel much anymore, it is such a joy to be able to share your trips and your healing ideas, as Sarah said. Great work recording all these trips Kathy.
    A lovely poem Maximo. Thank you.

  18. Looking forward to those videos!
    Thank you for thinking of your
    Fellowman all the time Evan.
    Bless your heart!

  19. I LOVE this promise, there are sooooo many opportunities to use Christian Science healing treatment, at the beauty parlor, at the car repair shop, while singing aloud, while talking about the events of the day with others, and especially while listening to others TALK about the world’s problems. I hold Christian Science dear, class instruction invaluable, and healing as the preferred method of proceeding with each day.

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