Let Truth wash the mud of mortal belief away

October 25, 2019 | 28 comments

Have you ever felt like your happy healthy self has been lost under a veneer of sadness, fear or disease?

Whatever the evil is you feel burdened by, it can be washed away with spiritual truth.

Hear what I learned while driving some of the muddy roads on my trip up the Alaska Highway last August. There is a distinction to be made between the muck of mortal mind that may be thrown at us, and our untouched spiritual individuality with God!


“Let Truth wash the mud away.”

28 thoughts on “Let Truth wash the mud of mortal belief away”

  1. “… untouched spiritual individuality with God.” Genesis 1 Man. I love tonight Spirit View. Thank you thank you thank you

  2. ‘Shepherd, wash them clean’
    And from the musical South Pacific. ‘I’m gonna wash that [mortal] man right outta my hair’
    Thanks for this and all your uplifting ideas

  3. You’ll never know how grateful I am for the wonderful truths coming to my inbox every morning through SpiritView. This is a great way to begin my prayerful work each day. Thank you, Evan, and all contributors ever so much!

  4. Evan,
    Enjoyed the “lesson of the muddy truck.” Thank you! Enjoying your expression of love and humor in teaching these lessons! 😉

    1. Ty for cleaning away any muddy thinking that comes disguised as my thoughts. Always love the sharing too. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!

  5. Thank you so much, Evan. This is exactly what I needed with what I seem to be going through. Thank you for thinking good thoughts about me and helping me to do it for myself!

  6. Oh yeah! spot on. Such a simple yet profound message and a great visual. Just got rid of my mud, and will try not to get into muddy spaces !

  7. That’s quite a road train Evan! Also makes me think of the baggage we train through life! Anyway a great motivation to get rid of life’s mud with more effective prayer. Thanks – and your input always greatly appreciated.

  8. Very wonderful and joyful and humorous is your today’s Vlog, and i love them all, thank you so much for it, Evan!
    And I fully tune in to all the grateful and happy comments already given up here.
    When I listened to your healing Vlog this morning, I felt good with the possibility, just washing away all the mental mud and dirt in order to let the real me as God’s happy and healthy child shine forth. So grateful for Christian Science, teaching steadily the reality of divine Truth and Love!
    This Science is so practical. One can apply it on every situation where healing is needed.
    Evan’s SpiritView is teaching us this each day – thanks a lot!

  9. Excellent! Evan. I like that. I can resonate
    with that idea of washing away the false
    beliefs as ‘we wash away the mud’ the real
    Spiritual self is revealed.
    Thank you.

  10. Thank you so much. Love that idea that we don’t need to fret about it or talk about it etc. All we need to do is simply wash it away!

  11. “All consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God. Hence there is but one Mind; and that One is the infinite good, supplying all Mind by the reflection, not the subdivision, of God. Whatever else claims to be mind, or consciousness, is untrue. The sun sends forth light, but not suns; so God reflects Himself, or Mind, but does not subdivide Mind, or good, into minds, good and evil.”

    (Ret. 56:18-24)

  12. Thank you so much. I watched this video yesterday morning after a fitful sleep. I thought about washing the mud of the night fears away. I don’t travel often so the I had felt overwhelmed. I had a wonderful day navigated all the travel connections home. All went smoothly. Thank you so much. There is no place were the Christ has not gone before us!

  13. Thank you for a further reminder of our travelling days in particularly in Canada and Alaska. Your vlog certainly gives extra meaning to our memories of those travelling days in those places.

    Thank you to the remarks from the commenters.


  14. Hi Evan.i loved this so much . What do we say to God ? Is it that we just see our true reflection or do we talk to God about this ?
    It is simple to understand but yet not always easy to apply . Thank you.

  15. Thank you for the message. I’ve driven the ALCAN Highway so know about that mud. I’ve also experienced muddled thinking and loved the lesson that it just needs to be “washed away” by understanding that nothing can stick to or be a part of us in a material way since we are God’s perfect ideas. This was a moment for me!

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