Practicing Christian Science is not hard

October 24, 2019 | 18 comments


More than once, I’ve heard a person trying to practice Christian Science, but not advancing as fast as they’d like, say, “But it’s so hard!” This belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

Practicing Christian Science is a joy. It brings freedom to mind and body. It liberates consciousness from the fetters of fear, false belief, disease and wrong thinking. It brings health and harmony. It heals.

To practice Christian Science is to think, accept, believe and demonstrate Truth and Love.

It is not hard to love. In fact, it is much easier to love than to hate. Hate brings conflict, discord, pain and suffering. Love brings happiness, harmony, peace and inspiration.

The same rule applies to practicing Christian Science. To practice Christian Science is to love truth, to be spiritually minded, to embrace and live the reality of God’s allness, to live at peace with spiritual reality. There is nothing hard about thinking, living and demonstrating truth and love.

If anything seems “hard” about living Truth and Love, it would be mortal mind’s resistance to dropping its old way of thinking in order to be more spiritual.

For instance, if one clings to the belief that disease is real, while praying to see themselves from a healthy spiritual point of view, their belief in the reality of disease might make seeing spiritual reality feel impossible. Their efforts to pray and advance may feel labored and “hard.”

To discern spiritual reality, one must let go of material unreality. The “hard part,” they are feeling, is not the practice of Christian Science. It’s the burdened effect that comes from believing in matter and disease.

Jesus Christ commended the mind-state of little children because they typically adopt spiritual truth without resistance (Matt. 18:1-6). They don’t argue and complain about letting go of false beliefs. They are happy to adopt the new and advance rapidly.

We all can be like little children, eager and ready to advance with the spiritual and new, and hasty to drop the old limited ways of thinking.

Living Truth and Love is the easiest thing to do, and what the practice of Christian Science is all about.

18 thoughts on “Practicing Christian Science is not hard”

  1. Thank you, you are right, it is the letting go of the old belief that disease is real that is difficult, especially when the symptoms are still there…

  2. For decades it seemed, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, seemed opaque, difficult for me to understand. However it was very clear to me that this was Truth and contained answers to everything. Besides, I did feel I had a certain understanding of the term “love”. Further, when I was in the presence of Christian Scientists, or in church, I felt the richness of this love and knew it was Love’s love. I also had a certainty that it would become clear. For the longest time now instead of opacity there is illumination, the lessening “of the burdened effect that comes from believing in matter and disease”, as Evan has put it. Thx for that, Evan.

    1. Thanks Katherine, your honesty about Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, being opaque but becoming clearer now is inspiring.

  3. gets easier as you “put off the old man and put on the new”! Or… woman as the case may be. Happy day everyone!

  4. Thank you Evan for these truths, and to Katherine for your comments, as I have felt pretty much the same, and look forward more and more to the lessening effect of the burden….

  5. Thank you Karen, yes❣️Blessings to all.
    Evan, SpiritView is a gift and I always feel supported when coming here. What you share today is EVERYTHING; it truly is. Please take a moment to know that. I have endless gratitude for the helpful Truths you share. I feel joy after reading this, thank you ❣️

  6. Romans 12:2 in CEV says, “……Let God (Spirit) change the way you think.”
    And Hymn 88 “Gracious Spirit dwell with me” are favorites of mine.
    Thank you Evan for your blog.

  7. WOW. That was a powerful treatment, Evan. Thank you.
    I am so very grateful to be included in this Spirit View family.
    All things work together for good for us all. May we always
    walk in the way that brings happiness, peace, and blessings.
    May we all embrace Spirit’s true love and the truth that follows.

  8. Thanks, Evan, for the reminder to keep a childlike attitude, embracing the new and letting go of the old. That pure, innocent, and receptive-to-good thinking is ours right now as we are the children of our good and precious Father-Mother God, our Creator.

  9. Thank you Evan and all of the participants in this conversation! BOY ! Oh boy! Such foundational Truths being shared! So grateful!
    God is all. God is Love. Love is all.

  10. Such wonderful truths and comments. Thank you. I often think about how much Mrs. Eddy and Christ Jesus loved. So much that they just couldn’t help but heal wherever they went…… natural, like a grace. We have opportunities each and everyday to grow in our love for everyone! When this happens healing happens easy and naturally. I love all that I learn here. Thanks to Evan and the SpiritView community.❤️

  11. Practicing medicine, or law may be easy but getting to the mental place of confident understanding – or understanding faith – comes first, and while it might be a different experience for those who grew up in a supportive medical or law environment, all who truly desire will eventually achieve.

  12. Adorable photo!! Wonderful much needed treatment Evan, as always. All comments are so helpful. So much to be grateful for.

  13. dear Evan, am very grateful for today’s inspiring, uplifting SpiritView.
    Very desirable to adopt Truth and Love as unconditionally and readily as an innocent little child, yeah God’s lovely child.
    Can pray to let go old adoptions that matter is real and suffers. Am grateful that Christian Science teaches me the absolute Truth day by day through the weekly lesson sermon and praxis. Thanks s lot Evan!
    Many thanks for all the inspiring comments here!

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