Where are you looking

June 24, 2011 | 3 comments

I try to avoid looking forward or backward,
and try to keep looking upward.



~ Charlotte Brontë

The goodness of God is not ahead of us in some improved worldly condition or circumstance. The blessings of God are never left behind in some type of situation we no longer enjoy.

The goodness of God is in Spirit, divine Mind, which is not revealed with passing time, or withheld from us until a later date. It’s a gift we already have with our name written all over it.

Look up to Spirit! And find within the good you seek.

3 thoughts on “Where are you looking”

  1. I sent these on to my brother who is ever so slowly coming back into Christian Science. He loves them. He says he can understand them easily. Thank you for doing this, Evan, you are doing much good in the leavening process!

  2. Similar to Anon #2, I am beginning to study Christian Science again and find your blog to be very helpful. Thank you for maintaining your blog and giving us inspiring thoughts to think about.

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